“trump in afghanista”

You know, the media who, of course, you can trust to keep up with everything, wanted to know why he had gone for a medical examination and why he had not worn his tie. Here’s the answer.

And for what it’s worth, I typed in “trump in afghanista” and no links came up on google. Not even this one: TRUMP IN AFGHANISTAN, which comes with this.

I should also not neglect this: *Newsweek, Suckered by Trump, Grudgingly Corrects Thanksgiving Story.

Of course, he has been president for only three years, a bit less even, but the media will not concede a single virtue to PDT.

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9 Responses to “trump in afghanista”

  1. stackja

    MSM didn’t know?
    I am shocked!

  2. The problem with the MSM, Democrats and their supporters is that once they concede even one point to Trump, their facade begins to crumble.

  3. stackja

    Donald J. Trump
    I thought Newsweek was out of business?
    Donald Trump Jr.
    · 3h

    Donald Trump Jr.


  4. Dr Fred Lenin

    I suppose the socialist Hitler didn’t grudgingly praise Roehm , and the socialist a Stalin didn’t praise Bronstein (Trotsky ) , praising other people is not in their nature ,they more than likely kill them than praises them .socialists are scum.

  5. Stimpson J. Cat

    This is where Big Don really needs to Tweet a photo of him as Sly in Afghanistan in Rambo III.
    It would really take this things to an epic next level.

  6. Wilrex

    The International B45 hay baler in the photo was one of the first power take off small balers that revolutionised hay baling for the general farmer.
    On the mainland, the New Holland model 66 soon took over as the leader, because of a newly set up dealer network with specialist training and the ability to make the bloody things tie knots on a regular basis.
    There was the 66, super66, 68, 78, 69, super69, super78, 275, 281 and more in the New Holland range.

  7. Caveman


  8. Oh come on

    It was so bizarre to watch the MSM narrative unfurl – ‘Trump tweets picture of his head photoshopped onto Rocky Balboa’s body and no one can figure out what it means’

    Really? You have no idea at all? You and the people you know clearly aren’t the brightest sparks.

  9. JC

    I wonder if they’re going to start up the plastic turkey bullshit.

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