Q&A Forum: December 2, 2019

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  1. Roger says:

    Cats watch this show?

    (For a “show” it is. Not very artfully devised to entertain the Prog-Left viewership by catching the ostensibly conservative panellist(s) in a “gotcha” moment, thereby confirming their audience’s biases. Why, it even used to be produced by the entertainment division of TheirABC, rather than the news division, and probably still is, only I can’t be bothered to check.)


  2. Vic in Prossy says:

    May I have 23 please ,Carpe?

  3. Zulu Kilo Two Alpha says:

    18, please Carpe.

  4. vr says:

    Carpe San, 22 for me. Thanks.

  5. Ellie says:

    The program celebrates 80 years of Australia broadcasting into the Asia-Pacific region with a special from Suva, Fiji. Tony Jones is joined by Alex Hawke, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, Enele Sopoaga, Manu Tupou-Roosen, and Virisila Buadromo.

  6. Ellie says:

    Carpe, are you present?

  7. Nick says:

    Hi Ellie, sorry, I’m going to have to bail, I’ve something on.

  8. Ellie says:

    Vic in Prossy – 23
    Zulu Kilo Two Alpha – 28
    vr – 22
    Ellie – 16

  9. Ellie says:

    Vic in Prossy – 23
    Zulu Kilo Two Alpha – 28
    vr – 22
    Ellie – 16
    Nick – Nil

  10. Ellie says:

    Nick, I have something on too. It’s weighing heavy. Sigh.

  11. Ellie says:

    Okie dokie

  12. Rex Mango says:

    First question climate change. 13 please Ellie.

  13. Ellie says:

    Vic in Prossy – 23
    Zulu Kilo Two Alpha – 28
    vr – 22
    Ellie – 16
    Nick – Nil
    Rex Mango – 13

  14. Spider says:

    Queue Climate change. Rising seas. Evil Australia. Show me the money.

    I think I have to arrange my sock drawer

  15. Rex Mango says:

    2nd bloke linking rising sea levels, bushfires in Australia and California to climate change. Sound logic that.

  16. Ellie says:

    I’m so sorry, but I need subtitles. Is that bad?

  17. Rex Mango says:

    Snowcone bells the cat and says they need to control the banks.

  18. Rex Mango says:

    What, they have relocated 4 Fijian villages, this surely is a catastrophe!!

  19. Ellie says:

    Climate change will impact tuna?

  20. Rex Mango says:

    Tuna is going to suffer from climate change now. Makes sense.

  21. Rex Mango says:

    How did YAM get on the panel & where is her hat?

  22. Ellie says:

    Climate crisis? We need to be collaborating, apparently. Being a feminist has what to do with climate change?

  23. Rex Mango says:

    Which country did this bloke go to that’s high point is one metre above sea level?

  24. Rex Mango says:

    This girl says she is an activist and feminist. That makes her a climate change expert.

  25. Ellie says:

    China has a massive what?

  26. Ellie says:

    Aahh – coal fire

  27. Rex Mango says:

    This show is a completely religious event, where they all demonstrate their faith in the dogma of climate change. Where is Pastor Brian Houston when we need him?

  28. Rex Mango says:

    Snowcone trying to nab Scomo for being expressing doubts about climate change.

  29. Rex Mango says:

    Droughts and rivers drying up due climate change. Can someone think of a benefit?

  30. Rex Mango says:

    Alex Hawke is talking to these Fijians as if he controls the level of the world’s oceans.

  31. Ellie says:

    Respect all religions? Yeah. Okay. Nup.

  32. Rex Mango says:

    Climate Change Visa from NZ is a novel idea.

  33. Ellie says:

    Not those that murder for being off centre.

  34. Rex Mango says:

    What they are proposing with relocations is just going to create another stolen generation. Imagine telling today’s indig activists in Australia they will have to move to Fiji due climate change.

  35. Ellie says:

    Climate change is their mantra. They know nothing else.

  36. Rex Mango says:

    Snowcone just asked if I had heard any doubtful claims on Q&A. Everything I have heard so far is doubtful.

  37. Rex Mango says:

    Tuna, then neat segue into China and finally hopefully off this climate change nonsense.

  38. Rex Mango says:

    So Chinese fishing is hurting the tuna, rather than climate change?

  39. Ellie says:

    No wonder others are absent. Tony Jones is boring us.

  40. Rex Mango says:

    Perhaps climate change in China is causing their fisherman to have to travel further away to catch fish in Fiji?

  41. Ellie says:

    Apparently fishing is a global issue.

  42. Rex Mango says:

    Australia can help with stopping illegal fishing in the Pacific and Alex Hawke can say something. Australia has no control over the sea level and Alex Hawke should be quiet on that issue.

  43. Rex Mango says:

    Submissiveness from women in this question about DV. Not sure what gender the questioner was.

  44. Ellie says:

    Domestic violence?

  45. Rex Mango says:

    Violence against women driven by gender inequality according to the YAM impersonator.

  46. Rex Mango says:

    So she just linked amount of women in parliament to climate change. That is nuts.

  47. Ellie says:

    You’re trying to combat an issue – girlfriend – that is not an “epidemic”, as you claim.

  48. Paul says:

    The ABC staff and all of their Climate Cult friends should be deported to Fiji immeadietly … and if we can get enough of them there . I shall be praying to the good lord to sink it as quick , as he possibly can …… Hallelujah !

  49. Ellie says:

    Rex – I was addressing the pockadot gal not you

  50. BrettW says:

    The Rex and Ellie thread shows little interest by the majority in the thread never mind the actual show.

    Did somebody say ABC have budget problems but can take this show to FIJI. Can we do a FOI to find out the cost. Do the staff get an overseas allowance or overtime ?

  51. Ellie says:

    Ok Brett. You take over

  52. Rex Mango says:

    From what we can gather here, Australia doesn’t have DV problem compared to Fiji & Tuvalu.

  53. Ellie says:

    I lost count of the interruptions, which was the intent of the blog post

  54. Ellie says:

    The intent being to count the interruptions by Tony Jones. As I said, I lost count.

  55. Rex Mango says:

    Some peanut just tweeted at bottom of screen that anti-vaxxers and climate change deniers are the same thing.

  56. Rex Mango says:

    Snowcone has interrupted at least 3 times.

  57. Rex Mango says:

    Belt and road from China now. Isn’t the scheme meant to be a transcontinental one? Not sure how it works across the Pacific.

  58. Ellie says:

    FMD! This is sooooooo painful!!!

  59. Rex Mango says:

    Former PM of Tuvalu staunch anti commie. Four paws for that man.

  60. Ellie says:

    FMD – now they are pandering like a boring straight man.

  61. Rex Mango says:

    Taiwan was a founding member of UN, not China, says former Tuvalu PM, pointing out Tuvalu is a small but proud member of UN. Great point.

  62. Ellie says:


  63. Rex Mango says:

    Fiji AG dresses down former PM Tuvalu about his anti communist comments.

  64. Ellie says:

    They keep mentioning the Chinese

  65. Ellie says:

    Dialogue? She knows no other catchphrase!

  66. Rex Mango says:

    Am very concerned about drug problems in Fiji.

  67. Ellie says:

    Mh – 69

  68. Rex Mango says:

    Fiji AG brings up Maldives, talking about drugs. Perhaps climate change will solve the problem as all these drug drop off points like Fiji/Maldives will be no more.

  69. Ellie says:

    That’s how many interruptions.

    You’re welcome, Carpe. Muah 😘

  70. Rex Mango says:

    Pacific should be safe as houses re drugs. Islands, long way away from anywhere and not much money.

  71. Rex Mango says:

    Albo, Turnbull on Q&A next week.

  72. Ellie says:

    The final Q&A of 2019!

    Didn’t we go out with a bang!

  73. BrettW says:

    I was not having a go at you and Rex but pointing out unusual so little interest in the QA thread and apparently the show itself.

  74. classical_hero says:

    Poor Ellie and Rex, suffering so the rest of us don’t have to.

  75. Mark M says:


    And, now for some common sense from Professor Judith Curry:


    “The UN Climate Change Conference this week in Madrid provides an important opportunity to reflect on state of the public debate surrounding climate change.”


  76. Ellie says:

    Poor Ellie and Rex, suffering so the rest of us don’t have to.

    Only way to watch Q&A is intoxicated. No suffering then. Only the next day. 😣

  77. Ellie says:

    Understood, BrettW. 🙂

  78. Grog swiper says:

    I post here occasionally but actually live in suva.
    1) None of the locals with any climate science related credibility were invited
    2) the Kiribati politicians control the Kiribati economy such as retail centers. It’s well known here that they enrich themselves by playing to western climate change guilt with the subsequent flood of guilt dollars. BBC is more preferred marketing channel than ABC.
    3) and we know that kiribas is not sinking. Its problem is that it has (on Betio) one of the highest population densities in the world and all the problems that entails fresh water etc
    4) wanker didn’t address some of the more important issues here – diabetes incidence now highest in the world and growing rural urban inequality and almost total lack of FDI as a consequence of regulatory inertia and poor policies.

    I wander how wanker offset his carbon footprint for this exercise

  79. classical_hero says:

    Well I’m a teetotaler so that rules it out for me.

  80. Old Lefty says:

    No coincidence that one of the loudest Australian supporters of Bainimarama during his post-coup military dictatorship was one Dr Jocelyne Scutt, founder of Tasmania’s grotesquely misnamed Human Rights Commission which later distinguished itself by citing Porteous. Having a few rednecks dragged off to the cells and beaten to a pulp would no doubt be Huperoffspring Rights compliant.

  81. Old Lefty says:

    And Grog swiper has got the political economy of the Pacific islands exactly right. I wouldn’t invest my ow money there in a pink fit.

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