David Bidstrup. Get out the summer woollies!

Sunday 1 December 2019 was the equal second coldest December 1 in Adelaide in 130 years of records, beaten only by 1966 at 15.6 C and tying with 1987 at 17.7 C. The hottest 1 January was in 1913 when it reached a maximum of 42.4 C.

We are about to enter the peak propaganda period where we will be told that records have been “smashed” and that we are doomed unless we somehow magically stop “emitting carbon” and bring the “climate” back under our control.

During the summer months I will gather the daily weather summary from the paper and do some comparisons with both the historical record and with the previous year to see whether the claims made are true.

Comparing December 1 for 2018 and 2019, the maximum temperature yesterday was 17.7 C and in 2018 it was 33.2 C, which is 15.5 C hotter than this year. The minimum yesterday was 11.3 compared to 17.3 in 2018, so it was 6 degrees hotter last year.

The “hottest” December 1 in the 2000’s was in 2002 at 29.1 C but there were 32 years that beat it. The next in the 2000’s is 2007 at 28.3C with 37 years greater.

More as it happens.

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  1. 59 year record for Canberra

    Canberra coldest 1st 2 days Dec. since 1960

  2. It has been bloody cold here for a week and we’ve had our fire going for several days now. This is the longest period in the eight years we’ve been in South Gippsland that we’ve had a fire going. Normally we can forget the fire by early November, but not this year. We may even have a white Christmas.

    I thought that the BOM was already claiming spring 2019 as the beating some climate records proving global warming is real. But I’ll bet the heaters have been on every day in the BOM offices.

  3. Spurgeon Monkfish III

    The hottest 1 January was in 1913

    Dave, should that be “the hottest 1 December”?

    We’ve already had lying alarmist imbeciles (BIRM) claiming that the November in Sydney just past was “da hottest evah, blah, blah, blah …”

    Total horseshit, of course.

  4. Spurgeon Monkfish III

    Was it really the hottest Spring on record?

    Of course not. Horse manure is these hysterical gullible imbeciles’ stock in trade.

  5. Mark M

    “Melbourne is only forecast to reach 15 degrees on Sunday, which is nine degrees below average for December. If the temperature stays below 15.5 degrees between 9am on Sunday and 9am on Monday, it will be the city’s coldest first day of summer in 164 years of records.”




    02/09:00am 10.9°C

    >> If it was the hottest summer day in 164 years, since before climate began, it would be biggest headline news. Ever.

  6. David Bidstrup

    Yes. Hottest 1 December, not January. Thanks.

  7. Rex Mango

    If you look at the UAH satellite temperature record, which goes back to 1979, it looks remarkably like a sine curve which peaked in about 2010 and now has nowhere to go but down.

  8. Dr Fred Lenin

    Mark M ,my cousin in London tells me its gone down to 9c which is 6c less than Melbourne , sounds a lot but it’s winter there ,White Christmases you know ,and summer here .
    I have come to the conclusion that humans know bugger all about weather,the industry is full of liars and pretenders , the BOM is ifested with gaia worshippers trying to justify their god .

  9. I’m sure that the BOM and the other warming worriers are taking a leaf out of Goebbels’ book thinking that if they tell a lie big enough and often enough people will start believing it. The problem is that when the BOM says it’s hot and everyone is freezing, it’s not so easy to convince people of the lie.

  10. Bruce of Newcastle

    BoM and the other mobs like NOAA and NASA GISS keep cooling the past over and over, so if you see a cold weather record now it’s probably ‘way cooler than the previous record – since that number has been adjusted downwards by as much as a couple of degrees, especially early records.

  11. Ellen

    While you are at it, check out 20th November comparisons: 44.5 in Adelaide this year. Possibly the urban heat affect, but there are 11 weather stations in and around Adelaide: 5 were above 40, 4 above 39, and the coolest was Mt Lofty at 35.8, where the station is 685m asl. It’s probably snowing there today!

    These daily fluctuations are weather; it’s the trend over years that matters for climate. In a warmer climate there will still be cold days in early summer in some years, even occasional records. Warmer doesn’t mean that every day of the year will be exactly 1-2 degrees warmer.

    Anyway, it’s still only 3rd December, let’s see what the rest of the month brings.

  12. Mark M

    Remove all sharp objects from your nearest doomsday global warming zombie before showing this link …

    IEEFA Australia: Adani Group to receive up to $900m in early Christmas present from Queenslanders

    “29 November 2019 (IEEFA Australia) – Queensland Treasury are expected to sign off on a massive early Christmas present worth up to $900m packaged as a seven-year royalty deferral – another term for a capital subsidy – for the Adani Group on 30 November 2019 ”


  13. Entropy

    Mark, two things from the Qld Government perspective:
    1. Considering all the endless obstruction and law fare that Adani has been subjected to, the interest saving on the deferral is the least compensation they could do.
    2. As the ALP is projected to lose the election next year, the LNP won’t have the royalty revenue stream while it is in government.

    Anyway, on principle it shouldn’t be happening.

  14. a happy little debunker

    I like to swim in the open ocean during any Tasmanian summer – but the water must be at least 15C, before I can get my face in the water – last year I was swimming in mid-November.

    Currently Hobart’s water temp is 12.1C.

    The MINIMUM average temperature of the water around Hobart during the depth of winter is 11.9-12C.
    The MINIMUM average temperature of the water during December is 14.2
    The AVERAGE temperature of the water during December is 15.9.

    It be cold out there!

  15. Just to add, yesterday the weather was absolute crap, cold, wet and windy, and today was supposed to be milder, but it’s turned out to be even crappier. Where is my global warming?

  16. BoyfromTottenham

    At this rate it looks like somewhere in Oz will have a white Christmas. Keep an eye out! This would upset the global warming catastropharians!

  17. I’m certain that if the Monash Freeway got covered in snow on Christmas Day, the BOM would report December as the hottest on record.

  18. Dr Fred Lenin

    Perhaps the solution is to get “perfesser” Pommy Pascoe the Archie ologistand member of three aboriginal tribes ,including one in Tasmania. Where he’s as white as the other tribe memmbers muttonbid mansell ,lambie etc . He probably has the records of the old aboriginal weather bureau which were hidden from the white invaders . 300,p00 years of records would be handy to access .
    A personal note , I am applying for a perfessership in semi indigenius studies ,don’t be surprised if I get it ,I have bribed the indigenius selection board with a flagon of sherry ,sweet of course .

  19. Kneel

    “More as it happens.”

    Highly recommend that you get a screen capture from BoM web-site, as they have a history of changing the past in that 1984 type way (and for the same reason, methinks)

  20. mem

    Many thanks for your observations. I have noted that when there is nothing to hype up about warming the BOM is now swapping to driest “evva”. Would it be too much to keep track of its cherry picking on the subject of rain as well. For example BOM sent out a relay to its news weather feed this week declaring Melbourne had experienced the driest Spring in a decade. Yet where I live in the outer north east suburbs we had buckets of rain (25% more than last year) and so have most of the catchments, allowing the dams to catch up and pass last year’s levels. Refer to Melbourne Water site and scroll down to historic averages graph. https://www.melbournewater.com.au/water/water-storage-and-use#/

  21. Old School Conservative

    Peter Hawthorne
    #3250557, posted on December 3, 2019 at 9:37 am
    For the record : Charlottes Pass NSW 25cm Snow 02.12.2019

    I have mentioned before the climate change arguments I have with my yr 12 grand-daughter who lives in the Snowys.
    I assume the evidence of her own eyes has led her to move on from global warming to mass species extinction!

  22. Like Their ABC, the BOM lies because they know that most people view them as a ‘trusted’ source. Go out to rural areas and they are considered a laughing stock.

  23. Turtle of WA

    Still waiting for Perth’s 46.1 record in 1991 to be broken. We haven’t come close for years.

  24. Roger W

    Also might be interesting to compare daily next-day predictions with actual temperatures. I get the feeling predictions are regularly inflated because we tend to unconsciously remember what it was predicted to be rather than what the temperature actually was.

  25. Old School Conservative

    Like Their ABC, the BOM lies because they know that most people view them as a ‘trusted’ source.

    The ABC relies on trust generated by the “James Dibble Effect”.
    Even that will disappear and all remaining ABC viewers will be rusted on lefties who have their opinions reinforced by Q&A, Media watch, etc.

  26. WolfmanOz

    When its cold or below average temperatures it’s called the weather. When it’s hot or warmer than the average temperatures then it’s “Climate Change” aka Global Warning or the biggest fraud in human history !

  27. Iain Russell

    Rusted On Lefties indeed, but I prefer the punchier Progs.

  28. MACK

    The central England temperature has been recorded since 1772. They put out an excellent graph with daily data and the historical range with percentage bands. All climate activists and journalists should have it explained to them, because it demonstrates that volatility is normal. Absolutely nothing unusual is going on.

  29. Peter Greagg

    BTW, a weather forecast for tomorrow can be estimated from taking account of the day before, and the weather that occurred a year ago.

    And it doesn’t cost $1 million a day to provide it. You only need a simple spreadsheet.

  30. Ubique

    Melbourne recorded a max of 16.8 on Sunday and just 15.5 yesterday. Struggling to reach 21 today.

  31. iggie

    ‘Was it really the hottest Spring on record?’
    It was the 5th warmest spring (mean temp), the 2nd warmest (max temp) and around 18th warmest (min temp).
    Info here.

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