Greedy Smith

I was never much of a Mentals fan. Their brand of studied zaniness wasn’t really my cup of tea. Of that era of Aussie bands, I probably still like the Crawl above the others. But Greedy and his mates were brilliant lyricists, fair dinkum graduates (magna cum loud) of that peerless college of 1970s and 80s rock – the pub – and were honest to goodness, old-fashioned fun. They were the real deal. If you don’t turn up the volume slightly when Nips comes on the car radio, your patriotism is questionable. Keyboardist and vocalist Smith penned Too Many Times. Every time I hear it, I’m reminded of how I spent a goodly portion of my younger life: “The room is spinning from too many drinks I’ve drunken by myself … I know that staying here and drinking beer is no good for my health.” Still, I stayed. Sadly, Andrew “Greedy” Smith no longer can. He got the nickname for his notable appetite. I hope he enjoyed what he imbibed of life. He was, by all accounts, a lovely man.

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  1. stackja

    I had never heard of him until yesterday.

  2. Leigh Lowe

    If you leave me, can I come too?
    Top line that.

  3. Real Deal

    “The Nips are getting bigger” was their first hit amidst some awful disco dreck of late 1979. I was in year 9 and we used to quietly sing that song in our chemistry class seeing our attractive young female teacher in her right fitting tank top on a cool day.

    Martin Plaza is a lefty flog who once poured a glass of wine over Pauline Hanson iirc. Yet “Come Around” is a great song sung by him. Vale Greedy.

  4. Tator

    Always loved the Mentals, they were a different band live in a pub as they bounced off the audience with great banter. It was fun watching them perform. Greedy was a character with a good sense of humour as well. Considering that I nearly went out the same way last year when I had a heart attack whilst driving makes this a bit poignant for me.

  5. a happy little debunker

    Hey there you with a sad face…

  6. Infidel Tiger

    Heard today that Mental As Anything, Midnight Oil and INXS all played their first gig on the same night in Melbourne.

    Greedy’s dancing is so daggy, it’s cool.

  7. They were part of an Australian music era (mid-60s to late-80s) that produced some of the finest musicians, song writers and music of all time. I still prefer to listen to that music than what passes for music nowadays. All music today sounds the same and has become awful.

  8. Perfidious Albino

    I still vividly recall being in a taxi in Frankfurt en route to the airport circa 2005 when ‘Live it up’ came on the radio – seemed so incongruous at the time, but quietly made my day…

  9. Perfidious Albino

    Didn’t appreciate he’s a lefty pinko, but quite enjoyed Plaza’s ‘concrete and clay’ and rendition of ‘satellite of love’ back in the day…

  10. Leigh Lowe

    Greedy’s dancing is so daggy, it’s cool.

    Looked like he had a pogo stick up his arse.

  11. Mother Lode



    That line always makes me laugh.

    The video clip is not bad either.

  12. Mother Lode


    I was referring to your first comment.

  13. Squirrel

    Took me some time to work out that the Nips Are Getting Bigger wasn’t a geopolitical commentary on the rise of post-War Japan…..

  14. Overburdened

    Mental As Anything showing immense self deprecation on the Greatest Hits Volume 1 album.

    Good musos and creative characters who have depth and generally present as pretty basic blokes.

    For strummers. Good old Greedy.

  15. Overburdened

    Looking back on the posts, I reckon it didn’t take much to shift the discussion away from Greedy.

    May as well get in the wagon. Greedy may have wanted it like that.

    Martin Plaza has more talent and knowledge in the world of music than me to the point where I think I’m being vain to be even saying it. His cover of Concrete and Clay is a great interpretation.

    He is another deluded flog.

  16. Spurgeon Monkfish III

    So much fantastic Ozzie music around in the era that the Mentals first rose to prominence, which would be from the late seventies into the mid eighties. Australian Crawl, The Church, INXS, the Celibates, the Hoodoos, Hunters and Collectors, Divinyls, the Models, the Saints, Sunnyboys, the Dugites, the Moffs, etc.

    Say what you like about that monstrous self parody Meldrum, but he was a huge supporter of a lot of those acts, including the Mentals.

    Vale Greedy. He was a character.

  17. Tracey

    My friends and I saw heaps of great Aussie bands at Thomo’s at Mooloolaba in my youth and The Mentals were right up there. Fun band who didn’t seem to take themselves too seriously.

  18. Suburban Boy

    The Spirit Got Lost.

  19. sfw

    Berserk Warriors, as good as it gets.

  20. Craig Mc

    Pretty talented artists too. Their tram should have been in an art gallery.

  21. Jannie

    Yeah, learnt who Pat Malone was from Greedy, had a drink or too with him as well. Cheers bloke, catch you at the pub when I get there.

  22. Henry2

    Oh dear. First I heard of this. Sorry to hear that Greedy has dropped off the twig.

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