Government funding worthwhile research

From the Australian Research Council announcement:

This project aims to analyse the impact of cryptocurrency technology on taxation and the provision of public goods in Australia. The project will identify the historical relationship between money technologies and public finance, examine the impact of cryptocurrencies in relation to the modern state, and investigate the potential of utilising cryptocurrencies in the provision of public goods. The outcomes of the research will expand theoretical and practical understanding of public finance in a world of cryptocurrencies. The project findings will provide guidance to Australian and international policymakers to prepare for potential disruptions to taxation and public goods provision.

Professor Jason Potts; Professor Sinclair Davidson; Dr Christopher Berg

We will be advertising for a post-doc position in the new year. If you are a recently completed PhD and want to work in an exciting and dynamic environment thinking hard about the political economy of money in an environment of industrialised trust please consider applying.

Familiarity with the work of Ronald Coase and Oliver Williamson is a plus. Otherwise you’ll be on a steep learning curve. We’ll take the most promising candidate and train you up if need be. You’ll be reading a lot of Coase, Williamson, Hayek, Demsetz, Tirole, and Shleifer. Definitely some Buchanan. Integrating the work of Brunner and Meltzer into Williamson and then into public finance is the job.

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4 Responses to Government funding worthwhile research

  1. Alessio

    English translation please.

  2. Elderly White Man From Skipton

    More taxpayer money up in smoke.

  3. Pyrmonter

    Reading list (and pointers to back doors to the articles) please.

  4. John Constantine

    If it works, it breaks everything. But every drop of blood can regenerate a whole new deadpool.

    If nobody can scam the ledger, what value is cultivating cronyism?.

    If cryptotokens have greatest value when issued by the corporation that people feel the best while dealing with, and the experience is bordered, how does a State interfere?.

    When you can print your own gun as easy as brew your own gin and grow your own ganja, how close must the State watch you?.
    The State is dead, long live the State.

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