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HYPOCRISY doesn’t get more brazen or risible: “Labor and the Greens have accused crossbench senator Jacqui Lambie and the Government of having struck a secret deal to end the medevac laws …” Just days ago there were hugs and kisses for Senator Lambie from the same Labor and Greens lawmakers after she and Pauline Hanson came to some sort of sub rosa arrangement to scuttle the government’s new, tough union governance bill. This is how quickly truth is now re-badged, repainted and flipped in contemporary politics. Today, a furious Penny Wong asks, “What sort of process of democracy is that?” Same one as last week.

One thing both deals have in common is a theatrical, self-shielding emotional breakdown by Senator Lambie. She cried today when she told the Senate she would support the government’s repeal of a medevac law that had allowed doctors to declare refugees on Papua New Guinea and Nauru so “ill” they had to be flown to Australia for treatment – and never be returned to detention. Richard Di Natale says it’s a “dark day for the people who have been locked up in those offshore hellholes.” Interestingly, he didn’t say sick people.

But then, giving the game away happens when you fire off a statement in anger. The game, of course, was to subvert government policy by using activist doctors to get around the law and settle alleged refugees on any pseudo-medical grounds imaginable. Assisting the genuinely unwell is important. That will continue. Making a mockery of medicine and borders to engineer a win against the LNP government was disgraceful as well as dangerous. The national security advice Lambie cited today may be confidential but it’s not hard to imagine its gist. The rigged version of medevac was certain to be used by nefarious people to get a foot in the door. Well done, then, Jacqui. Forgive us if we don’t give you fresh hugs for doing your job.

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  1. stackja

    Any defeat for the ALP/Greens is welcome. This one serves a good purpose.

  2. Tom

    Forgive us if we don’t give you fresh hugs for doing your job.


    Just do your job, you freeloading airhead — on behalf of the tiny number of people who elected you under the Tasmanian senatorial gerrymander.

  3. Infidel Tiger

    Jacqui Jacki is smarter than given credit for. Like most Australians she can’t read or write, but she does have some rat cunning.

  4. Suburban Boy

    Of course, Lambie’s tears aren’t evidence of an “emotional breakdown” but of transparent manipulation.

  5. candy

    I am not against the Medevac law. Very ill people should get the most suitable and timely treatment as any other persons, just because it is the right thing, humane. I am not convinced this was just a nefarious plot by doctors or the issue is completely black or white.

    Our borders are secure. The boats are stopped. All excellent

    On other hand there are some rotten union practices and fraud that need to be stamped out.

  6. Hasbeen

    I would like someone to explain why we should give these Que jumping gate crashers any sort of priority over the native people of Papua New Guinea and Nauru in coming to Oz for medical treatment.

    I am quite sure there are any number of citizens of both countries who need specialist medical attention as much as these law breakers. Surely they should get priority over gate crashers when we are doling out our limited capacity in medical support.

  7. Zulu Kilo Two Alpha

    Might just have dawned on her that, if this legislation failed, she would own it?

  8. Spider

    I am not convinced this was just a nefarious plot by doctors or the issue is completely black or white.

    Maybe not. But try ringing up your local GP for a medical certificate without a consultation and see what their response is.

  9. Snoopy

    Maybe not. But try ringing up your local GP for a medical certificate without a consultation and see what their response is.

    Ah ha! You need the services of Dr ‘Week Away’ Westaway.

  10. Cynic of Ayr

    If there is one thing that has become depressingly evident over the last few years, is that it can no longer be assumed – without a doubt – that Professional people will act Professionally.
    Journalists at most Newspapers, presenters at most TV channels, the entire staff and management of the ABC, all exhibit appalling non-professionalism. Some, like Fran Kelly, actually admit to it, “I’m and activist, not a Journalist!”
    Looking for a doubtful Doctor? Look no further that DiNatale and Phelps. Both will lie and obfuscate whatever to any level, to apply their own beliefs.
    Looking for a doubtful Professor? Too may to list. Start at JCU and AU.

  11. Damienski

    Looking for a doubtful Professor? Too may to list.

    Ahem. Present company excepted, Oh Lord of Doom. One hopes nasturtiums are not being cast thencewards.

  12. Ceres

    Now, how to get rid of the 130 lying scammers who apparently can’t be sent back to Nauru. They’re now going to be welded to Centrelink for the rest of their days. Some real upstanding types amongst them too. Thanks Phelps, Kristina and the rest of Labor.

  13. Mother Lode

    Always engaging reading, CL.

    Pam is seed herself as a legitimate champion of the military. I hear there is an RC into military suicides in the offing. Has she declared herself one way or the other yet?

  14. MACK

    Spoke to a doctor in Western Sydney the other day, who said he had just done a hospital ward round to see half a dozen people who had had surgery in the prior few days. It was a difficult exercise, because not one spoke any English at all. Not one single word. And the left goes on about “inclusiveness” and “social cohesion”. They’re making it pretty bloody difficult.

  15. classical_hero

    CL, of course it was working as planned. The bill was never about health but to allow anyone in and access for doctors for money.

  16. Lee

    Richard Di Natale says it’s a “dark day for the people who have been locked up in those offshore hellholes.”

    Glad to see you admit that it was never actually about treating sick people, you disingenuous windbag.

  17. Squirrel

    At the risk of inviting a black helicopter raid on my humble abode, I strongly suspect that the “national security” matter which won Lambie’s vote on the Medevac repeal involved access to top-secret penis enlargement technology (for insecure would-be refugee gents, just to be clear….) being developed at one of our weapons facilities.

    Slightly more seriously, in the (apparent) absence of another deal involving even more money going from the mainland to Tasmania, it is difficult to understand why Lambie wouldn’t have been a fairly willing supporter of the Medevac repeal – even allowing for the numbers of Lefty tree-changers who have moved from the mainland, surely there would not be strong support for Medevac amongst her support base.

  18. nb

    That comment by Wong (“What sort of process of democracy is that?”) is hilarious!
    First off, it is a process of democracy where labor loses! I know that is not democracy according to labor, but others beg to differ.
    Second, you can just hear that pinched voice, and see that pinched face. There is a pleasure in that.
    Third, the whole frenzy in favour of medivac is so stupid, and on labor’s part, so perfectly self-defeating, that pretty much any defence of it is, by its nature, risible.
    Wong should go into sour-faced comedy as a replacement for real comedy that is no longer allowed.

  19. Fisky

    A devastating defeat for the Left, and it shows that the open borders extremism of the Rudd-era is slowly being brought to an end. The next step will be our inevitable unwinding of our Big Australia policies, thanks to the deflating of the China bubble and its knock-on effects to our housing market and university sector. Immigration restriction is inevitable, good, just, economically beneficial in the long run, and we have no choice but to adjust to this new reality.

  20. Fisky

    The Morrison government must reduce net migration by 20,000 immediately, to pre-empt the inevitable cuts that will be forced on us by de-globalisation and de-integration, and to give vested interests in the university and property sectors the heads up for what’s coming if they don’t find a new business model pronto. Adapt or die.

  21. Scott Osmond

    Tell Labor voters it’s a choice between welfare and open borders. You can’t have both. Naturally we also have to find a replacement for the civic-nationalist Libs who have still got the big Australia bug. I wonder what will happen after the next economic downturn. Interest rates near zero, national debt going vertical, ndis, nbn and a never ending stream of bashyougees being bottomless pits for tax dollars. You know that “haircuts” for anyone with money in super is coming.

  22. Louis Litt

    Frisky- urgency in tax collection – not permitted to pay tax debt by instalments – further if SMSF don’t lodge their tax returns on time they will be ineligible to receive contributions – the govt will bankrupt industry and incentive – immigration, the deferral of the drop in house prices, the over employment of govt – it will end soon – good – maybe people will realise what is important

  23. Fisky

    I predict that the government will double down on Dumb Big Australia until it falls apart. Sadly, our politicians are too short-sighted – and the Morrison government too invested in its Fake Surplus next May – to make a sensible adjustment this moment. But it will be forced on them soon enough.

  24. Fisky

    You know that “haircuts” for anyone with money in super is coming.

    Record low interest rates are already doing that but no doubt the gimmement will slug them some more.

  25. Louis Litt

    Scott – you have nailed it.

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