David Bidstrup: Get out the summer woollies.

1 December 2019 was the equal second coldest December 1 in Adelaide in 130 years of records, beaten only by 1966 at 15.6 C and tying with 1987 at 17.7 C. The hottest 1 January was in 1913 when it reached a maximum of 42.4 C.

We are about to enter the peak propaganda period where we will be told that records have been “smashed” and that we are doomed unless we somehow magically stop “emitting carbon” and bring the “climate” back under our control.

During the summer months I will gather the daily weather summary from the paper and do some comparisons with both the historical record and with the previous year to see whether the claims made are true.

Comparing December 1 for 2018 and 2019, the maximum temperature yesterday was 17.7 C and in 2018 it was 33.2 C, which is 15.5 C hotter than this year. The minimum yesterday was 11.3 compared to 17.3 in 2018, so it was 6 degrees hotter last year.

The “hottest” December 1 in the 2000’s was in 2002 at 29.1 C but there were 32 years that beat it. The next in the 2000’s is 2007 at 28.3C with 37 years greater.

More as it happens.

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  1. Pyrmonter

    David, you may be able to check this, but if I recall correctly, the summer of 2002/2003 went on to be the coolest and wettest in Adelaide for some decades.

  2. You should be down here in South Gippsland, it’s been effectively winter for the last week. Today is the first day for a while when it’s not raining, but we have an icy cold wind to make things miserable.

  3. Alex Davidson

    We are about to enter the peak propaganda period…

    After a recent flurry of collectivist hysteria about the world ending due to carbon emissions I spent a few minutes on Google trying to find out how these emissions are measured. Are there gas sensors dotted all over the country, and how accurate is the data?

    Incredibly it’s none of that – the whole thing is based on estimates, prescribed by an Act of Parliament and accompanied by 600 pages of gobbledegook called “NGERS Technical Guidelines”, explaining how to produce said estimates!

    So much for the “science”. The whole thing is nothing but a con designed to justify a massive plunder-and-make-work scheme.

  4. Big toe hurts

    As posted previously, P T Barnum was unfortunate to be born 200 years too early. He would have excelled in this era.

  5. Daily records for the Kempsey (NSW midcoast) region go back to 1965. The coldest minimum recorded was in August of just last year. The second coldest on record was at the end of May this year.

    What they don’t mention about our present fire emergency: the coldest November reading and second coldest November reading were both recorded this year. That’s right. A few weeks ago, at the start of the fires. The two lowest November minima since the inception of the daily record in 1965.

  6. a happy little debunker

    Commented the other day about how Hobart’s water was just about as cold as it’s average winter minimum (11.9-12C).

    Since then we have gone backwards to 11.7C.

  7. Dr Fred Lenin

    Climate under our control???when did man ever control the climate??? Canute had a go at the tide but I think he was taking the we wee .
    These global marxists ,it is impossible to close the borders ,but we can control the climate by destroying civilisation as we know it. 30,000 of the bludgers flying to Madrid to exchange lies and live the good life on the taxpayers money . They should be gulagged for life.

  8. Spurgeon Monkfish III

    In the meantime I’m about to head out into the worst smoke haze blanketing Sydney I’ve ever had the misfortune to see (and experience) in my over five decades on this planet.

    The cause? The implementation (largely by the stupid.forking.gliberals) of idiotic destructive utterly insane greenfilth policies designed to ensure the overgrown, fuel cluttered and unmanaged eucalypt laden forests that effectively encircle Sydney have inevitably gone up in flames, mostly courtesy of arsonists.

    Thanks a bunch, you moronic destructive utterly loathsome anti-civilizationist imbeciles.

  9. Gyro Cadiz

    But muh global warming narrative!

    It’s a millenarian matter, in fact nothing more than a pagan cult of earth mother worship with a massive scam and scientific fraud bolted on.

  10. sfw

    I’m sure you’re aware of Jennifer Marohasys work but just in case I must say this would be hard to do. Since the 1990’s (?) the Weather Bureau has changed to electronic thermometers that (I think) measure at 1 second intervals, this alone without homogenisation and site changes can make for high temp records that the old thermometers would not have registered. The entire BOM data appears to be flawed both in collection and presentation. That inquiry that Abbott wanted but Turdbull scrapped is still needed, but I can’t see it happening.

  11. Mark M

    Prof. Michael Mann, who will “work with UNSW in early 2020 during our most intensive [global warming] impact season,” says that cold is a sign of global warming:

    “World-renowned climate scientist Dr. Michael Mann explains why the bitter cold and snowy conditions gripping the US are “an example of precisely the sort of extreme winter weather we expect because of global warming].”

    If global warming is responsible fo bitter cold and extreme heat, how do you know when it is fixed?


    “Mann says the phenomenon has been linked with relentless hot spells like the ones that baked Europe this summer, and brutal cold snaps like the recent “Arctic blast” that froze the eastern and midwestern United States.”


  12. Dave in Marybrook

    Nice maps, Iggie. I’ll show the kids- the y4 teacher has just monstered the class on how it’s been the hottest start to summer eva, like, since for eva.
    Note that the average is based on 1960’s-90’s data. Now why on Gaia’s green earth would that be?

  13. iggie


    So true. You cannot compare temps that use an ethermometer with the old mercury therms.
    Today in Casino it reached 38.2C at 1:47pm. Seven mins before it was 36.0C and 3 mins after it was 36.5C, the highest ten minute interval temp for the day. The graph showed only 36.5C.
    No LIT would pick up that spike.

    Thanks Dave, I’d say your child’s teacher has been looking at the mean max map – even that doesn’t look like the hottest start to summer ever.

  14. BorisG

    In Perth 41 and counting

  15. Wozzup

    The warmists must believe we are all effing idiots. Every year the same gambit is rolled out. First “homogenize” the records by adjusting present raw temperature readings upwards and historical temperature readings downwards. Then claim that this year is the hottest year on record. Of course it is – how could it not be when they have cooked the books to make it so. In fact they must believe we are effing idiots as they do not even bother to (a) hide it or (b) deny it.

  16. max

    The climate and weather of Australia by Hunt, Quayle, and Taylor

    Brisbane experiences the highest annual mean maximum temperature with 78 ; Adelaide and Perth follow with 73 ; Sydney, 70 ; Melbourne, 67 ; and Hobart, 62. But the extremes take a different order. Adelaide comes first, with a maximum of 116; Melbourne, 111; Brisbane, 109; Sydney and Perth, 108 ; and Hobart, 105. The lowest shade temperatures recorded are as follows r Melbourne, 27 ; Hobart, 27 ; Adelaide, 32 ; Perth, 35 ; Sydney and Brisbane, 36.

  17. George

    David, how about keeping a tally of the number of references to climate change in the ABC news as well as the number of comments in the weather report which are aimed at alarming us

  18. David Bidstrup

    I gave up wasting electrons on the ABC years ago.

  19. Fair shake of the Sauce bottle

    Melbourne’s Summer is unbearable as we cascade into a cold front

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