Open Forum: December 7, 2019

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  1. Naturally, I am touting for business among a much shallower pool than before. The joint’s overflowing with skanks looking for sugar daddies in any event.


    It’s tinder. What did you expect.

    Asked a gal I know what she wanted to do when she graduated from university.

    “Find a sugar daddy…”

    Hypergamy, Briffaults law etc. It needs to be taught in high school biology.

  2. Knuckle Dragger

    Oh, it’s completely expected Frank.

    Plus, all the touros that make the excellent Dry Season more excellent have gone back south.

    Of droughts and flooding rains, as it were.

  3. MatrixTransform

    8th Dan has no ki.

    1/8th has never struck a blow
    even round this forum its all girl-fists and hair pulling
    don’t break a nail typing

  4. Peter, formerly known as Memoryvault

    Four nights in a row.
    Where have all the Kittehs gone?

  5. MatrixTransform

    keep em coming _eggy

  6. Knuckle Dragger

    I tell you what.

    In spite of him being a complete waste of spare parts as a captain, Smith can take a grab at second slip.

    My God he’s good. Three down.

  7. Knuckle Dragger

    There’s a couple on the UK thread, Peter – but yeah, a bit light on at present.

    They must be all trying to parallel park at once, or something.

  8. Top Ender

    King of Thieves on Netflix is pretty good.

    However, I do keep expecting Michael Caine to say “You were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!”

  9. Peter, formerly known as Memoryvault

    but yeah, a bit light on at present.

    “Light on”?
    The word “drought” comes more readily to mind.

  10. Real Deal

    Sky High , that was in Man from Hong Kong??. Always think of Benson n Hedges smokes when I hear that.

    Always think this should have been a James Bond song. Great slice of 70s pop. Always good when a drummer does lead vocals, even if mimed.

  11. Peter, formerly known as Memoryvault

    King of Thieves on Netflix is pretty good.

    Just watched “Aquaman”.
    The leading lady is a really cute, gorgeous, tiny, intelligent, witty redhead who gets as mad as a cut snake and busts heads when she’s crossed.

    For two hours it was just like having Marilyn back.

  12. Peter, formerly known as Memoryvault

    Hop over to Mamamia

    Who or what is a “Mamamia”?

  13. cohenite

    Johnson’s England:

    UK councillor condemned as “racist,” suspended for criticizing burqa, backing burqa ban.

  14. Knuckle Dragger

    Four down. 4/97 at the death of Day 2.

  15. Knuckle Dragger


    The Big Mitch on a hat-trick!

  16. Zulu Kilo Two Alpha

    Been yonks since I had a decent Tinder match.

    Tinder match? What’s that?

  17. Peter, formerly known as Memoryvault

    Let’s stick with the blondes.

  18. Knuckle Dragger


    This is what I was talking about earlier in the week. I was explaining to somebody that one of my greatest fears is having a generation walking among us that do not have the first goddamn clue who George Thorogood and the Destroyers were.

  19. Zulu Kilo Two Alpha

    Let’s stick with the blondes.

    Memsahib reckons that, back in the day, she looked all right in shorts and high boots…

  20. classical_hero

    That should be scandal-less.

  21. JC

    Memsahib reckons that, back in the day, she looked all right in shorts and high boots…

    She was born in Rotterdam I think, right?

  22. Old School Conservative

    Gee the mosh pit was going off in those MoTR videos.

  23. MatrixTransform



  24. Peter, formerly known as Memoryvault

    True love.

  25. Peter, formerly known as Memoryvault

    Epic fail. Let’s try again:

    True love.

  26. MatrixTransform

    good bye old thread

  27. Nelson Kidd-Players

    Still not attracting the kittens. May have to close the thread there.

  28. Hazmatic

    Goodness me. The PhD Student is drowning in a shit pit of his own creation. Just hilariously lashing out now.

    There were no daylight B-52 strikes on Cambodia in the period 1-7 April 1970. There were night time attacks by B-52’s on Cambodia in this period but these ‘Operation Menu’ bombings were directed at COSVN Headquarters located in the border area called the “Fishhook”…

    April 1-7 1970. B-52’s. Night only. Fishhook – not Parrots Beak.

    To refute the USAF official history and the Hearings Before the Committee on the Judiciary, House of Representatives, Ninety-third Congress, Second Session, of 1973 where ‘Operation Menu’ was laid bare. The PhD student offers a cite from a ‘Daily Kos’ article from an Associate Professor of Native American Studies or some such from bumfuck nowhere, who vows and declares that

    “there were even more secreter bombings happening in that first week of April 1970 that you will never know about because it was double top secret with a pinky promise and that…”

    For the record Al Carroll authored the work that required a sub editor for the title alone – ‘Presidents’ Body Counts: The Twelve Worst and Four Best American Presidents: Based on How Many Lived or Died Because of Their Actions (Best and Worst World Leaders Book 1)’ It is a piece of Daily Kos fan fiction only available on Kindle. It seems to have some serious issues…

    Every Vietnam Special Forces impostor ever caught by ANZMI has laid claim to precisely the same defence that the PhD student is now dependant upon. “It’s secret, you wouldn’t know. If I told you I’d have to kill you. Official secrets act. You just don’t know man………………. “

    ‘It’s secret’ is always the complete and last resort of the fraud that has become completely invested in the lies he has told. Always a sad, tragic and pathetic sight.

    I truly hope that the PhD supervisor, who apparently is monitoring this exchange, has clocked this act of desperation. Someone who has apparently already awarded a high distinction to the ‘energetic researcher’ for his research phase. ):

    Surely that’s a supervisor whose freckle is going – fifty cents – five cents at a rate of 94 to the dozen right now? Someone who must be considering a new and exciting career as a Caltex console operator. Al Carroll indeed…

    The claim then by the PhD Student is that

    Sometime in the first week of April 1970 he was awoken from a lunchtime siesta by an incredible noise that lasted half an hour. This he maintains was most assuredly a secret USAF B-52 strike on Cambodia.

    The claim now by the PhD Student is that

    Sometime in the first week of April 1970 he was awoken from a lunchtime siesta by an incredible noise that lasted half an hour. This he maintains was most assuredly a really, really, really, double top-secret B-52 strike on Cambodia… That youse wouldn’t know anything about because it was rooly, rooly secret, and that. Al Carroll from the Daily Kos says so. So that settles it…


    Absolute last-minute desperate googling can’t help now. The PhD student is going down for the third time, arm waving frantically in a shit pit he personally dug and especially filled.

    It can be solved so very easily.

    The blurb says that this extraordinary tale is supported by ‘primary sources’ – contemporaneous letters written at the time. Over 350 of them.

    Surely within that motherlode of contemporaneous notes there was some mention made of a ‘very loud noise’ that occurred in the week 1-7 April 1970? The PhD student wrote on average 1.2 letters per day. Let’s assume there were 9 letters written in the period 1-7 April 1970.

    Produce just one of those letters…

    I don’t want Al Carroll’s made up bollocks. Neither should the supervisor.

    In those nine letters written in the period 1-7 April 1970 is there just one mention of an extraordinary sonic event that awoke the ‘recorder player’ from his daytime slumber? Surely if it was newsworthy 50 years after the event it was newsworthy at the time?

    Just one mention…

    Not a big ask?

    I’m entitled to ask. The Supervisor is entitled to ask. Mark Dapin should have asked but didn’t. More fool him.

    Double secret bombing of Cambodia in 1970. Please………

    PS. Anyone can ask me about the severe redaction that Thomas L Ahern Jnr. made to the ‘Sihanoukville Trail’ article I linked to earlier in the week. There are some valid reasons for all that the white space. It’s still secret. Will be until 2034.

    I don’t get into popular culture very much but I thought the movie ‘Argo’ was a pretty good dit. Christopher Stanley who played the part of Henry Francis in ‘Madmen’ (Which I liked very much also) played the part of Thomas L Ahern Jnr. in ‘Argo’.

    In real life Ahern Jnr. was the CIA case officer for a couple of Australian officers – Boileau and Brockett who were working out of Danang in 1964. They both thought he was a good bloke. Always happy to have the conversation about what is secret, what is not and why. Because I can. 😉

    You could call it ‘name dropping’ or alternatively you could call it ‘informed’.

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