Mr Albanese’s Speech

ANTHONY Albanese is named for the patron saint of lost items and the desperate seekers after them. At the Chifley Research Centre in Sydney yesterday, the Opposition Leader continued his search for Labor’s raison d’être – with or without the Paduan’s assistance – but all he found were tendentious cliches about the loss of civility from politics and idealism from democracy. In the third of his “headland” speeches (the first two were about climate policy and infrastructure), Mr Albanese blamed social media platforms like Facebook and the “culture wars” for the loss of those treasures. As the victim of a recent online fraud suggesting he was a men’s rights critic of the Family Court, that concern was founded but overwrought. There is no possibility such a claim would be widely believed. It was graffiti on the walls of an underpass.

Variations of the same old cri de cœur have been heard before. Reagan/Thatcher/Fraser, Bush/Blair/Howard, Trump/Johnson/Morrison. Whenever left-of-centre parties are out of power and rightists (or Blair-ites) hold the Anglophone triple crown, there is invariably – according to them – a ‘crisis’ in Western governance. Their abusiveness and contempt for citizens are perforce on hold and they don’t enjoy the sabbatical. Sourness hasn’t actuated the same extremes of amelioration here as it has in Britain and the US where leftists are working hard to overthrow plebiscite and poll. Our Senate is pretty malicious but Lambie is no Pelosi.

The Albanese oration (transcript here) is therefore light-on for details and case studies in purported crisis. It is nothing more than a series of partisan gripes taken from the previous month’s headlines – about AFP raids on journalists and legislation to rein in criminal unions, for example – leavened with class-war hyperbole about “millionaires.” But it isn’t digital deep fakes that threaten democracy. The human variety is infinitely worse – like the moral phonies who take money from a union that threatens to assault or bankrupt its critics. They’re the ones we need to eradicate. It isn’t journalists working for billion-dollar conglomerates who are victims of state overreach but powerless soldiers defamed by them using stolen documents.

The Opposition Leader talked about “reason,” “respect,” “constructive national conversations,” “inclusion,” “cooperation” and “genuine political discourse.” Then he insisted the Labor Party is morally superior, that “the conservative side of politics hates change” and that global warming should no longer be debated. The theme of his address seemed to be, ‘we’re good, they’re not – can’t we all agree on that?’ The truth is Mr Albanese doesn’t want social media regulated to protect democracy. He doesn’t want the “culture wars” ended for the sake of civility. He only wants them regulated and ended to weaken Labor’s enemies in the very arenas where the left is trounced in the absence of hall monitors like the HRC or Tony Jones.

Finally, the trouble with speechifying on the headlines is they have a tendency to overtake you. Mr Albanese praised Bob Hawke for permitting two days of parliamentary debate after committing troops to the Gulf War. (As though the LNP would give him grief). We learn today that Mr Hawke wasn’t quite so committed to “a big dose of Australian sunshine” when it came to Bill Landeryou. Deep fakes, indeed.

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  1. Professor Fred Lenin

    Since the alp gave up supporting the workers they really have to find a raison d’être , the lowest middle class who run it don’t believe in anything but themselves and desparately grasp every kinky new brain fart that comes along . They are not alone in this however,every socialist party in the West does the same thing .
    Beazelys dad was right ,it went from the cream of the working class to the dregs of the lowest middle class ,people of no conviction and little substance , the only conviction they have is the one they aquire when they get caught in their criminal activities .

  2. Zulu Kilo Two Alpha

    Beazelys dad was right ,it went from the cream of the working class to the dregs of the lowest middle class

    “Who persisted in using the Party as an intellectual spittoon.” Looking at Albanese, Shorten, Plibersek, Burke, et all, it’s a bit hard to disagree with him.

  3. Davey Boy

    Said it before, will say it again.
    Labor is chock full of weirdos and freaks.

  4. Zyconoclast

    Labor is chock full of weirdos and freaks.

    And unconstitutional MPs and Senators.

  5. Bruce of Newcastle

    ANTHONY Albanese is named for the patron saint of lost items and the desperate seekers after them.

    Lost cojones, lost brains or both?

    He should have a talk with his old mate Joel Fitzgibbon, whose sack is currently kept in Pauline’s handbag.

    Labor puts jobs at heart of climate change (CanT, 8 Dec)

    It comes after Labor MP Meryl Swanson, whose Hunter Valley seat has coal mining districts, said workers in the sector didn’t want to take pay cuts to work on renewable energy projects.

    She said “once respected” coal miners in her electorate were earning between $100,000 and $120,000 a year.

    “They don’t want to screw solar panels on roofs for $40,000 a year. They don’t and I don’t blame them,” Ms Swanson told the conference.

    Labor’s resources spokesman Joel Fitzgibbon backed Ms Swanson, saying Australia could take meaningful action on emissions without forsaking local jobs.

    The opposition took an electoral hit in Queensland and other parts of Australia with coal mining areas for its confusing stance on the sector.

    Mr Fitzgibbon has stridently defended coal since the election after suffering a major swing against him in his Hunter Valley seat.

    Amazing how fast hearts and minds follow after almost losing your seat to a fish-and-chip shop proprietor.

  6. egg_

    Forgot he was LOTO – even Their Insiders act like he doesn’t exist.

  7. stackja

    One NSW ALP MP has just been paroled. He was a Minister until
    conviction as a pedal.

  8. Nob

    Blair, LOL.

    Saw what you did there.

  9. C.L.

    He was, after all, BLIAR. 🙂

  10. Ian of Brisbane

    Love Albo’s work, it just so incompetent!

  11. Herodotus

    Conservatives hate change? He should visit Hungary, where a conservative government continues to outrage the left with changes like the family friendly “4 kids no taxes” policy!
    H/t Bruce of Newc.

  12. Mark M

    What a poor proposition.

    Where are the key performance indicators (KPIs: less drought, flood, heat waves, snow bushfires etc)?

    At what expenditure should Australia expect snow to be confined to the alps only in winter?

    What Kenneth Hayne says about climate change

    Haynes says that politicians will be held to legal crimes against the climate for not acting now.

    And the alternative?

    We already have a legal standard, and Haynes should be included:

    Man fined for dud doomsday warning

  13. Iampeter

    He only wants them regulated and ended to weaken Labor’s enemies in the very arenas where the left is trounced in the absence of hall monitors like the HRC or Tony Jones.

    Conservatives have the led the assault on regulating social media.
    Conservatives support organizations like HRC, as we see from issues like Folau and James Cook Uni, they just don’t want conservatives to be on the receiving end. And don’t understand the actual issue anyway…
    Conservatives have no political arguments against the ABC. Otherwise they would’ve done something about it in all those decades they’ve had in office.

    Basically everything in this post attempting to paint Labor is an even more accurate description of conservatives.

    That’s the real issue for Albanese et al. Conservatives have stolen all of the lefts positions and aren’t even pretending anymore.

  14. mundi

    Swanson isnt there to protect jobs, labor will be looking to regulate a floor price for a solar installers. Probably $100,000 per year.

  15. Is this a Leftist trend throughout the world now? When you look at the Democrats in the US, Labour in the UK and the frootloops in the EU, they are all seemingly cut from the same cloth and becoming increasingly unappealing to normal people.

  16. Entropy

    Bemused, they are now run by the type of student union activist that everyone sane ignored at uni. They have zero connection with “workers” and only see their usefulness as a rhetorical weapon.

  17. Whatever the reason, they all look and smell the same. None of them are any longer interested in working people and, if anything, they seem to despise working people.

  18. mem

    Bemused, they are now run by the type of student union activist that everyone sane ignored at uni. They have zero connection with “workers” and only see their usefulness as a rhetorical weapon.

    Problem for Labor is that those in work are now relatively well off compared to the workers of previous generations. They own houses worth millions, dine out and have fat super packages. the people that albo should be supporting if Labor is still for the underdog is the unemployed and small business. But that will never happen because they aren’t paying union fees. Hence Labor grapples with the insanity of climate change and destructive policies to destroy our reliable and once cheap energy,policies aimed at dividing our community into waring factions over sex lines, religion, race lines and anything else where they think they can gain traction. Then they decide to be avant guard and “progressive” to demonstrate their moral superiority and adopt policies that have never been costed or looked at to see if the are feasible or have negative consequences. “Desperate is as desperate does” comes to mind.

  19. Roger

    Then he insisted…that global warming should no longer be debated.

    Let’s see how that flies in Moranbah.

  20. Howard Hill

    @ mem, #3255826, posted on December 9, 2019 at 9:30 am

    How are the Liberals any different? I haven’t seen them reverse anything and in fact are doubling down on the stupid. When they got a leader that wanted change they sacked him and gave us the Turd, now we have the Turd’s spawn.
    A pox on all of them!

  21. ACTOldFart

    What Albo says is all academic. About a year out from the next Federal election, he’ll be knifed and the new ALP “leadership” team will be Plibersek and whatever they can dredge up from the senior male members of the opposition front bench. Chalmers? Bowen? Who knows, just somebody treacherous and self serving enough to assist with the execution.

  22. Tom

    Albo knows that, as a political pragmatist, everything his zombie base wants, from climate hysteria to identity politics, makes him unelectable in a democracy.

    So, for the next three years he will perform a pantomine where he puts lipstick on a pig and tries to tell the mums and dad in the outer suburbs the pig is actually Cinderella.

    His biggest ally is Morrison’s do-nothing government, which, after three more years of recession and falling living standards, will stink like a dead sheep.

    Our rancid national national leadership makes Australian politics a renovator’s opportunity, but the only mavericks we have are political eunuchs like Cory Bernardi, who just flew the white flag, and self-interested fat bastards like Clive Palmer.

    Virtue-signalling corporate Australia got what it deserves with all the red and green tape strangling the economy. They prefer a fascist economy controlled by the government because it means the government does their thinking for them.

  23. Davey Boy

    Stackja at 12.04am
    A couple of others who pedalled for Labor
    Keith Wright former Qld Opposition Leader
    Bill D’Arcy
    And who could forget Bob Collins

  24. Squirrel

    If their Question Time performances are a guide, Labor still has a long way to go before they come to terms with what happened on 18 May.

    They occasionally touch on issues which matter outside The Bubble but even when that happens, they have no clear solutions, usually just smartarse accusations – often based on carefully massaged and presented “facts” and stats. The rest of the time it’s what you’d expect from a bunch of ageing student politicians and staffers who are angry at the deplorables.

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