Profiles in courage

Albanese says Australia should continue to export coal.

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12 Responses to Profiles in courage

  1. stackja

    Albo wants to win some more votes.
    ALP seats safe? Greens in his electorate happy?

  2. Roger

    So does Palaszczuk.

    It’s about the states’ bottom line, particularly in Qld, which would collapse without coal exports.

    It’s also, of course, about votes in Qld.

    But in an election campaign Albanese is going to have to face the reality that mugged Shorten:

    You can’t tell inner city greenies what they want to hear and promise miners in Moranbah they’ll keep their jobs under the ALP.

    Just ask Jackie Trad.

  3. Professor Fred Lenin

    If we abolished politics as a career ,we woukdnt have this scrambling for votes and preferences ,and the quality of people in politics would soar ,getting rid of the aparat would improve our country so much .
    Of course we woukd definance political parties too .

  4. Mark M

    Prepare for more global flooding bushfired snow …

    Coal miners to blame for Queensland floods, says Australian Greens leader Bob Brown


  5. Cynic of Ayr.

    Votes to be had here, lads.
    To hell with principal.
    He knows there is no road to the Lodge without coal.

  6. Bruce of Newcastle


    Science says that wind turbines cause floods because they slow wind down.
    See I can play the same sort of silly game!
    On the other hand “coal causes Labor MPs to lose their seats” seems quite plausible.
    Which Meryl Swanson MP told the ALP conference last week.

    “So what used to become a worthwhile well-paid job has somehow become dirty and I resent people who refer to coal as dirty,” Ms Swanson said.

    She’s not going to be invited to any vegan Happy Holidays parties this year. That’s for sure.

  7. Tony Tea

    The comments were fun.

  8. eb

    The comments were fun

    Ho, boy! Ya have to laugh otherwise you’d despair at the idiocy on display.

  9. a happy little debunker

    What’s the bet that Labor will want to include the emissions from our fossil fuel exports in their ’emission reduction’ plans?

  10. RobK

    Profiles in courage
    Profiles in pragmatism.

  11. Goanna

    Anthony shows a little courage.

    Penny must be out of the country.

  12. FelixKruell

    Interestingly plenty of left wing media are pretending he didn’t say any such thing…

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