Will there always be an England?

Image result for dead child on beach

This image allowed millions of “refugees” to enter Europe, changing Western Civilisation forever, and leading to its possible demise within a century. Just a picture with no associated policy, and in fact no possible policy. Now we have this as Labour’s last throw of the dice in the Brexit election. And let me preface all this with the story from The Oz today: UK election: Labour win a ‘major risk’ as Johnson tumbles in polls. Why? Who knows why, but maybe it’s this.

Britain faces most history-shaping election since WWII…
Boy on hospital floor dominates campaign…
Health Moves to Center…

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17 Responses to Will there always be an England?

  1. Ubique

    Labour is 20 to 1 in a two horse race.

  2. a reader

    And that photo is a fraud too. Disgraceful. If Corbyn wins UK might as well give up. I’ll be encouraging my best mate to emigrate forthwith.

  3. stackja

    MSM helping leftists.
    I am shocked!

  4. Cui Bono

    They’ll all end up on hospital floors

  5. Mother Lode

    Is there no title for dramatic effect?

  6. Mother Lode

    I wonder if the Brits are aware that the NHS is a laughing stock in other countries?

    It’s history under governments of all political stripes is a litany of incompetence, bureaucratic capriciousness, waste, and tragedy.

    I suspect every opposition election campaign cites the NHS as damning the government – it is a black well of misery of unplumbed depths.

  7. flyingduk

    yawns… the bats are coming out, go Boris

  8. MACK

    I wonder if the Brits are aware that the NHS is a laughing stock in other countries?
    The US based Commonwealth Fund provides lots of data on health systems, and although the NHS is popular with the punters and many professionals due to good “access, equity and care process”, the cold hard facts show it has one of the worst scores in the OECD for health outcomes:
    See “Health Care System Performance Rankings”.
    Australia ranks No. 1 in this listing.

  9. Scott Osmond

    Staged. The only surprise is that people keep falling for this sort of thing. I believe that it is because most normal people aren’t lying scum and trust what they read and hear.

  10. Kurt

    If they were honest they’d be showing pictures of hospitals in Venezuela. That’s what the UK is going to look like if Corbyn wins.

  11. mh

    Why no title?

    The Mirror was always a carping, whinging, leftist rag from when Ghislaine Maxwell’s father owned it.

  12. Beachcomber

    It is of course a lie and fake news, which is what the media do.

    If the Brits fall for it and then think it’s a reason to vote for Labour, they may be too stupid to survive.

  13. candy

    Do we need the little drowned boy’s picture up really? I’m trying to avoid looking at it, maybe others are too.

  14. Helen

    I’ve been reading the Dido Falcio books, off and on over the last month or so. They are detective stories set in Roman days and I picked something up in the last one Palmyria or something which was a bit boring as I figured out the murderer very early, that has bearing on the picture of the boy on the beach.

    Drowned people do not float, they sink. For the boy to get onto the beach he had to float and for that he needed air in his lungs. Or a sufficient period of time for gasses in his body to raise him, but he looks too fresh for that.

    So the picture tells us that the boy on the beach was dead before he went into the water.

    It doesn’t change the waste, or horror, but it does alter the responsibility.

  15. Lee

    If conservatives or right wingers used a dead child for political exploitation, the Left would go into meltdown.

    However we are talking about the most self-righteous hypocrites on the planet.

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