Saving our civilisation

A bit on impeachment but for the moment mostly Brexit.


'Scum' at FBI Destroyed Lives...



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  1. stackja

    Dems in USA. Remainers in UK.

  2. Squirrel

    Reports of 3.5m. additional registered voters in the UK since the last general election are a worry of sorts – surely many of those will be the young people who didn’t bother getting off their backsides for the Brexit vote, and have regretted it ever since.

  3. Bruce of Newcastle

    Laughable charges. Every time a President uses his veto would be ‘obstruction of Congress’, and since the witnesses all exonerated him of abusing his power re Ukraine the other charge is stupid too

  4. Professor Fred Lenin

    Alp / gangrenes inAustralia
    An industry that uses a lot of electricity should move to a ThirdWorld country where cheap reliable power is available 24/ 7, the power is generated by Australian coal bought from a Chinese owned company in Australia .

  5. Ubique

    Bookies have Boris a mile in front. Daylight second.

  6. Rob MW

    You gotta wonder what is going in the U.S democrat race. On the one hand you have these tired old politicians trying to look all socialistically groovy to appeal to a disenfranchised socialist bartender’s happy hour constituency, where everything is free including liberty, integrity and dignity and on the other, a very elderly and barricade loud dyed in the wool communist, privately unemployable in every sense of the word ‘Work’, vying for permission to show everyone how to fit a square peg into a round hole using Venezuelan theory on how to overcome obesity.

    The problem appears that there are actually sane people, or reportedly sane people, that are going to vote for these people.

    Truly the West is going mad.

  7. Lily

    My guess is among those 3.5M new registered voters a large percentage would be your quiet pro Brexit supporters. You just don’t get them speaking up and noticed, particularly as they see how easily you can be vilified and attacked. These new voters are simply the ones with a set view, either way. I know a few politically aware youths that are quiet about thir political leanings, my two sons and nephew are just three of them, and none of their friends know they are conservative/libertarian.

  8. Rococo Liberal

    I find it interesting that the polls in Britain are known to be crap, except for the deep level You Gov and Survation polls. Both of those have Boris 10-14 points ahead. The normal polls in the last few days are just fodder for the media to pretend it’s close. I’m also certain that the Tories have salted the media with stories of it being close, so as to ensure that Tory voters turn out on election day and don’t get too complacent about victory.

  9. Andre Lewis

    Hope the espoused Tory tactic of claiming its a close race to encourage their voters to turn out is correct. The millions of new voter registrations will be millennials and recent immigrants who will both support the commie Labour party but hopefully their votes will concentrate in inner city and industrial wasteland towns in the midlands/north that would be Labour seats anyway.

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