Anthem opponents should try thinking for themselves

FREEDOM rides, boycotts, “first nations,” reparations and now the anthem. Just as Anthony Mundine made himself an Aldi Ali, Latrell Mitchell now wants to be a K-Mart Kaepernick. If Aboriginal leaders want broader Australian society to respect and work alongside them for a better future, they have to stop apeing Americans and baiting the natives. By natives, I mean non-Aborigines to whom Australia is home just as much as it is for them. According to reports yesterday, several NLR players want officials to drop Advance Australia Fair from the opening niceties of the 2020 Indigenous All Stars match.

Mitchell, Josh Addo-Carr and Cody Walker are among those who have made their opposition to the anthem known. The press made much of the trio’s refusal to sing it before Game 1 of this year’s State of Origin. That made lifelong fans laugh because league players have never been renowned as warblers. The joke was always that the posh Old Boys in the Wallabies sang it loudly and proudly – which they certainly did under Alan Jones; he insisted on it – but League lads didn’t know any of the words (especially girt).

The originator of the all-star idea is commonly said to be Chicago sports reporter (and influential powerbroker) Arch Ward. The Ward-backed baseball All-Star Game of 1933 grew into a tradition that lived on to the present day, while the concept itself is now emblematic of player supremacy in a wide variety of sports. When the NRL’s Indigenous All Stars take to the field next year, they do so in a game invented by white Britons in a promotional format stylised by a white American journalist. That isn’t to say they have to pay any deference to either or leave their own beliefs in the shed. But they could do something more original and consequential than ‘taking a knee’ (literally or figuratively). Perhaps they could donate their match fees to bush-fire victims. It’s important to add that Mitchell’s men are not only imitating Americans but also leftist Australian whites who have been pilfering ideas from US ‘progressives’ for more than 50 years.

Our national anthem is a third-rate embarrassment. I don’t blame anybody for not liking it. If it’s deleted from All Stars ceremony, so be it. What concerns me is the get-even nastiness behind calls to boycott it. That spirit of vendetta – where what is sacred to the majority is assailed with malice and national symbols are trodden upon even as the walkers’ chains are removed from Uluru – is arrogantly hypocritical and will do exactly nothing for ‘reconciliation.’ Or maybe – sniffing weakness everywhere – conflict is the golden point.

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  1. stackja

    Ingrates can decide not participate at all. Maybe even leave Australia.

  2. Professor Fred Lenin

    Liberate aboriginals of all colours from socialist globalist fascist opression ,legistlate them the same as other citizens ,declare AustraliaInvaded and conquored by the British thus negating native title ,the land belongs to All Australians , equality for all , Libertie ,Egalite,Fraternite .

  3. Bruce of Newcastle

    Very simple.
    Sing the anthem, get the welfare.
    Don’t sing the anthem, don’t get the welfare.
    Why should a country pay large amounts of money to people who don’t regard themselves as loyal citizens of that country?

  4. Roger

    As a replacement for the anthem, perhaps the indigenous lads could perform a war dance replete with spear throwing gestures…to which the white team could respond with a mock volley of rifle fire.

    I speak in jest, but it seems to me that the actions of Lattrell et. al. are setting reconciliation back to the days of antagonism rather than advancing it. If they find the anthem offensive – and only an uncharitable and historically ignorant interpretation of the words could be deemed so – don’t sing it. But, out of respect for your fellow citizens, don’t make a song and dance about it.

  5. The issue is that it’s not the majority of Aboriginals that call for all of this rubbish, just as a very vocal minority seeking attention. It’s the same with the majority of gays etc, they don’t want all of this blustering and attention seeking.

    The problem is that too much air time is given to these oxygen thieves and the media is making out as if they speak for everyone.

    As for the national anthem:

  6. Jonesy

    No need to was! Governor Bourke declared Terra Nullius…specifically, no deals with the locals. Land can only be granted by the Crown. Settlers, armed and in number, invaded the land with a piece if paper in hand…by order of a foreign King! The Aborigines faught and lost some 220 times. If it wasnt for a quirk of colonial land grabbing by the Colony of Queensland in the dieing days of the nineteenth century, Coiki Mabo would have still been a citizen of New Guinea and had no bearing on the soverignty of this nation…indeed, The members of the tribes of Torres Strait called themselves jointly and severally, Australians to contest the soverignty claim of the new nation of PNG..before the Mabo case even made its way out of the Queensland courts. So…how can you call yourself Australian and still claim to be soverign over this nation?

    Uppity ARL players need look after their own before pointing the finger. Take responsibility for the rape and assault of their women and kids, take responsibility for their individual lives and destroy the socialist idea of the noble savage. Anyway, first nations? Which one? The early Tasmanians, the inhabitants of lake Mungo by two different groups, the painters of the Bradshaws or the ones who are here now.

    As a nation, we fixed this in 1967. We voted to make Aboriginies full Australians. Yes, I know the vote was to make the number of aborigines count or reckon in the number to calculate representation but the feeling was to make us all Australians.

  7. Cynic of Ayr

    Have a look at the indigenous lineup.
    Not one is more than 1/8 indigenous. (Using indigenous wrongly, as a native of a country.)
    They’re all white, just pretending to be black.

  8. Bar Beach Swimmer

    #3259260, posted on December 12, 2019 at 1:10 pm

    Great post

  9. Professor Fred [email protected]

    A suggestion “my boomrtang wont come back” sounds so true to Australian government actions they never come back .

  10. Tim Neilson

    The Australian national selectors ought to announce publicly that if the national anthem is banned at the instigation of players, that will be taken as an irrevocable statement by those players that they don’t want to represent Australia ever again.

  11. Professor Fred Lenin

    Cynic ,try showing a dog as a rottweiler in a dog show if the only rottweiler was its great grandmother,they would throw you and the dog out .

  12. Walter Plinge

    You’re right about the National Anthem. It’s an abomination. Song of Australia (1859) should have been our anthem. It’s a great tune and eminently singable. Sadly, it wasn’t much known outside of South Australia and so didn’t win the vote. At my rural primary in SA we sung it at assemblies.

  13. Squirrel

    So it’s quite OK (and actually rather cool, cos it’s like they do in ‘Merica) for people who get paid a lot of money to run around with and after a ball to dis our national anthem, but it’s not OK for them to quote the Old Testament.


  14. jupes

    I believe that the national anthem shouldn’t be played before such a trivial, racist game. I reckon it is played far too often at Australian sports. It should be limited to grand finals and sports involving a national team.

    That being said, I don’t believe it should be cut just because some players with a gormless sense of entitlement demand it. Without the settlers none of them even would be here as the majority seem more white than black. And to point out the bleeding obvious, without the first fleet (and sans any other fleet) Aborigines would still be running naked through the scrub chasing wombats and kangaroos. Fuck them.

    Far more concerning and offensive to me is the stupid, fawning Welcome to Country. If I was on the white man’s team, I would be demanding that they get rid of that embarrassing rubbish before worrying about the national anthem.

  15. Song of Australia

    That sounds like the intro to a medieval adventure movie.

  16. Song of Australia

    That sounds like the intro to a medieval adventure movie.

  17. Adelagado

    “Our national anthem is a third-rate embarrassment. I don’t blame anybody for not liking it.”

    You got that right. And the flag too. I’ve never liked it since the day I laid eyes on it. And I was born here. History or not… having some other country’s flag on your flag is pathetic.

  18. Adelagado

    Song of Australia (1859) should have been our anthem….. At my rural primary in SA we sung it at assemblies.

    Yes its certainly a more rousing song with a finale that a crowd can get into. Much more-so than the final few bars of that Advance Australia Fair dirge.

    We only ever sang the first verse of course. Unfortunately the words only talk about the land. Nothing about the people.

  19. Michael

    CL, don’t let Adam Goodes know that you’re asking Aborigines to stop “apeing” Americans.
    I’m personally not too fussed if the anthem is played or not. Similar to jupes, I think the anthem should be reserved for finals/games played on days of national celebration.
    However, I don’t want the anthem to be dropped simply to kowtow to a vocal minority (of a minority).
    If the anthem is dropped for this particular match, there had better be no “indigenous” war dance/welcome to country etc.
    Both, or neither. Simples!

  20. Michael

    To add: I reckon anyone who thinks the boxing kangaroo shouldn’t be our national flag, and Down Under our national anthem, is a bum!

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