Britain’s Winter of Malcontents

POISED to win today’s British general election, Boris Johnson will take moral ownership of No.10 at a time fraught with phony crisis but real risk. The phony crisis is the Stayers’ scaremongering about the imminent economic and cultural collapse of the nation. The risk is that a slim win won’t give the PM the straightforward wherewithal to prosecute the Leave case in good time or at all. Moreover, if Jeremy Corbyn loses, but not badly, his revolting brand could live on in British politics. That should be considered a shameful spectre to all Britons. It’s hard to believe that in 2019 anti-Semitism is a key issue in a British general election. Not that it’s entirely Mr Corbyn’s fault. A Truth Commission-style inquiry into the phenomenon could easily trace the origins of contemporary Jew-baiting not to some marginal haranguer or tub-thumper but to the well-mannered Blairites who deliberately flooded the country with people they knew for a fact to be enraged with loathing for Jews. Labour imported them like bottles of Grange or German tractor parts.

All of the genuine difficulties that were painfully evident back in 1978-79 showcase what a national crisis really looks like. Freezing, industrial chaos, social unrest of the nasty, dangerous variety and an anaemic recovery from the economic shocks of the early 70s. It was a very bleak period. Still, James Callaghan thought he was a shoo-in against Margaret Thatcher. Compared to the “Winter of Discontent,” Britain in 2019 is a sunlit idyll. Next to Scargill’s saboteurs, the Stay brigade are dilettantes when it comes to chaos theatre and nation-wrecking.

Unemployment in Britain is at its lowest for more than 40 years. Economic growth is unspectacular at just 1.5 percent but is level-pegging with the G7. Remember that after the referendum in 2016, anti-Brexit propagandists predicted economic crisis and an employment disaster. They have, of course, now altered the script to claim that catastrophe has been forestalled because Brexit hasn’t happened. They say it will definitely overwhelm the UK (this time) if Prime Minister Johnson wins and moves to formalise divorce from the EU. When it comes to zombie narratives of doom – tall leftist stories impervious to reality – the parallels between Stay fanatics and America’s anti-Trumpites are remarkable.

That aspect of the British election is one that doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Will the result have an impact in a United States where Stay/Leave brawling is mirrored in the standoff between Democrats and Republicans? There are often trans-Atlantic cycles and reverberations in the politics of what we used to call the Anglosphere. Mr Johnson’s detractors have delighted in characterising him as a British Donald Trump. If that’s true, a famous victory today certainly won’t do the President’s 2020 prospects any harm.

The most delectable irony of a resounding victory for Mr Johnson (and therefore for Brexit) would be Jeremy Corbyn as accidental hero of the hour. If it wasn’t for the convention-shredding, the pious supranational moral posturing, the contempt for democracy and the absurd exaggerations, Labour and its pro-Brussels allies could have finessed a turn-around in their beloved causes. But their leader couldn’t even avoid offending Jews. If he wins big, Boris Johnson will have the authority not so much to change Britain forever but simply to let it be. His record suggests he will stubbornly persist with Brexit but will make up for it with liberals eventually. In the eyes of conservatives, any laurels he receives tonight won’t stay green for long.

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11 Responses to Britain’s Winter of Malcontents

  1. Nob says:

    It’s hard to believe that in 2019 anti-Semitism is a key issue in a British general election

    It’s hard to believe because I wouldn’t have said the majority cared a fig for the J-bloc.

    It’s hard to understand how the Labour Party got themselves so tied up in knots over it.

    Never mind – it’s been incredibly satisfying for the average punter to see the self-appointed arbiters of political correctness hoist by their own stinking petards.

  2. Nob says:

    Especially while doing so many semantic and political backflips to try to retain the I-bloc vote.

  3. jupes says:

    Who does your illustrations C.L.?

  4. C.L. says:

    The internet, Jupes.

    It’s a nod to the Wall Street Journal tradition when it comes to illustration.
    They only use photos sparingly. Just an old-world custom I’m keeping alive.

  5. jupes says:

    Just an old-world custom I’m keeping alive.


  6. Fisky says:

    Yes, this is the problem. The Blairites cynically re-engineered the electorate by importing around 1-2 million from Pakistan and Bangladesh. But they foolishly thought this would have no feedback effects, wouldn’t effect Labour Party internals, they could go on trolling the Tories about being “stale, pale, male”, etc at the head of their rainbow coalition led by white centrist liberals.

    Yeah nah. Didn’t work out like that. The Labour Party is now led by a Marxist who calls Hezbollah and Hamas his “friends”, supports the [email protected] Republic of Iran, laid a mural at the grave of the Munich terrorists, and believes “Zionists” have no understanding of “English irony” (wink wink). That is entirely the work of Blair, Mandelson, etc. Of course the latter would never make the connection.

    The problem with the Left is they have no interest whatsoever in the consequences of their policies. They never ever take responsibility for anything. And this applies to the relatively “moderate” Left, not just the extremists.

  7. Fisky says:

    On the other hand, the Tories have their own problems. They anchored themselves to a property bubble strategy under Thatcher, which worked for a while but is now biting them with the youth vote. They seriously need to get a fucking grip. Just stop being soft-cocks on housing, and come up with a Singaporean housing strategy that will bring the next generation into the tent. None of this pissing around with million pound dogboxes and people sleeping in the streets.

  8. stackja says:

    Fisky – Australian leftists gave us Evatt,Gough, RGR, BS …
    USA leftists gave us BO.

  9. Infidel Tiger says:

    The property bubble will eventually crush the Cons in Australia and The UK.

  10. Spurgeon Monkfish III says:

    The reality is that Corbyn is far more committed to Brexit than that vainglorious mop headed Partridgesque fraud.

    As is usual in politics, the latter claims to be the only one capable of engineering it, while the former will never (publicly) mention his true view on the matter.

  11. Spurgeon Monkfish III says:

    Just stop being soft-cocks on housing

    Ahem – mass immigration? There isn’t a single UK politician capable of ending up in power who’s committed to putting an end to it.

    come up with a Singaporean housing strategy

    The poms don’t do neo brutalist stalinist dog boxes very well. In fact, they are the last word in world’s worst practice. I’d have most pommy politicians (and ours) Grenfelled in an instant, if the opportunity presented itself.

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