In the interests of reason and science, I reluctantly step in …

woman [ woo m-uh n ]
noun, plural wom·en [wim-in].

1. the female human being, as distinguished from a girl or a man.
2. an adult female person.

Very simple. Or so you’d think. On the BBC’s “Your Questions Answered,” a caller has asked the leader of the Liberal Democrats, Jo Swinson, to define what a woman is. Swinson’s reply is attracting a lot of attention – most of it bemused, some angry. The reaction at Spiked is typical: Jo Swinson vs biological truth.

SWINSON: Well, I know I’m a woman. And I think we do– we know what we are. And I think all women are important and their rights need to be protected, whether they are black, Asian, white. Whether they are gay or straight or bi; whether they have a very privileged upbringing, or they don’t have much money, whether they are cis [newspeak for actual women] or trans [newspeak for men who self-identify as women] whether they have a disability, we are all important, in all of those different ways.

ANNA FROM WARWICKSHIRE: So how can you tell what a woman is?

SWINSON: Well, I mean I’m just of, sort of, trying to understand, you know, what you’re getting at. I think we know when we engage with each other, we know if we are a woman. And I can tell you that I am, right? So, you know, we’re not going to start a scenario where we go and perform inspections on people, are we?

ANNA FROM WARWICKSHIRE: No. What if a man wears a dress to work twice a week? Is he a woman?

SWINSON: Not necessarily.


SWINSON: I think that people can understand their own identity. And I think it’s right to respect people in terms of their gender identity. And that’s for them to say.

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31 Responses to In the interests of reason and science, I reluctantly step in …

  1. a happy little debunker

    Almost ALL are born with either an ‘innie’ or an ‘outtie’. (very, very few are born with both or neither)
    If you have an ‘outtie’ you are a male.
    If you have an ‘innie’ you are female.
    Just like an electrical plug – if you cut off your ‘outtie’, you don’t become an ‘innie’ – you just don’t work anymore
    If you are confused or unhappy about how this applies, then seek professional help.

  2. struth

    Jo Swinson is first and foremost a moron talking to a moron.
    Both are women.
    Both are fucking insane………………………..legally certifiable.

    Enough of this bullshit.

  3. stackja

    a happy – Yes. Computers have sockets and plugs. Many keyed so only work one way. Computers also use ones and zeros. The world is binary.

  4. Roger

    SWINSON: I think that people can understand their own identity. And I think it’s right to respect people in terms of their gender identity. And that’s for them to say.

    ROGER: And could he play in the local women’s rugby league comp?

  5. candy

    Jo Swinson. Could be a male.

    It does sound as if she wants to perform inspections on other women. lol. Otherwise why mention such an absurdity during a very significant election campaign.

  6. candy

    And as if CL is reluctantly stepping in to force himself to post a pretty picture of Nigella L.

  7. Up The Workers!

    In conservative Parties, there is never any difficulty in telling the males from the females.

    In the ‘pick-your-own-gender, race and skin-colour’ Leftard Parties, it is often very difficult to tell.

    A notable Leftard fashion development in recent times with the Excrement Regurgitated mob, has been the tendency of the grotesque pink, purple, blue and green-haired, tattooed hippos who lead all Leftard marches, to superglue themselves to the bitumen road-pavement as an enhancement to their appearance.

    In their case, as an alternative to the wearing of normal make-up, the bitumen is entirely becoming.

    Some of them would make first-class speed-humps.

    They’d rip the axle out from under a Mack truck.

  8. Bruce of Newcastle

    If politicians don’t know the difference between a man and a woman, how can I expect them to successfully run a country?

    And if a government broadcaster can’t tell the difference why should I be forced to pay for them through my taxes?

  9. Up The Workers!

    Medical science having the ability that it does these days to work wonders, if it were possible for an elephant’s trunk to be surgically attached to my Chihuahua’s snout, would “Pepe the Chihuahua” all of a sudden become “Dumbo the Elephant”?


    He’d be a ridiculous-looking chihuahua with an elephant’s snout artificially attached to him.

    Similarly, if the elephant’s snout was sewn on between the Chihuahua’s hind legs, despite all appearances to the contrary, he wouldn’t actually be Bonking Billy Short-One, either.

  10. Tintarella di Luna

    Jo Swinson is first and foremost a moron talking to a moron.
    Both are women.
    Both are fucking insane………………………..legally certifiable.

    Enough of this bullshit.

    Thank you that does it for me – what a pair of twats, it’s like a drain talking to a drain

  11. Tintarella di Luna

    Thank you CL for that lovely picture of the luscious Nigella. Now there’s no doubt there.

  12. Scott Osmond

    It’s simple. XY male, XX female you science deniers! Now if you want to roleplay go ahead but like my likeing for tits of all sizes keep it to yourself or those who share the interest. If you are having problems like the adds say seek professional help. Self-mutilation won’t help mental problems and may lead to more self harm as the main problem isn’t addressed. Mutilating teens and preteens is another thing that will blow up in the medical professions faces as the young leave puberty and decide to transition back to the original biological state. I can see a future of legal actions hitting everyone in the medical and psychological fields who have enabled and encouraged this nonsense.

  13. BoyfromTottenham

    Thanks, Scott O – exactly what I would have said. I think the caller was asking about the sex of a person, not their gender. Conflating the two has caused all sorts of bother lately. It certainly seems to have bothered Ms Swinson!

  14. Robbo

    Does Corbyn identify as a male or a female? The answer is who gives a rats arse.

  15. Tombell

    I’m betting Nigella is a Sheila…

  16. Amadeus

    Gender has always meant “sex”. However, the non-delegated policy makers – yes, those worthless arseholes in bureaucracy – have decided otherwise. That’s what happens when the political class don’t do the job they were elected to do, namely, govern.

    Clearly, neither of the two female nongs can tell the difference between Nigella and a bloke with a sausage and two veggies wearing a dress. Mmmmm.

    I can, but can the rest of you tell the difference?

  17. JohnJJJ

    I used to know, but as you get old you loose your mammary.

  18. John Brumble

    I see the issue is one of euphemisms.

    There are two biological sexes. Which one you are is no business of anyone except you and your doctor.

    There are a range of genders. Genders should not be used in a medical or economic sense and need only be used by people socially if they choose. If someone doesn’t want to use a certain pronoun, then that may be rude. People are allowed to be rude to other people.

    Then there are your genitals. The genitals you are born with determine what sports team you play in and what toilet you go to. For those very, very, very small number of people who are born with both or neither, they -and only they- may choose one or the other.

    Stop the euphemisms. Toilets are “Penis” or “Vulva”. I’m looking forward to watching The Australian Penis Open Tennis.

  19. Mother Lode

    Always ahead of the times I posted on this topic on the Open Thread yesterday.

    Yay, me!

    Anyway, if Swineson asks me, I shall deeply intone “I am death. The destroyer of worlds.”

    Then I will complain that the Hindu’s culturally appropriated me.

  20. 59096

    Just another mealy mouthed politician avoiding the question and looking stupid in the process. Is there any politician, anywhere that isn’t exactly like this?

  21. Cynic of Ayr

    Funnily enough, it would appear by several surveys etc, that the majority by a big margin, men prefer straight Women. Female Women.
    Women who are not straight Women, find that men – not pajama boy types – don’t particular like them, and are not attracted to them.
    Again, funnily enough, this sends the non-straight Women into a frenzy, demanding that they be respected as a straight woman is.
    And, once again, funnily enough, the men – not pajama boy types, tell them to go and root their boot.
    Myself, even in my pajamas, am prepared to say that I even dislike the weird types, and couldn’t care less about their screeching.
    Speaking of weird, could you ever find a finer example of the exact epitome of a non-woman, that the Effing Witches mob?

  22. Chris M

    Maybe this is why DJ Trump talked about grabbing by the poosy – just checking. Wouldn’t want to use the wrong pronoun now, so offensive right.

  23. Iampeter

    In the interests of reason and science, I reluctantly step in …

    Questions about the concepts of gender do indeed require reason, but not science.

    In any case, people who believe things like embryo’s are people, or life exists after death, or something existed before existence and other obvious nonsense, are hardly in a position to “step in” on this issue.

    These are YOUR people. You all hate reality and having to deal with it in one way or another.

  24. JC

    Plodes, I agree with you .. or I agree which you… as they say in Harlem.

    You would be exhibit A, for abortion advocates wanting to make the case for pro-abortion.

  25. kaysee

    a happy little debunker
    #3259014, posted on December 12, 2019 at 9:25 am

    Almost ALL are born with either an ‘innie’ or an ‘outtie’…………
    Just like an electrical plug ………

    If you are confused or unhappy about how this applies, then seek professional help.

    Too late …….

  26. Siegfried

    I had a witty and acerbic comment on this topic which would have delighted all readers!
    Until I saw Nigella’s picture.
    Totally lost what I was thinking about.

  27. Overburdened

    The facts are not the same facts when you are intellectualising or pushing a barrow.

    In my cameos in professional settings I see this issue from various angles dealing with people rather than posting a tweet.

    That is all I will say about that.

    Speaking in factual terms, if you have mutilative surgery to give you, or take away your, breasts and have a handmade apparatus installed instead of your original bits, either of which are encumbered with their own problems; and choose to do whatever you feel will help you live like the opposite sex, you will still be the same genetically.

    IMO this fad will reap the whirlwind, and in the meantime further fuck up already fucked up people.

    In the meantime it also marginalises the remarkably small number of genetic and endocrine disorders that you would reckon they would be championing.

  28. Arky

    So according to the photo, a woman is a fat, egg- beating idiot?

  29. Fat Natalie in Love Actually is a woman.

    Jo Swinson is an unfortunate fembot who is unable to be deprogrammed.

  30. Scott Osmond

    And the Scotts just fired her! Lost to the SNP. So she’s not only a science denier but we can now call her a loser. The best part is her party is now tearing her apart. I wonder how long until politicians realise that normies are turned off by this stuff? Doesn’t matter how many celebs and how many tweet clickfarms follow you what matters is the warm bodies on election day.

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