A logical progression

Delingpole: From Hitler and Stalin to Greta Thunberg — Time Loves to Celebrate Totalitarian Icons.

Adolf Hitler 1938
Joseph Stalin 1939
Joseph Stalin (again) 1942
Ayatollah Khomeini 1979
Greta Thunberg 2019

Yes, you’ve got to hand it to what’s left of Time magazine: it hasn’t lost its unerring ability to put its finger on the pulse of the zeitgeist, invariably managing to name a Person of the Year who sums up perfectly the madness of the age.

That screeching noise you can hear, by the way, is the sound of a gazillion greenies squawking about how unfair it is to pick on a 16-year old child whose only crime is to want to make the world a better place …

But this ‘she’s only a kid, leave her alone’ defence was precisely why the Climate Industrial Complex chose Greta the Climate Puppet as its pin-up.

Remember, Greta Thunberg is a teenage school drop out. It’s not for her scientific expertise that she has been selected as the current figurehead of the global environmental movement but for her youth.

Part of her function is to represent the ‘future generations’ that the green narrative tells us are most threatened by climate change. But her main role is to close down debate.

Read it all. Delingpole includes astounding new calculations on Swedish abatement policy by Bjorn Lomborg.

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10 Responses to A logical progression

  1. mareeS

    Our nephew is an Aspergers kid, and studies physics at a high university level. He totally disagrees with the doctrine of climate change. Discusses it in a dry way.

    Put them both together, it would be an interesting debate.

  2. candy

    She’s a very sullen little lass. I bet the parents are glad to have her out of the house just doing something instead of sulking in her room.
    The ‘how dare you’ phrase resonates with kids and immature people, and the way she copies any comment from Trump or world leader and copies it in on her Facebook or whatever is just like a six year old copying exactly what you say back to you, simply to annoy you.

    Whether it is a marketing thing or she’s emotionally disabled is not clear.

  3. Mother Lode

    It is not so much the idiot child. It is the people who singled her out and fashioned into a club to beat people with – cynical turds who believed that by using the idiot child they could avoid debate. Again.

    Mind you, look at why they thought it important to hijack the hapless idiot – they thought their opponents would not dare raise an objection against such a manifestly pitiable creature.

    When they move on they will leave her where they dropped her, like all the arrowheads, spent bullets and shell casings that have been discarded on battlefields for millennia – each a relic of a moment fury and violence, its war over in a split second with nothing following.

    If anyone is being callous about Pol-Tot it is not the sceptics.

  4. Lee

    As I have said before, Greta is a self-professed Marxist (and she has been photographed wearing a Marxist T-shirt).

    Why is anyone listening to her, outside of fellow commies?

  5. Old Lefty

    I don’t read Time and never have read it. It always stuck me as turgid, sententious and, in short, a waste of time😏

  6. steve

    When your leader is a retarded 16yo, you ain’t got much

  7. 59096

    Three psychopaths and a psycho!

  8. Scott Osmond

    When the enemy use a shield shoot through it to get him. The left use human kiddy shields because it’s a way to avoid debate and if you respond you are a monster for attacking a kid. 16 is the age of consent in many western nations and the age of criminal responsibility is much lower, about 12/14 from memory. 2 years later they are able to enter binding contracts and vote. I have no moral problems with anyone taking this civilizational saboteur to task. Put your head over the parapet in any debate and be ready to take fire.

  9. Snoopy

    Would she be happier if she had tits?

  10. Scott Osmond

    I’d be happy if she withheld her genetics from the genepool. Could be her greatest contribution to a bright future for humanity.

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