Roundup 14 Dec

Windwatch. Yesterday morning 6%, evening 11% this morning  5%. That is the contribution to demand, the figures for the % of plated capacity are approx 20, 40 and 15.

Double or triple those numbers and see how much of the load the windmills will deliver. Then contemplate the choke points, the many times in the year when the delivery is under 10% of plated capacity and the odd occasions when it is down to 2%. What is the AEMO plan to handle this?  This is the view of unreliable energy and batteries expressed by Bill Gates. In brief, forget it!

UPDATE.   RIP David Bellamy. Nature lover and climate skeptic. Banned from the BBC.

Catching up on Jo Nova, a backlog of posts on fire trails (what is a fire trail?), thoughts on the UK election, has the next Ice Age started?  Time takes out the Woke Joke of the year. And Christmas drinks in Perth, Newcastle and the Sunshine Coast. And Burnie Tasmania!  A collection of tags from Jo’s  site  Local Councils.

Another Nobel Nightmare reported by Patrick  Michaels at the CEI. Totalitarian world government on stilts.

The 2018 Nobel Laureate in Economics is proposing that an (unspecified) group of nations form a “club” that sets what he calls “harmonized emission reductions” (whatever that means) and that club members who do not meet these reductions will be penalized. The reductions are determined by agreeing to set a minimum price to emit a ton of carbon dioxide.  Where this money goes isn’t said, but who it comes from (you and me) is obvious. 

What is so scary?  After all, the penalties only apply to members of the “club,” right?

Wrong.  Nordhaus proposes that club members then penalize—globally—the non-members. 

Read the whole paper!

Check out what the fellow travelers are up to.

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Media Watch. In case you want to feel a bit grumpy. How often do you see grumpy around these days?


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5 Responses to Roundup 14 Dec

  1. Alan says:

    UN Climate Change Summit Burger King?
    Harrison Ford says he’s vegetarian while UN delegates eat meat?

  2. I_am_not_a_robot says:

    This is a test of natural scepticism.
    Most people interpret the proposition:
    Which two cards do you need to turn to prove the statement?
    They generally get the wrong answer and can have great trouble understanding the solution when told.
    On the other hand sceptics interpret the proposition:
    Which two cards do you need to turn to disprove (falsify) the statement?
    Approaching the puzzle with a sceptical mind makes the solution a lot easier*.
    No wonder confirmation bias figures so much in climate change™ ‘science’.

    * The answer is #B. E, & 7.

  3. Rafe Champion says:

    Yes that is a very revealing test. Don Aitkin ran through some of the common errors in thinking in a piece that I linked recently.

  4. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Beare says:

    Nordhaus proposes that club members then penalize—globally—the non-members.

    International Gangland.

    Not subject to deals, backsliding, coalitions, rorts, wars and Communist take-over of course.
    Has this ‘economist’ read no history?

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