Is Home Alone a Christmas movie?

Apparently most of it but not all: CBC Cuts Donald Trump’s ‘Home Alone 2’ Cameo Out of Broadcast. It’s the CBC who apparently cannot bear even six positive seconds of Donald Trump. They’re like the ABC and no doubt the BBC along with every one of the traditional non-Fox networks in the US. They will filter out anything that does not fit the story they want their viewers to believe, which seems to be perfectly ok with their viewers who want all these things filtered out. Are people really content with such obvious and continuous efforts to shape their opinions and leave out the full story? The left are apparently wilfully happy to become Manchurian Candidates. Brainwash me, oh please brainwash me! It is spooky to see it before our eyes.

And on the same day there was this as well: Soldier Asks Donald Trump About Cameo in Hit Christmas Movie ‘Home Alone 2’.

“It was an honor to do it. It turned out to be a very big hit, obviously. It’s a big Christmas hit, one of the biggest,” Trump said. “It’s an honor to be involved in something like that.”

It’s almost unimaginable how small-minded and petty the media are. Their faithful viewers are even worse since they could always change the channel, or even turn it off.

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24 Responses to Is Home Alone a Christmas movie?

  1. stackja says:

    Watch the DVD.
    Baa humbug the CBC.

  2. a happy little debunker says:

    The only person in the entire movie prepared to help a small child find his way.

  3. mh says:

    Canadian Broadcasting Corporation thought it was what Dear Leader Justine wanted.

  4. vlad says:

    Is the Pope a Catholic?

  5. Roger says:

    It’s almost unimaginable how small-minded and petty the media are.

    If only that were the case.

    Unhappily it’s not only imaginable, the small minded pettiness is on display day after day.

    The Western msm is an anti-democratic 5th column.

  6. mundi says:

    There are three versions of the film. Theatre at 2h1m, tv1 at 8min shorter, tv2 @ 16min shorter.

    Both the tv versions have trump cut and were made before 2015.

    Sorry but this story/claim is fake.

  7. bemused says:

    It’s the way of the Left, forever trying to change history. But far worse is when they try to change reality that actually matters like does our BOM.

  8. mh says:

    Both the tv versions have trump cut and were made before 2015.

    Why would they cut out a media superstar like Donald Trump just to save a few seconds? That makes no sense, unless it was done after the Obama birther controversy.

  9. Herodotus says:

    The media are – in the majority – not on the side of the angels.
    Cracks in the continuum of their spiel do appear, but are papered over – sometimes sooner, sometimes later.
    In the beginning was the word, but in the end we have their narrative.

  10. a happy little debunker says:

    Sorry but this story/claim is fake.

    The one thing we know in today’s media landscape is that feelz is much more important than facts, so from a certain perspective – it is true!

  11. He Chose Pauly says:

    #3274287, posted on December 28, 2019 at 7:24 pm

    There are three versions of the film. Theatre at 2h1m, tv1 at 8min shorter, tv2 @ 16min shorter.

    Responding to the social media tizzy over reported edits made to its recent televised airing of a 27-year-old movie, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation says that a scene from 1992’s “Home Alone 2: Lost in New York” featuring President Donald Trump was cut for time, and that it was removed long before the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

  12. Leo G says:

    What Edmund Burke really said: “There are Three Estates in Parliament; but over yonder is the Reporters’ Gallery, a professed Fourth Estate far more self-important than they all.”

  13. Tony Tea says:

    Is Die Hard a Christmas movie?

  14. mundi says:

    mh… did you not read my post. They didn’t just cut Trump. They cut 8minutes of the film, which happened to include the Trump schene, as it was a just a filler scene. The edit was done in 2015 and at the time no cared less about which scenes were and were not cut.

    The difference is in America, they realised Trump was a reason people were watching it, so they edited him back in…. Hence it looks like Canada cut him out, but it was actually america cutting him back in bceause the scene was now more famous.

  15. Bruce in WA says:

    Is Die Hard a Christmas movie?

    Of course it is.

  16. mh says:

    Thanks mundi.

  17. OldOzzie says:

    Bruce in WA
    #3274448, posted on December 28, 2019 at 11:50 pm
    Is Die Hard a Christmas movie?

    Of course it is.

    Bruce in WA

    totally agree – thanks for that picture it was great

  18. calli says:

    I’ve only ever seen it on TV and Trump has always been in it.

    So it’s a selection thing for the network – long or short version? Decisions, decisions.

  19. lotocoti says:

    Settle peoples.
    There’s nothing new with cutting down a programmes to fit a slot.
    It’s actually a lot of fun re-editing a show to fit a schedule.
    Whether you have to lose ten minutes from a movie or 2:15 from a 30 minuter, the first bits to go are always the scenes not germane to the plot.

  20. Wozzup says:

    “It’s almost unimaginable how small-minded and petty the media are.”

    Sadly it is not unimaginable. It is on display every day. The only thing I would add is “small-minded, ignorant, pathetically driven to follow the herd and petty” (The list could go on but there are only so many hours in a day.

  21. FelixKruell says:

    Didn’t trump quid pro quo them into giving him a cameo if they wanted to film at the Plaza? Then again, maybe it was just a favour…


    Some news articles showed the cut as being only a few seconds around Trump – is that really how they cut a few minutes from a film? Lots of little seconds here and there? Doesn’t that screw with the score?

  22. Fair shake of the Sauce bottle says:

    Like the scene cut from Home Alone one where the female neighbour hears a commotion and calls the cops. On arrival the cops shoot the neighbour who made the call.

  23. Steve trickler says:

    The bloke in the white shirt; which looks remarkably like a early “convict” uniform, obtained a green card and then starts to stick the boot into joint … wanker.

    No way will that marriage last.

  24. Steve trickler says:

    Oops. Wrong thread.

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