John Stone: Deregulate or Perish!

Written some time ago this piece is as relevant as ever today while people are talking about economic headwinds with next to no reference to the two elephants in the room – power prices and red and green tape.

This piece was first put on line in the Guest Room on my website, a facility that provided accommodation for people who at the time had no web address of their own. Other guests included Peter Coleman, Roger Sandall and Hal Colebatch (all departed).

This is my favourite page on the site.

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6 Responses to John Stone: Deregulate or Perish!

  1. OldOzzie

    Trump Administration Issues Record-Low Number of Regulations Amid Red Tape-Cutting Drive

    The Trump administration’s efforts to relieve American businesses of regulatory burden that can stifle economic growth have led to a year of record-breaking deregulation, while experts say there is more to be done.

    While the total number of pages of the Federal Register (pdf)—the ledger that lists government regulations—swelled to 72,564 pages by Dec. 31, the number of rules hit historic lows.

    According to Clyde Wayne Crews, a regulation expert and policy vice president at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, the Federal Register published 2,964 final rules.

    “This is the lowest count since records started being kept in the mid-1970s,” he wrote in Forbes.

    “It is a notable achievement that all three of the lowest-ever annual rule counts belong to Trump. This an even more significant development given that some of Trump’s ‘rules’ are rules written to get rid of or replace other rules,” he noted.

    Key to President Donald Trump’s drive to slash red tape was Executive Order 13771, which forces agencies to cut two old regulations for every new one issued. The order, issued on Jan. 30, 2017, also imposed a regulatory budget requiring that each agency impose zero or negative new net costs.

  2. OldOzzie

    Tracking deregulation in the Trump era – Brookings

    The Trump administration has major deregulatory ambitions. But how much deregulation is actually happening? This tracker helps you monitor a selection of delayed, repealed, and new rules, notable guidance and policy revocations, and important court battles across eight major categories, including environmental, health, labor, and more. For a more thorough explanation of the tracker, including guidance on how to use its interactive features and an explanation of how entries are selected, click here. Sign up here to subscribe to the newsletter, which will include select updates from the Deregulatory Tracker as well as new research from the Center on Regulation and Markets.

  3. New Chum

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    The human cost of the EV revolution
    Posted: December 23, 2019 by oldbrew in Legal, News

  4. Art Vandelay

    It’s a shame that none of our present senior bureaucrats are of the calibre of John Stone.

  5. Iampeter

    John Stone: Deregulate or Perish!

    I guess for someone who wants to regulate tech, business in general (can’t fire Folau, or Christians!), supports someone like Trump and his massive regulatory agenda, you choose the perish option.

  6. Iampeter

    It’s a shame that none of our present senior bureaucrats are of the calibre of John Stone.

    It’s an even bigger shame that no one calling for deregulation, like Rafe here, actually support deregulation.

    Maybe “shame” isn’t the right word…

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