And for second prize …

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18 Responses to And for second prize …

  1. stackja

    Epstein couldn’t attend.

  2. Leigh Lowe

    Professor of Information Technology (Data Security)?

  3. shatterzzz

    This is what happens when you go cheap and put tin roofs on your buildings!

  4. MatrixTransform

    All further episodes of those bucolic British murder mysteries will henceforth be filmed in the Irish countryside

  5. ACTOldFart

    That has to be the worst Irish joke I’ve come across in ages

  6. Leo G

    The chancer’s chancellor.

  7. Bruce of Newcastle

    Queen of Queen’s!
    Apparently Bill Clinton was raking in “$18 million to be the “honorary chancellor” of Laureate International Universities, a consortium of for-profit institutions.”
    So I doubt she’ll be going unrewarded.
    Queens do have their standards.

  8. lotocoti

    Feck me.
    Couldn’t they find a black taxi driver* for the gig?
    (That is, the driver of a black taxi, not a … never mind.)
    *Retired #snork# PIRA murderer.

  9. John64

    Her bestie The Lying Slapper must have told Killary what a you-beaut sinecure being a University Chancellor is; she just had to go out and get one for herself.

  10. miltonf

    Didn’t some didily squat Welsh institution give the old slag an honorary doctorate or something.

  11. Robero

    They couldn’t find one of their own eminent Northern Irish who was worthy of the honour?

  12. Robbo

    Why wasn’t Bill Clinton given this gig? He would love to be in a position of power in a place with heaps of young women at his beck and call. Perhaps Hillary can do the job for him as I hear she and Bill have similar tastes.

  13. Jef

    I see, Queen’s UNI has appointed a corrupted crook as Chancellor. Well done .

  14. Professor Fred Lenin

    Hand them over to the Indian poof in Dublin , they will fit in the Fourth Reich in Brussels nicely . What will they do if their chancellor gets jailed for her crimes ? Not a good look comrades ,these maggots really think they are bulletproof dont they?

  15. Shy Ted

    2020 will be the year they all race to erase these appointments. Counting on you, Donald.

  16. Obio

    Couldn’t they find an Irish fuckwit?

  17. Mother Lode

    Seeing the first prize I must assume second prize is two chancellorships of Queens University, Belfast.

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