More like Craig Kelly needed

There is then the Turnbull wing of the Coalition which seems to cover around half the party. Which brings us to this in the Oz today: Bushfires: Scott Morrison courts states for fire inquiry. What exactly was the “trainwreck”here?

Amid international media criticism of Australia’s emissions policies, Mr Morrison also warned his MPs off interviews with overseas media outlets — a reference to Liberal back­bencher Craig Kelly’s trainwreck British TV interview in which he was attacked as a climate change denier.

This is the trainwreck:

Mr Kelly traded barbs with Laura Tobin and co-host Piers Morgan on the Good Morning Britain television program on Monday where he was accused of being a “climate denier” by the hosts over his views on the effect of global warming on Australia’s bushfire crisis.

Mr Kelly accused Tobin of being an “ignorant Pommy weather girl” in the now-deleted post and said that he “might have to send her some of the published peer-reviewed scientific papers on Australia’s weather.”

She sounds like just another climate alarmist. They are everywhere with nothing to show for it other than a failure to deal with actual environmental problems that have made the bushfires this year so devastating. She would be absolutely impervious to any peer-reviewed scientific papers or indeed, any evidence at all. Happily blighting the lives of billions across the planet because of some conjectures about the future trends in the weather. We need more Craig Kellys around to put the acid on to see if we can prevent a collapse of our economies while the cost of energy goes through the roof.

ADDED ONEDAY LATER: I hadn’t seen Craig Kelly’s original interview on ITV but GerardHenderson had: First the bad news, which I had not known:

Early on, Morgan put this question: “Do you accept the planet is heating up at a dangerous level — yes or no?” To which Kelly replied “yes”.

It’s obviously untrue, but during the times in which we live at present, that is the only answer a politician, other than Donald Trump, is permitted to give. Then there is more. Dimwits who watch Morning Television on ITV are not part of Craig’s constituency. So what followed next only matters here in Oz:

Within minutes, [the pommy weather girl] Tobin entered the discussion by accusing Kelly of burying his “head in the sand”. She added: “You’re not a climate sceptic, you’re a climate denier.” This, despite the fact that Kelly had accepted Morgan’s proposition that the planet is heating at a dangerous level.

This would suggest that Tobin was more interested in stating her case than listening to what Kelly had to say.

Of course they’re not interested in listening. They are just part of the liars-squad who for reasons already well-known, are the actual deniers, the ones who deny there is no problem.

Although Henderson thinks there is nothing to be gained by putting the case that global warming science is almost entirely fraud, there is, in fact, a great deal to be gained. Someone in a position to actually be interviewed needs to say these things in public or they will never be said where others can hear. Good for Craig Kelly and tough luck for Britain if that is the level of their understanding about climate change. Of course Uri Geller can bend spoons with the power of his mind, you bloody morons.

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  1. candy

    Climate change believers/alarmists cannot think ahead.

    They have most of the young thinking closing down coal mining will immediately stop droughts, bushfires and cyclones forever. Well, and lots of people even the most educated and well placed in life believe stopping coal mining will immediately stop droughts and bushfires. Just like that.

    Stupid really.

  2. C.L.

    Great video summary by the always masterful Watson.

  3. 59096

    Once the next crop of voter currently being indoctrinated in our schools reaches voting age it will be game over. They are being trained to believe in the climate emergency, the beauty of immigration, the magic of any religion except Christianity and that the world owes them a living.

  4. stackja


    Sydney Protest: Fund The Firies & Demand Climate Justice … › event › sydney-protest-fund-the-firies…
    Out of control bushfires are sweeping across the state – destroying thousands of hectares, houses, and lives. These fires, heatwaves, and droughts are not just …
    Fri, 10 Jan Sydney Town Hall, New South Wales, Australia
    Climate change protests Australia
    PROTEST: Sack Scomo – Fund the Firies – Climate Action Now (VIC). January 10 …. Sydney Protest: Fund The Firies & Demand Climate Justice. January 10 …

  5. Mother Lode

    It is hilarious when you look at it.

    This dreadful bint will scarcely been paying any attention to what has been going on in Australia for any period of time. She will have no idea about our normal bushfire seasons and what has been going on here at the local government level and inept state bureaucracy.

    The bushfires flare up, she will have read a couple of hasty reports (probably ones that come with her question sheet) and she poses as the expert, accusing Kelly of being either blindly or willfully ill-informed.

    People really have to prepare themselves for interviews by approaching their interviewers with hostility. They should be ready to pounce on every single stupid ferking thing they say. They should aim to make them to scared to try any of their stupid tricks and not let them play on interviewees’ sense of being polite to a host who feels no obligation to be polite back.

    The sweetest example that comes to mind is that interview by George Negus with Margaret Thatcher when he brought up his ‘Some people say…’, and she stopped him dead by simply asking “Who?” Negus had no way to answer. There was no answer. It was (and is) just a veiled way of accusing people of something unpleasant and demanding they justify themselves.

    A more recent example is Jordan Peterson with that supercilious j’ism-ette. Every stupid thing she said, every misrepresentation of his words, every groundless inanity and progressive political banality, every over-simplification and over-generalisationhe pulled her up. Took the sting right out of the question and forced her to admit she had run out of answers.

    More important than humiliating the silly sub-par woman: He got his message out, which is what these interviews are supposed to be for.

    Oh, and as a matter of course, every interviewee should demand their own copy of the complete interview tape before editing. Make it part of the agreement so that if even a few seconds are missing they can be threatened with legal recourse – the interview ought to belong to the interviewer and the interviewee, and the latter is more likely to be held to what is broadcast than the former.

  6. Roger

    What exactly was the “trainwreck”here?

    Trainwreck: noun; standard journalese boilerplate used to describe an interview in which a politician tells some inconvenient truths which journalists – not the brightest souls on the planet, esp. TV anchors, who are more entertainers than journalists – don’t care to contemplate and dismiss because they can’t comprehend them.

  7. I_am_not_a_robot

    Gosh there are a lot of bushfires in South Korea, looks like the North has the correct CC™ policies

  8. Sinclair Davidson

    He is soft on plain packaging – so no respect for private property.

  9. Nighthawk the Elder

    1.3% of the world’s emissions (not counting bushfires). So if we cut that in half and sent tens of thousands to the unemployment queue, exactly how much will that change the climate? Exactly how many bushfires will it stop?

    Oh, but it’s about showing leadership they say? If it’s leadership, who exactly do we expect will follow? China (world’s biggest emitter), India, USA, Russia, Uzbekistan? Sweden (home of the world’s most woke bullshit artist)?

    Was it not Climate Scientist* (yes, that’s what idiots on Twitter have referred to him as) Ross Garnaut who recommended to Hawke to show global leadership and ditch protections on the car industry? How many other countries followed? 10, 5, None?

    * I’m aware his background is in economics and not climate, but as I noted the Twitterati are calling him a climate scientist, because he wrote a paper once on the topic.

  10. DaveR

    Well done Craig Kelly. Pilloried for expressing your considered views in front of some (low) priests of the new inquisition. If only the leaders of the Coalition would be as principled.

  11. Cui Bono

    Too right mother. PM down need to interrupt the interrogators and frame things their way. Too much nice not enough conviction. Minister should emphasize backbenchers’ right to speak up.

  12. Elderly White Man From Skipton

    @Mother Lode: hopefully there will be an inquiry that will establish facts and solutions. One thing is clear: there is no simple solution. People talk about fuel load, but I have seen fire burn over burned ground and I am told that in some areas grazed pastures with bare stubble had firelines reaching five metres in the air. People talk about arson, yet the RFS and police say the most common ignitions were from power lines and other common sources. Whether or not the climate argument is valid, it is plain that we have had an extreme dry and when temperatures rise we are getting extreme fires that behave in unusual ways.

  13. Steve

    But she is demonstrably an ignorant pommy weather girl.

  14. Professor Fred Lenin

    Nighthawk ,I like it ,”showing leadership”? The first lemming to jump off the cliff ?
    Who will we impress with this economic suicide ? Who will pay for the huge increase in social welfare and dole? Will income tax of the government employees increase to 99 cents in the dollars ( they will be the only ones with a job ) . Will anyone give loans to a country that is reduced to a pre middle ages economy ?
    Socialist ideas ,never think of consequences ,live for the moment .

  15. Bruce of Newcastle

    Still nothing much happening climate-wise.

    Satellite temperature as usual (with three recent el Nino spikes)
    Snow cover extent flat on average since the ’90’s (ice melts at 0 C and ignores adjustments).
    Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation still at its recent plateau (when it flips you’ll know about it!)

    All in all I see no climate emergency, unless you count “meh” as an emergency.

  16. Mark M

    So after Tony Abbott MHR decided Australia should remain part of the Paris Agreement – Craig Kelly MP concedes he’s now toeing the party line because there’s an election soon …

    Sgt Joe Friday: “Just the facts, ma’am.”

  17. Have received a wonderfully funny Cartoon picture called Titanic 2 – The Search for Climate Change featuring Greta & Leonardo via email that I wanted to share with you all. Unfortunately, I have been unable to transfer it onto this site. Anyone got any ideas, my IT/Computer knowledge is fairly limited as you have probably all gathered by now! Cheers

  18. Bruce of Newcastle

    Richard – here it is:

    Greta Thunberg in Titanic 2, The search for climate change

    The context is this story from November. 😀

  19. Craig Kelly is a furniture salesman. Always has been, always will be. And not at one of those reputable mobs either, some no-rate joint you’ve never heard of trying to flog over-priced junk.

  20. candy

    If you have time, thanks, can you post what “act now” means in relation to climate change?

    I hear this all the time and most younger folk want this and many other people too. What policies does it entail specifically and timeframes, for Australia, to stop bushfires as the current terrible issue.

  21. Catfeesh?

    If you have time, thanks, can you post what “act now” means in relation to climate change?

    I’d also like to know what monty is prepared to give up for this action to happen.

  22. As I pointed out in Jo’s blog:

    Victoristan has the solution:

    Victoria’s state Labor government will sign off on deep new emission cut targets by the end of Australia’s horror bushfire summer, with potential reductions of up to 40 per cent likely to put pressure on the state’s ageing coal-fired power plants.

    In a move that will expand the gap between Victorian and federal climate policy aims, the state government has confirmed it will comply with its obligations under its own Climate Change Act and impose emissions cuts targets of no less than 20 per cent by March 31.

    Never have so few, done so much to destroy a state.

  23. Spurgeon Monkfish III

    I have seen fire burn over burned ground and I am told that in some areas grazed pastures with bare stubble had firelines reaching five metres in the air

    FFS, give it a rest, you lying syphilitic ol’ slag.

  24. Spurgeon Monkfish III

    I have seen fire burn over Arctic Ice and I am told that in some areas Tuunbaq grazed pastures with bare stubble had firelines reaching eleventy gazillion metres into da air …

  25. Cardimona

    I have seen fire burn over burned ground and I am told that in some areas grazed pastures with bare stubble had firelines reaching five metres in the air

    Yeah, nah, didn’t happen.

    If you have time, thanks, can you post what “act now” means in relation to climate change?

    Monty, would you also please post the links to the constant bushfires in the Daintree rainforest?

  26. Mater

    I have seen fire burn over burned ground and I am told that in some areas grazed pastures with bare stubble had firelines reaching five metres in the air

    Nah, at 2:2o you get an example of how it behaves on grazed areas, in high winds, on hot days.
    Like mercury rolling over a hard surface.

  27. Squirrel

    Having sorted out the colonial deplorables on climate change, Good Morning Britain should do a segment which explains how it is that a little island in the north Atlantic can support a population of 60m.+ in (for the most part) first world standards.

    Extracting resources and profits from naughty countries like Australia, and laundering the dough through The City, is an important part of that – which is why Old Blighty can afford to have a lavishly funded public broadcaster, with very nicely remunerated windbags on the payroll to dish out glibness and condescension by the bucket load.

  28. Boambee John

    I have seen fire burn over burned ground and I am told that in some areas grazed pastures with bare stubble had firelines reaching five metres in the air

    In the absence ofcany fuel, exactly what was burning to have flames reaching 5 metres in the air? Nitrogen?

  29. Bruce

    Bruce of N:

    That Titanic link came up with what looked suspiciously like something that I did not want in my computer, dressed up as a link to a virus buster.

    Please check that your link is still Kosher.


  30. Bruce of Newcastle

    Bruce – Didn’t ping my virus protection, but the site is one I haven’t been to before. The meme is what you might expect though. 😀

  31. Monty
    If you have time, thanks, can you post what “act now” means in relation to climate change?

    A carbon price, to start with. Cancellation of all subsidies for fossil fuels. Exhumation of the CEFC.

    Investment in the RFSes. Possibly a national body since we now have fire lines that cross states.

  32. A belated thanks to Bruce of Newcastle, although I am still unsure as to how to transfer future emails. By the way that Southerly I incurred this morning on my 5 Km beach walk at Hawks Nest was a bit of a challenge! Ahhh the challenges of living without traffic lights?

  33. cohenite

    but I have seen fire burn over burned ground and I am told that in some areas grazed pastures with bare stubble had firelines reaching five metres in the air.

    Pixie dust ignition no doubt.

  34. cohenite

    A carbon price, to start with. Cancellation of all subsidies for fossil fuels. Exhumation of the CEFC.

    You’re a fucking fat idiot. How about interring all alarmists.

  35. candy

    A carbon price, to start with.

    How does a carbon price stop a bushfire in Australia? If there was a carbon price from 2020 onwards, would there be no more bushfires from say end of 2020 onwards? Or what year would all bushfires stop completely?

  36. Elderly White Man From Skipton

    Monkfish, etc: perhaps you doubters might get out of your comfortable urban lounge rooms and have a look at reality. Groupthink proliferates here.

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