Torture: Pell moved to maximum security prison for terrorists

At Fairfax. The move to Barwon (where Carl Williams was assassinated) is being blamed on a drone flyover.

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58 Responses to Torture: Pell moved to maximum security prison for terrorists

  1. stackja says:

    Also at Hun.

  2. Botswana O'Hooligan says:

    Photo in The Australian shows the poor old bugger being led away in handcuffs as if he is some dangerous crim.

  3. stackja says:

    George Pell moved to new prison as drone sparks spying fears
    George Pell has been moved from the maximum security Melbourne Assessment Prison after a drone was spotted near the grounds. Now police have launched an investigation amid suspicions of spying.

    Aneeka Simonis and Mark Buttler, Sunday Herald Sun
    Subscriber only

    January 12, 2020 8:00am

    The drone was sighted on Thursday, sources saying it was hovering near a visitors’ garden. One theory is that the drone was being used by a media organisation or individual in an attempt to get photos or video footage of Pell.

    They could fetch big money because of high international interest in his case.

    Pell has now been moved to ­Barwon Prison, near Geelong.

    “Corrections Victoria can confirm an incident involving a drone flying over the Melbourne Assessment ­Prison on Thursday,” a Department of Justice spokeswoman said.

    “Corrections Victoria has referred this matter to Victoria Police for ­investigation,” she added.

    Vic Pol to investigate?

  4. Old School Conservative says:

    Any information on Barwon?
    Will this be better for Cardinal Pell?

  5. Roger says:

    Vic Pol to investigate?

    The Cardinal will be first on their list of suspects.

  6. Leo G says:

    Vic Pol to investigate?

    Punishing Pell for a drone flyover, without evidence that Pell had any knowledge?
    As for suggesting that the news media may have had a motive- even Vic Pol had a stronger motive.
    Surely the prison authorities can’t suspect Pell supporters were planning an escape.

  7. Any information on Barwon?
    Will this be better for Cardinal Pell?

    Basically no.

  8. bemused says:

    Pell may end up becoming Australia’s Epstein.

  9. stackja says:

    The Life and “Crimes” of Cardinal Jozsef Mindszenty

    A long list of charges had been carefully concocted — lies made to seem logical. His accusers twisted his words, took them out of context and used forgery to produce documents of confession that they said he had signed.

    After the sentencing, Cardinal Mindszenty was shuffled from prison to prison until the Hungarian uprising in 1956, when he was freed briefly.

    The aging cardinal eventually became a tragic and pathetic figure, a thorn in the side of the Hungarian government. In an effort to be rid of him, it offered him safe passage to Austria. He declined.

    But as Pope Paul VI worked to ease relations between the countries behind the Iron Curtain and the West, the cardinal became a problem for the Vatican. With his formidable presence, he was a hindrance to the establishment of four new dioceses in Hungary.

    Finally, at the Pope’s bidding, he reluctantly moved to the Vatican, where he stayed for two months before taking up residence in Vienna in 1971. In his final years, the cardinal traveled extensively to publicize the plight of Hungarian Catholics.

    Cardinal Mindszenty died in Vienna in 1975 and was buried there. But after the fall of the Soviet Union, his body was brought back to his homeland and reburied in Esztergom.

  10. BrettW says:

    The obvious question is why should Pell suffer because of possible media use of drone.

    Don’t prisons have the capability to take out drones or at least track them to source ? It is not like this is the first time this has happened.

  11. Cassie of Sydney says:

    They want his dead….but I hope and I pray that George Pell stays strong.

    George Pell will be vindicated.

  12. Nob says:

    At least he’ll get an exercise bike.

  13. 59096 says:


  14. Old School Conservative says:

    The obvious question is why should Pell suffer because of possible media use of drone.

    Of course it would be impossible to track the drone with nearby street cameras, or to punish anyone associated with publication of the drone’s images, or to trace the drone operators.
    Policing stuff like that is beyond the ability of VicPol.
    Much easier to move the prisoner to a tougher jail. He was obviously getting too much joy from the simple tasks of watering and weeding the little garden.

  15. Zatara says:

    It is illegal to fly a drone within 120 metres of a prison or youth justice facility, and doing so can result in up to two years in jail.

    So why isn’t the news about some drone-operator being arrested?

    More importantly, why is Cardinal Pell being fecked around again? Do they suspect him of hiding a drone in his cell?

  16. Win says:

    Lindy Chamberlaine must be thanking God that 93 per cent of Australians and our pernicious media believed she was guilty. At least she was not subjected to the, Psychological and physical mis treatment that Cardinal Pell is now enduring . They both have their faith to keep them strong.

  17. Old Lefty says:

    Not only was Williams bumped off in the supposedly super-secure Barwon prison (see Sir Ken Jones’ damning testimony about corrupt warders), but Tony Mokbel nearly died there only days before the royal commission into the police and Barrister X opened. We’re supposed to believe that the Mokbel attack was the work of a pair of Pacific Island hoods upset at Mokbel’s implying that they didn’t control the prison rackets; I’ll believe that when I see a formation of pigs doing advanced aerial acrobatics.

    This, like the travesty of a prosecution, has political conspiracy written all over it.

  18. yatpos says:

    Standby for Pell to be Epsteined or Williams’d

    Good grief, Barwon?? that is quite insane

  19. Beachcomber says:

    stackja at 11:45 am

    The Life and “Crimes” of Cardinal Jozsef Mindszenty

    Cardinal Pell’s situation is far more dire than that of Mindszenty. Pell has been condemned by the ABC-TASS media establishment. He will never be released and they will ensure that he suffers a degrading death in prison. It is an object lesson and warning to anyone that may wish to challenge the cultural superiority of our Marxist establishment overlords.

  20. CameronH says:

    This is being deliberately done so that he can be killed. They do not want the case to go to the high court and possibly be thrown out. Many awkward questions would then be asked about the whole deal.

  21. Faye says:

    A domestic drone? You’d think it was one of Iran’s missiles. It’s suspicious to promptly take Cardinal Pell to a terrorist maximum security prison before they even find out if it was flown deliberately or accidentally in that direction by a pimply faced kid or a newspaper spy or dare I say, a terrorist? Whoever is in charge of Pell’s punishment will use any excuse to make him suffer. Who is the Victorian Police Minister? We know who the Victorian Premier is.

  22. H B Bear says:

    Pell is a political prisoner.

  23. jupes says:

    Meanwhile the legal turds at the High Court continue to sip their gin and tonics while they consider what month they might deem to have a look at Pell’s case.


  24. Shy Ted says:

    How convenient. It’s almost as if it was organised.

  25. stackja says:

    Was there a drone?

  26. Repeating:

    Meanwhile the legal turds at the High Court continue to sip their gin and tonics while they consider what month they might deem to have a look at Pell’s case.


  27. Porter says:

    Pell continues to be punished for the sins of others.

  28. OldOzzie says:

    Why in the heck is he in Hand Cuffs – who is he going to attack – Victorian Police, Premier Andrews and Victorian Labor/Greens along with ABC, Fairfax and Guardian are trying to humiliate Cardinal Pell

    Victorian Police and Andrews and Victoria Labor/Greens along with ABC, Fairfax and Guardian are all Gutter/Sewage Dwellers of the Lowest Order

  29. Bruce says:

    So, a “tougher” prison is one where the wardens are not “in control” in the accepted sense.

    I note the term “extra-legal punishment” is not being used. This has all the hallmarks of being a definitive case.

  30. Old Lefty says:

    And when Pell is Epsteined, Williams’s or Mokbellss (this time successfully – no relying on Pacific Island hoods this time), who will be there to supervise the inquest? None other than the newly minted chief coroner Mr Justice John Cain III, ALP royalty and until last month principal solicitor in the OPP.

    Speaking of Barwon, I was interested to note that the lead prosecutor against Mokbel was a Mr P Kidd QC. Of course I am sure that that signifies nothing at all.

  31. bemused says:

    Mr Justice John Cain

    Could this be another Cain and Abel?

  32. Zulu Kilo Two Alpha says:

    Meanwhile the legal turds at the High Court continue to sip their gin and tonics while they consider what month they might deem to have a look at Pell’s case.

    What year, more like.

  33. Suburban Boy says:

    Mr Justice John Cain III, ALP royalty

    And the real thing, not just “royalty” in the Meaghan Markle sense …

  34. candy says:

    The Get Pell cult has been going for so many years and the whole thing is tainted. George Pell has to be locked away to die. Louise Milligan is waiting to dance on his grave.

    The High Court judge types are far too pressured to look at the fact there is no evidence of any kind, except the words of an addled drug user/dealer from long ago, who won’t show his face to the general public.

  35. Spurgeon Monkfish III says:

    VenOztraliastan’s Dreyfus Case:

    A scandal that rocked VenOztraliastan in the early 21st century, the Pell Affair involved a Catholic Cardinal (George Pell 1941-2020), who was falsely convicted of sexually molesting imbeciles. In 2015, an evil useless, staggeringly uglee ALPBC tax hoover (BIRM) discovered several brain damaged welfare dependent drugged addicted lowlifes who claimed that a ripped-up letter in a waste basket with handwriting said to resemble that of Pell, contained admissions that he molested one of the drooling incoherent cretins in St Patrick’s Cathedral. Pell was subsequently tried before a jury of idiots, found guilty of sexual abuse and sentenced to prison in Victoriastan. Shortly afterwards, Pell was paraded before a mob of illiterate innumerate anti-scientific ahistorical imbeciles in Mosquebourne that shouted, “Death to the Pell, death to the Christian.”

    If it can happen to The Pell, it can happen to any one of us. This stinking, stupid, stupid, shithole (that I no longer recognise) is sliding rapidly into totalitarianism.

    And before various noxious collectivist cockheads start gloating, just remember this, you fucking morons, the revolution always consumes its own i.e. you’ll be the first to be liquidated and in very gruesome ways.

    Which you will of course, thoroughly deserve.

  36. Bear Necessities says:

    Will we be saying “Pell did not kill himself” shortly?

  37. Cassie of Sydney says:

    “Spurgeon Monkfish III
    #3290336, posted on January 12, 2020 at 6:45 pm”

    Gold Star Spurgeon.

  38. Robber Baron says:


  39. Lawrence Ayres says:

    Victorian Police fear that Pell will win his high court appeal and they will be shown to be the maggots they are. Solution: send Pell to a jail where he is likely to be killed so the appeal will not then go ahead. Andrews should be held responsible.

  40. Jo Smyth says:

    Can someone explain why this one man is being so completely vilified and ruined and why it is being allowed to happen this way. What is the purpose and the end game. The institutions are well and truly ruined. Is it being used as a constant message and warning to all that if you attempt to step over the line, this is what to expect. Just listening to Scott Morrison on the ABC, he seems to have got the message, has now decided to spread their message so he will not be ruined in the same way Tony Abbott was. What a bloody future we have in store.

  41. Gyro Cadiz says:

    Thank you CL. I am following this from our own resources on the Traddie side and I appreciate your insights and views.

    Jo, it is alleged that when the Cardinal cleaned out the homosexuals in the Clergy in the 90s, this enraged homosexuals in VICPOL, the ALP, journalistic, judicial and legal fraternities, to whom the clergy homosexuals had provided certain things.

    This, combined with the two generation old left/far left war on the Church by members of those same groups, made the Cardinal their No.1. target for over a quarter of a century.

    As for the rest, just ensure that you understand that the Gods of the Copybook Headings cannot be denied, and prepare you and yours as best you can.

  42. a reader says:

    We need to double our prayer effort for the Cardinal. Victoria is such a shithole that I wouldn’t be surprised if they do try something on him.

    Did I read correctly the other day that he was being prevented from having pastoral visitation, mass and holy communion?

  43. Jo Smyth says:

    I notice that a lot of the comments here seem quite resigned to the fact that Pell may be ‘Epsteined ‘. How pathetic. This is what it’s now come to. Lighthearted banter while men are being quietly led away and dealt with. The thin end of the wedge. In 10 years I wonder how many other people will have been ‘disappeared’ and what’s more, it’s just accepted.

  44. the sting says:

    We will have to notify President Trump so he can have his drones available to protect George Pell.

  45. Dave in Marybrook says:

    It’s hard to escape the feeling that Pell is handcuffed so that he cannot defend himself.

  46. Seco says:

    I’ve just read the article and can’t for the life of me think how a drone flying over the prison means Pell has to be moved. Where is the link between the drone and Pell? What AREN’T they reporting?

  47. Lazlo says:

    VicPol are setting up an Epstein moment to make sure it all goes away.

  48. J.H. says:

    Why are they protecting the Drone from Pell?

    … or am I readin’ it wrong?

  49. faceache says:

    Cardinal Pell may take solace in the fact that it happened to Jesus too. An Imitation of Christ.

  50. stackja says:

    Was there a drone?
    Vic Pol imagination?
    GP moved for no reason?

  51. Porter says:

    #3290614, posted on January 12, 2020 at 11:21 pm

    I’ve just read the article and can’t for the life of me think how a drone flying over the prison means Pell has to be moved. Where is the link between the drone and Pell? What AREN’T they reporting?

    Exactly. Anyway are we sure he has been moved? I want to write a letter of support.

  52. David Brewer says:

    Hopefully Pell’s case will be heard in the High Court by March: timetable here.

    Can’t believe the handcuffs. What for? He came back from the Vatican to stand trial voluntarily knowing the deck was stacked against him, and, for heaven’s sake, he is a Cardinal, not a drug lord. Shame on the Victoria Police!

    And as others have said, who cares about a bloody drone? What’s the worst it could do, take a photo? And if somebody can fly a drone over the detention centre, they can fly a drone over Barwon Prison. As an excuse for moving him, it won’t fly.

  53. Win says:

    The Cardinell in hand cuffs reminds me of Queenslands prison authorities who hand cuffed and shackled The National Politician Don Lane as he was walked to his Heart Specialists appointment in Brisbane for all to see. Don Lane died too.

  54. Porter says:

    Pell may end up becoming Australia’s Epstein.

    Pell will never be Australia’s Epstein. What a disgusting and totally unmerited comparison.

  55. Porter says:

    The Victorian Police Minister is Lisa Neville. She looks like a Christine Nixon clone.

  56. Bazinga says:

    How soon will we be saying the words “Cardinal Pell did not commit suicide”?

  57. rickw says:

    Just wait until the poor old codger gets murdered in Barwon, passing away in his sleep with a pillow on his face.

    Vicpol: Mission accomplished.

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