Yes Prime Minister. Global Warming & a Johnny Cash rejoinder

Deja vu all over again.

From Jo Nova, a fun response! from a new singing talent, with a mention of the ABC.

The lyrics.

Well I turned on the television and there’s this here extinction rebellion talkin’ climate change and how we’re all gonna die Well I said ‘Good God’ and I said ‘Good Golly’ better get to the Bureau of Meteorology and have a look around and see what I can find

Well I studied tables and I looked at graphs and I read the papers and I did the Maths and pretty much everything was well within the norm and there might have been less but there weren’t no more of monsoons, typhoons, hurricanes, cyclones, tornadoes and all them other fancy storms

Well I got back on the road I didn’t wanna be late I had to get down town there to demonstrate against carbon pollution ‘cos the end of the world is nigh but when I arrived to my surprise, right there and then before my eyes I became a climate change denier

Well there were hippies, there were bogans, banging bongos, chanting slogans and mums and dads and kiddies waving signs and some hipster dude he super-glued himself and some of his friends to the road

I thought I had better get out of here, right now, better go and get back home

Well I’m a patient man, most of the time Well I finally made my way out of there and I got back home and I sat in my chair and I turned on the good ‘ole ABC with their usual stories of doom and gloom mostly attributed to CO2 and a little bit of blame left over just for me and my toxic masculinity

And I didn’t mean for anyone to take offense but I really couldn’t see any evidence of the carbon dioxide’s a killer and we’re all gonna die Well you think I’m vile, that I’m the Devil’s child and you’ve branded me a climate change denier

And as I left that city, let me tell ya’ folks things weren’t lookin’ as pretty there were police and sirens and hounds all around the extinction rebellion were doin’ their best to bring the whole thing down sure glad I got out of town

Well a friend of mine in New York thinks it’s kosher to not retire up in Nova Scotia but to head south to the warmth of the Florida Keys and I think it’s high time I go and see her we can sit on the beach drinking Margaritas and I’ll await whatever fate has install for me

And so far I ain’t been harmed by rising seas or rare diseases, hurricanes and all the other ways you said I’d die and every night

I sit there on the beach and thank my lucky stars that I became a climate change denier Its getting a bit cold out here…why don’t ya Put another log on the fire

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5 Responses to Yes Prime Minister. Global Warming & a Johnny Cash rejoinder

  1. Mark M

    Green Garbage:

    “WESTFIELD — On a recent afternoon here, with urgency in the air, local officials huddled to consider what until recently was unthinkable.
    Should they abandon their popular curbside recycling program?
    Or spend millions to build a plant to process plastic and paper on their own?

    With the recycling market across the country mired in crisis, a growing number of cities and towns are facing a painful reckoning: whether they can still afford to collect bottles, cans, plastics, and paper, which have so plummeted in value that in some cases they have become effectively worthless.”

  2. jo

    Tried to download JoNova video. Can still watch it but F Youtube have it blocked from downloading and comments are turned off.

  3. P

    This is just too good!

    N0w to email off to all this clip:

  4. Fair Shake of the Sauce Bottle

    Climate change again! Plenty of evidence it changed. Yesterday was hot. Today it is cold.

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