Was drone a convenient excuse to punish Cardinal Pell?

For appealing his case to the High Court, maybe.

Police interview pair after suspicious drone near George Pell’s jail.

Two men have been interviewed by police after a drone was seen flying over the central Melbourne prison where … Cardinal George Pell was being held.

But police believe the drone was being flown as part of a “commercial operation” when it was spotted above Melbourne Assessment Prison on January 9.

They have concluded their probe and referred the matter to the Civil Aviation Safety Authority.

Reports emerged earlier this month that Pell had been moved from the assessment prison on the fringes of the Melbourne CBD to a high security facility in regional Victoria after the drone was spotted near a visitors’ garden.

Pell was reportedly moved to Barwon Prison, near Geelong, where he will count the likes of drug lord Tony Mokbel, bikies and killers as neighbours

A CASA spokesman said the authority was looking at potential safety issues relating to the drone but had made no determinations yet.

In the Herald Sun:

Police investigating a drone which was spotted hovering metres from George Pell have concluded it was not spying on him.

The cardinal was moved from Melbourne Assessment Prison after a drone was spotted hovering near a visitors’ garden frequented by Pell on January 9. The security breach landed him at Barwon Prison, with the state’s most dangerous criminals.

It is understood he will remain there for some time even though he was found not to have been a spy target. A prison source told the Herald Sun: “There are no plans to move him back.”

If this is a CASA matter but not a criminal one, the relocation pongs. Why is nobody asking why an exceedingly frail septuagenarian was secretly transferred to a super-max hellhole? How does a “security breach” which was not, it turns out, a security breach ‘land’ an old man in the company of “the state’s most dangerous criminals”? This has the hallmarks of extra-judicial punishment. And what sort of “commercial operation” requires a drone to hover “metres from George Pell”?

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24 Responses to Was drone a convenient excuse to punish Cardinal Pell?

  1. feelthebern

    Melbourne Assessment Prison

    How many prisoners are held in Melb Assessment Prison?

  2. Bronson

    Vicpol making the NSW rum corps look good.

  3. Pauky

    Why is there no plan to move him back?
    Let’s accept in good faith the suggestion that Pell had to be moved to the supermax because of possible shenanigans with the drone. Well apparently the drone had nothing to do with Pell, a jail break or a breaking of prison rules. There is no reason to keep him in the supermax.

  4. Infidel Tiger

    Victoria is a failed state.

    Terrifying what they are getting up to.

  5. feelthebern

    Imagine if there was an opposition in Victoria.

  6. Cassie of Sydney

    I have to say that I got quite depressed reading this about Cardinal Pell. The persecution of the man never ends. They want to isolate him and they want him dead. It is actually worse than a disgrace……I pray for his health, for his stoicism and for the High Court to rectify the utterly horrendous criminal wrong done to an innocent man.

  7. Minderbinder of Qld

    One could be forgiven for thinking that the script includes Cardinal Pell’s death in prison, preferably before the High Court hearing of his case so that he remains on the books as a convicted sex offender. Victoria has form in this regard, one only needs to follow the cases where it was necessary to remove a possible threat to the Vic justice system.
    Who was the public serpent who ordered such a life threatening move for a non violent prisoner, on what possible instigation, was it for the Cardinal’s own protection? What a sick system.

  8. Dr Faustus

    Pell needs to keep well away from loose exercise equipment.

  9. Cassie of Sydney

    “What a sick system.”

    It’s a sick state.

  10. Perfidious Albino

    I wonder if his legal team are pursuing his immediate return to the remand centre ?

  11. Entropy

    And what sort of “commercial operation” requires a drone to hover “metres from George Pell” at Barwon?

    A cynical sort prone to conspiracy theories might ask Cui Bono? Like someone wanting to increase the risk of a dude dying in a prison.

  12. Old Lefty

    Proof positive, as if we needed it after the leak to Hinch about the Abbott visit, that the Victorian prison authorities, like thee police and the OPP, are just a corrupt and politically prostituted tool of the Stalinst perv3rt thuggocracy in Spring Street. Please note, any snoopers from said thuggocracy, that I have said nothing about your splendid judiciary, the best Hills and his ALP successors could find.

  13. Old Lefty

    The story in the New Daily (home to the execrable Morris-Marr) is a gloat piece. The New Daily is a commercially unviable operation funded by industry super funds – i.e. the looting cartel run by and for the benefit of union hacks on their boards. Now representing less than ten percent of the non-government workforce, the union hacks rely on this for their (lucrative) livelihoods.

  14. Rohan

    #3301119, posted on January 24, 2020 at 5:44 pm
    Imagine if there was an opposition in Victoria.

    I’m agnostic but I pray for it every day.

  15. John A

    Entropy #3301218, posted on January 24, 2020 at 7:49 pm

    And what sort of “commercial operation” requires a drone to hover “metres from George Pell” at Barwon?

    A cynical sort prone to conspiracy theories might ask Cui Bono? Like someone wanting to increase the risk of a dude dying in a prison.

    Not at Barwon but at the Assessment Centre.

    My question: Where did the press get the information? Was it by any chance from a VicPol PR release? Hmm?

    And then I ask: By whose interpretation was the drone “a few metres” from the prisoner?

    Yeah, right!! Or in my younger days, it was “I believe you but thousands wouldn’t!”

  16. C.L.

    Not at Barwon but at the Assessment Centre.

    Indeed. My mistake with that phrase. Corrected.

  17. rickw

    Victoria: The worlds most corrupt state. Just disgusting.

  18. Fair Shake of the Sauce Bottle

    I Agree with Dr Faustus, stay away from the day exercise bike.

    Be thankful the Clintons aren’t in town.

  19. candy

    It is bad and very upsetting.

    It truly makes it hard for the High Court judges to look at the situation evenly, because they will become the devils if they find G. Pell innocent and the charges null. No evidence at all, except the words of a long ago drug addict/dealer who is probably now mentally deficient after taking drugs and cannot remember things properly at all.

    Get Pell has done the job. Do not put faith in frail, Only Human type High Court judges.

  20. stackja

    Rainbow Sash influence?

  21. Robbo

    Every bit of the Pell case stinks. Starting with the Victoria Police, one step forward Graeme Ashton please, to the prosecution case that solely relied on uncorroberated evidence from a single individual to the very top of the Victoria’s judiciary, this has been the biggest stitch up ever seen in this country. Pell is not only a victim but he continues to be hounded and abused even while behind bars. This stain on the justice system will remain in place for a great many decades and all those individuals who have played a part in the persecution of George Pell deserve to be reviled.

  22. Leo G

    And what sort of “commercial operation” requires a drone to hover “metres from George Pell” at Barwon?

    Uber Air Taxi?

  23. Rayvic

    It should be remembered that the allegation made against George Pell was not proved beyond reasonable doubt in any of the Victorian court cases. Consequently , it was unjust to jail Pell in the first place.

    The case smacks of Get Pell.

  24. Up The Workers!

    Hopefully, this will be worth several tens of millions of dollars extra when he comes to sue the A.L.P. and their “Get Pell Squad” for their gross incompetence, defamation, vilification and false imprisonment solely as a distraction from the accusations of rock-spidering, drug dealing and non-consensual horizontal-jogging against Bonking Billy Short-One who was running for A.L.P. Prime Ministership at the time.

    You could do a lot of charitable good with a kitty of tens of millions of dollars to reach into.

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