The sadness is settled

Top academics write to Morrison Government asking for ‘deep cuts’ to Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Ronald Rapee, Centre for Emotional Health at Macquarie University, is a signatory. (The letter).

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38 Responses to The sadness is settled

  1. duncanm says:

    I suggest we begin by cutting power to all academic establishments… especially those particle physics blokes.

  2. Iain Russell says:

    I look forward to one of the Chinese signatories translating this and sending it to Xi Jinping. His response would be marvellous.

  3. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    If ScoMo fires all those academics they will not have to fly to other countries so much and the cut to CO2 emissions would be enormous.

    (Btw did Professor Mickey Mouse sign the letter like last time? He’s a highly regarded and very prominent contributor to the wellbeing of humanity.)

  4. candy says:

    I don’t see anywhere in the letter saying coal mining should be ceased?

    That is the logical step if they really care to go to zero emissions. They mention “courage” but probably know that to support ceasing fossil fuel production means their lifestyle will be seriously eroded.

    Jus the usual hypocrites without courage to truly pursue what they believe in.

  5. DaveR says:

    The logical step is to stop all overseas trips for academics. That should cut each academic’s individual CO2 emissions by half. And save precious education budget funds. Win – win?

  6. Gowest says:

    Dan Andrews shut down the coal fired power station and has suffered the fire emissions as a consequence. Maybe he would have more control over bush-fire emissions that go world wide if he released Cardinal Pell from Jail. His praying would have a far greater effect than PS twittering from govt offices .

    You could also argue there is a sinister motive for doing as little as possible to prevent fires – Morrison has had to stump up the cash and put his resources in harms way to contain the problem created by the three state governments and their councils .

    Seems our public servants have learned that “blaming climate change etc” is far less work than doing their actual job effectively. A cull is in order. They are no-longer public servants – they are useless to us.

  7. mem says:

    This is just a small portion of the so-called intellectual elite that feed off the CO2 gravy train. But it’s good to see their names out there in the public square. In years to come their kids will suffer from the ignominy of their parents being part of ” The Great Global Warming Swindle of the 21 Century”.

  8. Leo G says:

    While many factors have contributed to the bushfire crisis, the role of exceptional heat and dryness cannot be ignored.

    The signatories are asserting that the exceptional heat and dryness are the anthropogenic climate change contribution to the Australian wildfires.
    Their entire argument is based on falsehood. They would be more correct to argue that there is a significant anthropogenic contribution to the fires- a contribution arising not from climate change but from government regulation associated with climate change policies.

  9. H B Bear says:

    A good rule of thumb is never put your name to any letter containing a signature other than your own.

  10. dopey says:

    One of the signatories is Michael Fuhrer.

  11. Professor Fred Lenin says:

    Candy they cant stop coal mining , the loss of tax revenue would lead to cutting funds for Australias 6,754 “universities|”. We cant have people stopping globalspeak progressive propaganda , we have a right to get taxpayers money for our socialist justice programme .
    Definition , “socialist justice ” A bullet in the back of the head .

  12. Mark M says:

    “We owe this to younger generations and those who come after them, who will bear the brunt of our decisions.”

    Wait. What?

    There is children’s children?

    Enough humans already, says Wallaby tolerance crusader

    If only those eighty climate scientist’s parents were as enthusiastic about saving the planet as their protege, the planet would be saved by now.

  13. H B Bear says:

    Deep cuts – to unnecessary greenhouse funding. Now that is another thing entirely.

  14. Rafe Champion says:

    Amusing that top scientists have their story illustrated with steam coming out of cooling towers.

    Shouldn’t someone tell them?

  15. Mother Lode says:

    I felt a shiver go down my spine when I saw the picture – all that steam coming out of those cooling towers.

    Still, since water is in fact the main ‘greenhouse’ gas they may have a point.

  16. Nob says:

    Do any of these guys give a rat’s arse about the children of workers in the gas and coal industries they want to banish? Or is it just the nonexistent children’s children of anti-child Doomers?

    If they want to show courage, they can sign a statement saying they repudiate all fossil fuels and they do not wish themselves , any of their loved ones, or any of their possessions, to ever be saved or aided by fossil-fuelled vehicles.

  17. Mother Lode says:

    Shouldn’t someone tell them?

    But they are academics.

    When the ordinary people have an opinion, even if they are right, it is not worth much.

    What academics say, no matter how wrong, must be heeded and acted upon.

  18. deplorable says:

    The kiddies lost me in the first paragraph when they used the word “unprecedented”, they are either really really stupid or uneducated or both. I could read no further lies about halfway through. Any fools that signed this letter need to hang their heads in shame for blindly supporting more lies in one letter than I have ever seen. Uninformed idiots the lot of them. Australia is stuffed because of this rubbish and they and their children’s ,children’s, children will have a miserable existence because of their blind stupidity. I wonder how they think life will be under Chinese, Muslim or Indian masters. Definitely not as free and easy as they have it today. Be very careful what you wish for sh*theads

  19. Meglort says:

    Interesting that for a bunch of so-called scientists, this still contains no evidence and the entire thing is based on conjecture. Back in the ’80s when the global warming concept was in that iteration it was claimed then that it would never be able to be proved which is true today, because it was ridiculous. Our chemistry professor was clear on that then. The Orwellian intent in all this hysteria is staggering.

    For a bunch of academics to produce this is quite shameful as its academic qualities are dismal, since it does not in any way establish the claim it sets out to make and would rightly be failed for that lack.

    Any idiot could claim that Australia will continue to suffer bushfires which is quite self-evident, however in science the firm linkage via proof is rather important which has not be established at all. Those few academics in here that are involved in earth sciences should be sacked for this malpractice, but I note that in this there is no claim of proof…just fearmongering, emotional blackmail and exaggeration which they also fail to establish the linkage of to the subject matter.

    It is sad that universities are allowing their reputations to be trashed with this bunkum and there is some irony in this given the fight that they had against religion in times past but now have become intellectually enslaved by a new one and have thrown out research integrity, being the very thing they stood for!

  20. min says:

    Climate Scientist now that is interesting what is his degree actually ? I did not know there was a degree in that as one has only been set up in the States . It is claimed that to cover climate science one would need 27 different degrees in various sciences. The most qualified to date is only up to 4 , William Happer, I think.
    Hope first to lose their jobs are the unqualified academics wanting others go lose theirs .

  21. duncanm says:

    If they were pragmatists rather than scientists, they’d be advocating solutions for the assumed problem – nuclear power.

  22. duncanm says:

    .. I just re-read the letter to make sure. It provides no solutions, just chicken-little falling skies with wails of ‘something must be done’.

  23. jupes says:

    Far out. I was going to fisk that article but I don’t have the time. Just about every line is utter bullshit.

    Their argument is basically that if Australia cuts CO2 emissions, then the rest of the world will follow our lead and the planet will be saved.

    These people are stupid beyond belief.

  24. candy says:

    These people are stupid beyond belief.

    Not so stupid that they want measures put in place that will affect them personally. Energy rationing, restricted air travel, less electronic gear, less consumer products. They don’t really want that, not for themselves or their children anyway.

  25. JohnL says:

    Those signators are not only idiots but also liars. Some legal action should be taken and they should be prosecuted for misleading the government and general public while on the public payroll.
    Mel Gibson was successfully prosecuted for lying about cancer treatment!

  26. Spurgeon Monkfish III says:

    Not so stupid that they want measures put in place that will affect them personally.

    Indeed. What’s the saying – I’ll believe there’s a crisis when the imbeciles screeching about that crisis start behaving as if there is a crisis.

    Energy rationing, restricted air travel, less electronic gear, less consumer products

    Time to lead by example, you tiresome narcissistic hypocrites.

  27. Rohan says:

    Rafe Champion
    #3305412, posted on January 29, 2020 at 10:28 am
    Amusing that top scientists have their story illustrated with steam coming out of cooling towers.

    Shouldn’t someone tell them?

    Well Rafe, steam is a greenhouse gas. I should add a Greta-esque “How Dare You!” But I won’t.

  28. Spurgeon Monkfish III says:

    In a statement, Emissions Reduction Minister Angus Taylor said the Federal Government has a track record of which “all Australians could be proud”.
    “We have beaten our first Kyoto target, we are on track to overachieve on our 2020 target by 411 Mt and the most recent projections published in December 2019 show we are on track to beat our 2030 target.”

    What preposterous animist idiocy.

  29. cuckoo says:

    The really bad news is that there is a “Center for Emotional Health” at a supposed institute of higher learning.

  30. Whalehunt fun says:

    These buffoons have no idea of the contempt in which they are held. There is no cancer painful enough and slow enough for them to suffer. There disgraceful and treasonous selling out of the country deserves the worst punishments conceivable by minds even more hate-filled than mine.

  31. Beachcomber says:

    The really bad news is that there is a “Center for Emotional Health” at a supposed institute of higher learning.

    It is becoming more and more urgent that the Universities be de-funded.

  32. Beachcomber says:

    The letter was coordinated by Professor Steven Sherwood, a climate scientist from the University of New South Wales, and includes top academics in fields including economics, healthcare, history and law, as well as many different scientific disciplines.

    (A man with glasses looks forward, his head tilted slightly)

    “We’re a small group that has been selected by the Australian Research Council as the top researchers in our respective fields,” Professor Sherwood said.

    “It’s a good group to think about all aspects of the problem — it’s not just a science problem. It’s a problem that spans all of those areas.”

    These University “Professors” are radical, malign ideologues. They are enemies of reason and science. Working Australian citizens and taxpayers are forced to pay for their Green Marxist misinformation and agitprop.

  33. Beachcomber says:

    Whalehunt fun at 1:59 pm


  34. Colonel Crispin Berka says:

    Based on their first public statement last year, the group is not so much a carbophobic-Catholicism cult, more of a pressure group of academics to get what is best for academics. Low admission standards at universities are bad for academics because time and resources are spent on people for whom it will do little good, so it made sense they would speak out about Murdoch Uni.

    Ultimately the justification for the letter boils down to the defense that these scientists are saying the right thing because the actual temperatures have closely tracked the projections of Dangerous Anthropogenic Global Warming models.
    Did these climate models really predict the future? If you believe the “actuals” published by NASA and Hadley CRU, yes, as the projected model ensemble trends were only about 20% higher than the “actual” HadCRUT4 world average trend. There’s many problems with that conclusion of which the top three are:
    1) The model ensemble average is an average of 90 individual computer model executions each being slightly chaotically perturbed and altogether yielding a huge range of potential trends with an error bar big enough to sail Greta’s yacht through, meaning there is no way to just run one model with one set of inputs and predict the future temperature. [e.g. outdated 2013 snapshot ]

    2) The models don’t include significant causes of global temperature change that have been known in the scientific literature since the 1970s, such as cosmic rays and magnetic activity.

    3) The “actuals” are built from data that has had many indefensible manipulations done to it after the fact, so that in the case of the continental USA has meant that 40% of the reported warming trend was manufactured by NOAA and didn’t come from the original measurements. The way old and recent measurements drift apart over time rather than being set in stone is even more hilarious.

    In the face of such problematic evidence I would expect research scientists to line their own nests and to beg for more time and money so that more research can be done to 1) construct a defensible and repeatable history of climate and 2) to improve the climate models more. What we instead get is activist scientists urging urgent urgency to cut the economy deep and fast.

    Note the chief organiser of the letter has form on reaching unscientific conclusions (which you can find on JoNova’s site). The rest of these poor naive scientists are just caught in the crossfire, because if they disagree with Sherwood they might get branded as a denier no better than the rest of us. Most of them will take the officially reported (IPCC) figures on faith, which might be excusable for the lay public but we have scientists specifically so that we don’t have to take anyone’s word for it, so we should expect more effort from this lot.

  35. John A says:

    Ronald Rapee, Centre for Emotional Health at Macquarie University, is a signatory.

    I vote to rename the place “Emotional Centre for Health”.

    At least that would be honestly declaring it to be NOT academic.

  36. Old Lefty says:

    There is a similar letter from the left canal that constitutes Australian historians.

    Would these eminent professors and deans care to release their frequent flyer statements and a list of their taxpayer funded salaries and perquisites?

  37. Old Lefty says:

    As a starting point, how about no.confdrencenor seminar travel using fossil fuels (or maybe we’ll allow the twelve hours by train from Sydney to Melbourne? Of course not! It’s other people who have to sacrifice their standard of living.

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