Frontrunner Joe tells voters it’s evening in America

Biden acknowledges he might die in office: ‘I’m an old guy’.

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18 Responses to Frontrunner Joe tells voters it’s evening in America

  1. bemused says:

    And like the rest of the Democrat contenders, want to screw the country before they kick the bucket.

  2. Andre Lewis says:

    He could die before the election too. Figuratively speaking he already has.

  3. Robbo says:

    Biden says it is possible he could die in office if elected President. I can assure you right now that that will not happen because American voters are actually smarter than your average bear so there is no chance that he will be President. When creepy old Joe cashes in his chips he will be known as Mr Biden the guy who once thought he could fondle his way into the White House.

  4. Tom says:

    The latest cartoon by Tina Norton (Ben Garrison’s missus) perfectly exposes the snouts in the Ukraine trough. It wasn’t just Biden and his son, but also Mitt Romney, Nancy Pelosi and
    John Bolton.

    Trump should have known better than to hire Bolton — he is part of the stinking, corrupt swamp he is draining.

  5. Up The Workers! says:

    Well, surely that’s better than former President Bonking Billy Clinton (of the famous Clinton Crime Family) who at one stage could well have died in the White House Ovary Orifice if KKKillary had ever walked in and caught them.

    Don’t suppose that will ever happen to Old Senile Joe – all of his “Get-up-and-go”, “got-up-and-left!”

  6. bemused says:

    ld Senile Joe – all of his “Get-up-and-go”, “got-up-and-left!”

    I’ll bet if a young girl walked into the room Creepy Joe would suddenly find his get up and go.

  7. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Joe throws a Hail Michelle pass.

    Joe Biden Suggests Making Michelle Obama Running Mate, Appointing Barack to Supreme Court

    Our Lady of Broccoli has been keeping her powder dry*, possibly with the aim of getting the nomination at the Dem Convention. I think if she put her name forward the delegates would fall over themselves to choose her. And she’d have a very good chance of beating Trump in November.

    So for Gropey Joe to float Michelle as running mate is hilarious.

    * She says she’s not interested, which may even be true.

  8. The BigBlueCat says:

    Sleepy Creepy Uncle Joe is done … stick a fork in him! He ought to be thankful that having John Bolton testify in the impeachment trial is unlikely to happen – if it does, Hunter Biden is going to get called to testify too.

    The Demonrats are on a hiding to nothing. Their failed coup will be remembered. As will their failed attempt on Kavanaugh.

  9. Colonel Crispin Berka says:

    This old clip is worth it just for the “Joe Biden wind-up doll” remark (at 3:10).

  10. JC says:

    According to the AFR, you’re a Nazi if you oppose the 10k transaction cash limit.

    The big bank theory against cash

    A fight by far-right groups to defeat a ban on cash purchases over $10,000 is gaining political support.

  11. Iampeter says:

    Statism advances. Never waste a crisis! Apparently Scott Morrison is calling for more Federal power to handle emergencies. I wonder how that will end up?

    Oh, I dunno. Probably pretty similar to your calls for Morrison to step in during the Folau saga.

    I’m not really sure who you’re trying to kid with posts suggesting you are in any opposition to the advance of statism.
    It’s just the technicality of who is in charge of the central planning bureaucracy that you disagree with.
    But as we’ve learnt throughout 2019 you are as left wing and statist as the best of them. Just…unaware of it…

  12. Professor Fred Lenin says:

    See what the decromats in the primaries think of the crap bunch of crooks the decromats are putting up for president . They can pick en cant they ,that useless artice Clinton and his even more useless wife ,Soros owned half black crim ,they had the gall to try to impose that thieving Clinton ( giliards mate birds of a feather ) now this thief Biden .
    ,What a bloody insult to the decromst voters !
    Like all leftists parties in the West they attract corrupt arrogant thieves which is why they dont have leaders of note ,you cant make silk purses out of pigs ears ,they can only work with what they have ,if you atract shit you get blowflies .

  13. Paul says:

    Old Joe will never be President unless he could possibly find … Corn Pop and finish beating him with his iron chain , for looking like Esther Williams and having hairier legs than his own….. That’ll work !

  14. The Sheriff says:

    Iampeter why don’t you tell us why the authoritarian cash ban is a good idea?

  15. Rob says:

    Creepy Joe for President might be the best the Democrats can come up with. It’s kind of weirder that he is branching out from fondling young girls to fondle men as well.

  16. Iampeter says:

    Iampeter why don’t you tell us why the authoritarian cash ban is a good idea?

    Why I ask me? I don’t support authoritarian anything. I’m one of the few actual right wingers at the Cat. Which means supporter of individual rights, rights-protecting government and capitalism.

    I’m just pointing out the hypocrisy of statist’s, like Rafe and most posters at the Cat, criticizing statism.

    Also, it’s at this point I realize my earlier post in this thread is actually in the wrong thread.


  17. Kneel says:

    “…Billy Clinton (of the famous CKlinton CKrime FamilyKlan)…”


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