Of course they’re trying to hide the truth: they’re a bunch of commies


HOT MESS 2020...
Frustration, questions...
Delegates decided by coin flips...
Entrance poll shows dip in first-timers...

We may never know the accurate result. Remember, it’s like Stalin said: it’s not who votes that counts, but who counts the votes.

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  1. ACTOldFart says:

    Even the ABC is describing it as a fiasco

  2. C.L. says:

    They’re trying to rig poor old Bernie out of the race.


  3. Scott Osmond says:

    Sanders was ahead so they needed to hold back the results so they could change them. Not that I blame them, he’s a maggot. So called independent when it suits him but one of them when he needs the support. I’m not sure why they care anyone they put up at this point will just be a sacrifice to the GEOTUS. Saving senators and house seats is the only thing that makes sense. If anyone is taking bets mine is on nanny Bloomberg as they seem to have changed things in his favour. All other candidates have shit the bed in one way or another.

  4. Herodotus says:

    Nothing The Left Promotes Ever Works.
    H/T Tim Blair

  5. Herodotus says:

    Vote rigging is the last line of sandbags.

  6. Chris M says:


    Yes. Equal share of votes for all candidates.

  7. stackja says:

    Did Jeffrey Epstein vote in Iowa?

  8. Jock says:

    This looks so bad its great! This and the changes they made to give “super delegates ” extra rights. You can see a boondoggle coming. Are they really stupid enough to give Hilary a third go?

  9. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    Instapundit’s coverage has been hilarious.
    And when you read the comments they’re hilariouser.
    World-class faceplant.

  10. Pete of Perth says:

    The recount: Warren 99.99%

  11. Mother Lode says:

    Do dead people vote in Democrat caucuses?

  12. miltonf says:

    Sanders was ahead so they needed to hold back the results so they could change them. Not that I blame them, he’s a maggot.

    Yeah seems like he has links to ANTIFA.

  13. Roger says:

    They’re trying to rig poor old Bernie out of the race.


  14. Infidel Tiger says:

    The best possible thing that can happen is angry Bernie Bros.

    They will destroy any other nominee.

  15. Leigh Lowe says:

    Ooooh-ah by gum.
    Trooble at mill.

  16. Professor Fred Lenin says:

    I have been saying it for a while ,Hilarity could be the compromise candidate ,<her and some other stupid sheila ,they still think clinton won the last time . Biden will end up in jail ,sanders in Venezuela with his comrades ,warren on a reservstion and the other socialist onfiltrators in Mexico and Somalia where thry really belong . The only thing is if the AG charges Hilarity with fraud . 9

  17. Scott Osmond says:

    Will the Bernie Bros take this lieing down? Or will they update the list for those bound for the re-education camps? You no the saying kill a traitor before an enemy.

  18. stackja says:

    One 2020 Democrat Is Taking a Victory Lap… Even Though the Iowa Results Aren’t In
    Beth Baumann| @eb454|Posted: Feb 04, 2020 2:02 AM

    Things are strange in Iowa. We’ve waited hours for the results of the Iowa Caucuses but still, nothing. The Iowa Democratic Party is doing a “quality control” check on the results just as a precaution. Part of the issue is the state party is relying on a newly-developed app to transmit results, despite security concerns. Their backup plan was to have precincts – all 1,679 of them – call in their results, which was the old way of doing things. And guess where we’re at? You got it. They’re calling them in. One. By. One.

    Even though have absolutely zero confirmed results, former South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg is taking a victory lap. Apparently no reported results somehow means he came out victorious.

    Even members of the Democratic media complex are saying this is shady

  19. Squirrel says:

    Yet another shameless instance of pro-Trump meddling – the finger(paw?)prints of Aleksandr Orlov are all over this –


  20. Professor Fred Lenin says:

    Are the decromats socialist enough to declare Hilarity the winner with 107.65 per cent of the votes cast?

    Many of the voters could not be comtacted as they have been deceased for years but still vote decromat .

  21. Nighthawk the Elder says:

    #3313122, posted on February 4, 2020 at 7:05 pm
    Did Jeffrey Epstein vote in Iowa?

    Don’t think so. But I’m reasonably certain he is one of the esteemed 11,000 climate scientists, along with colleagues, Profs. M. Mouse and A. Dumbledore.

  22. Mr Rusty says:

    Why don’t the candidates do what all Socialists do and simply steal half the votes from someone else?

    And if anyone protests then starve them to death or shoot them.

  23. Leo G says:

    The Democrats’s weak end at Bernie’s reminds me of the movie with a similar plot- the major difference being that DMC staffers are trying to convince everyone that Bernie is still dead.

  24. Chris M says:

    Hahahahahaha “Hillary Clinton’s former campaign manager, Robby Mook is the one who developed the system being used tonight by the Democrats in the Iowa Caucus…” What a great show that’s underway here, let’s hope the carnival continues and with no suicides.

  25. Scott Osmond says:

    Mook didn’t kill himself. Just saying. I’ve been reading around for reactions. Glorious, beautiful and with the impeachment trainwreck the dem voters should just unplug from all media and go home for the next 9 months. Otherwise the psychological pain to come may be unrecoverable. All they had to do is not act crazy in public and scare off the normies and undecided voters. Thank you America! I for one am very much entertained.

  26. Cui Bono says:

    Yes smug Robbie Mook denying involvement in Shadow. Things have moved on Robbie!

  27. Tom says:

    Dems are shit at democracy because they hate it. Rigging votes is second nature. Not only are they rigging Iowa to freeze out Bernie, they’re also having to install Michael Bloomberg as the new party emperor after his billion-dollar takeover bid — after the collapse of their impeachment fiasco.

    Everything they touch is turning to shit — all on live TV. They forgot that voters are watching, but they don’t actually care, as they’re consumed with the current baclroom squabble. Trump Derangement has made them utterly unelectable.

    Can’t wait for tonight’s SOTU — a free home run for the president. Karma’s a bitch. As the late Norm Gallagher once said, it couldn’t happen to a nicer pack of bastards.

  28. Tom says:

    …backroom squabble …

  29. Zatara says:

    Iowa’s Democratic Disaster

    The state party insists their problems with the vote totals did not represent a hack or other outside problem. But as Monday turned into Tuesday, Iowa Democratic Party leaders basically declared that no one was allowed to know what the results were, and that no one was allowed to know why nothing could be revealed.

    And it comes on the heels of the results of the Des Moines Register poll being withheld because “a candidate’s name was omitted in at least one interview in which the respondent was asked to name their preferred candidate.”

    Nah, nothing shady going on here.

    Oh, and they STILL haven’t released the results.

  30. Tom says:

    For politics junkies, Zatara’s 5.08am National Review link is a must read.

  31. Zatara says:

    Incompetence or brilliance?

    From the DNC Club’s perspective there were three strategic needs surrounding the Iowa caucuses: (1) Hide the collapse of Joe Biden; (2) Diminish the win by Bernie Sanders; and (3) cover-up a less than enthusiastic voter turnout. Given the nature of very public primary races, this three-pronged challenge seemed almost impossible.

    That exact scenario just coincidentally happened.

  32. Porter says:

    Communist, communist did someone say communist?
    ( notice how Adam Bandt’s list of in a legal rights are really just a bunch of extreme leftist beliefs.)

  33. Zatara says:

    Trump Babe @DeplorableBabe

    When all is said & done, & DNC steals nomination from Bernie (again,) it would be hilarious to see Bernie throw his support behind Trump. Game. Set. Match. (P.S. his supporters will come on board the Trump Train again like last time too) #IowaCaucus #DNCisCorrupt #DNCRigged

    Interesting angle, and as probable as anything else I’ve heard regarding this election lately.

  34. Mother Lode says:


  35. Mother Lode says:

    Honest question – would Bernie be have a realistic chance of victory?

    I can imagine him having enormous support in California and New York, and a smattering of utter shithole places, but that would just mean he would win those states a lot. How many other states are there truly determined Bernie supporters?

    Bernie’s supporters are the die hard socialists with their mismatched aged bodies and college-leftist clothing, and a horde of probably the most stupid generation that has ever drawn breath (and if trends continue the next lot will be too stupid to even do that). So he would have colleges and the public service.

    In the last election the Democrats could be sure that a lot of Bernie supporters would turn up to vote for that shambling gurgling floating-eyed brain-damaged knot of malice, the Hilderbeest. They would turn up not out of love of her, but hatred of Trump, their parents, the big shot capitalist at 31 Flavors who told them that they could not have a second scoop without paying etc.

    But how many of the Hilderbeest’s supporters would have turned up Bernie? Obama was packaged like a nice guy, as well as being a totem in front of which all may expiate the sins of their forefathers’ raaaaacism.

    Bernie is scary.

  36. Bruce says:


    “Did Jeffrey Epstein vote in Iowa?”

    The real question is:

    HOW MANY TIMES did Jeffrey Epstein vote in Iowa?

  37. lotocoti says:

    Andrew Neil at the BBC takes the piss.

    I understand Russia will be releasing the Iowa caucus results around 1pm Des Moines time (10pm Moscow time)

  38. H B Bear says:

    Pootwill be pissing himself.

  39. H B Bear says:

    US voting systems make UN efforts in 3rd world Africa look pretty good.

  40. Fred says:

    Looks like CIA Pete might win it.

  41. nfw says:

    Get the Paki IT crew back.

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