Gloria Alvarez & Stephen Hicks in Melbourne



Hit this  link  for more information and tickets to the March 16 dialogue with Hicks and and Alvarez.  The discount code is catallaxy30

Gloria looks good but I hope she speaks English over here!

Join world-renowned philosopher Dr. Stephen Hicks (Canadian-American) and the amazing Gloria Alvarez (all the way from Guatemala) for an evening keynote and dialogue event as they navigate anti-liberalism in the two Americas, North and South, why the cult – or strong following of Che Guevara? Are the postmodern leftists “neo-Marxist”? Is the alt-right a bigger worry than the left? Capitalism’s economic successes are so obvious, so why do so many hate it?

From the philosophy that lead to the catastrophes of the 20th Century, the manipulation of that philosophy to maintain the ideals of socialism, from Gloria’s personal account of seeing empty supermarket shelves in Venezuela while being followed by the secret police, to the growing popularity of socialism in the Americas, this will be a unique chance to understand the root causes of postmodernism, why we have ideologies taking charge today, how we got here and what can be done moving forward.



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7 Responses to Gloria Alvarez & Stephen Hicks in Melbourne

  1. Up The Workers!

    Will Fatty A. from Farce Command and Dodgy Dan’s Party Black-shirts be there handing out $50,000.00 fines to the peaceful conservatives who turn up?

    Will his “Excrement Regurgitated” Leftard hippos be there Super-Gluing themselves like bloated speed-humps, to the road surface?

    Dodgy needs a bit of extra revenue after having generously awarded himself his $47,000.00 pay rise recently.

  2. Ellie

    Thanks Rafe.

    Speaking of dates – The Friedman conference is 22 – 24 May 2020.

    Still waiting for the date for CPAC 2020 in Australia. Have been out of internet range for a while so I may have missed things re LibertyWorks’ Andrew Cooper. Hope all is going ok for him.

  3. Arky

    Libertarians aint conservative.

  4. Ellie

    My understanding is that conservatism is a political theory, whereas libertarianism is a market theory.

  5. Ellie

    Arky – I’ve met both left-libertarians and right-libertarians. It’s a slippery slope.

  6. Entropy

    Capitalism results in a different lot making the loot than the lot that control the political levers.

  7. Rafe Champion

    No CPAC news that I have heard Ellie.
    Thanks for the Friedman reminder.

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