No, but his future certainly will

October, 2018: Michael Avenatti’s Past Won’t Stop Him From Running in 2020.
February, 2020: Michael Avenatti guilty on all counts in Nike extortion trial.

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16 Responses to No, but his future certainly will

  1. Another winner picked by the democrats.

  2. Bruce of Newcastle

    I wonder if he’ll be suicided like Epstein?
    He must know a lot of stuff.

  3. WolfmanOz

    It couldn’t happen to a nastier piece of shit !

  4. Chris M

    Could he still run for Democrat presidential nominee?

  5. Knuckle Dragger

    God bless James Woods, and all the ladies he sails in.

  6. Infidel Tiger

    He was destined to be the Dems nominee for POTUS.

    This is a real kick in the nuts for the media who promotes this scumbag.

  7. Scott Osmond

    Remember that this was the person CNN had on over 50 times a couple of years back. Raises questions about CNN’s judgement doesn’t it? In the need to get DJT multiple agencies and institutions have dropped the mask. Most of us already new but lots of people didn’t.

  8. Clam Chowdah

    God bless James Woods, and all the ladies he sails in.


  9. Leigh Lowe

    Avenatti’s attorneys have denied he committed any criminal acts because he was acting on behalf of his client who could legally make demands if they related to his claim.

    Yeah, but nah.
    It works like this.
    Even in loosey-goosey US litigation land, you can’t demand proceeds of litigation which aren’t disclosed to the client.
    Creepy p0rn lawyer was demanding $1.5 meg for the client, $12 meg for the creepy p0rn lawyer and associates, and another $15 – $25 meg for an “internal investigation”.
    And guess who would have had an angle to lock up a chunk of the “internal investigation” cash.

  10. BorisG

    He was destined to be the Dems nominee for POTUS.

    And would be a formidable opponent to Trump, as claimed by none other than Steve Bannon !

  11. BorisG

    And to be fair, Democrats said early on that he actually hurts their chances

  12. PB

    All the pics of Avenatti I’ve seen seem to feature his mouth wide open. I guess he was getting in shape for prison.

  13. classical_hero

    Boris, I think what Bannon was doing was goading the l Liberalism media to go full bore with him. They actually saw him as a saviour of the Democratic Party. Now he will be watching from jail.

  14. Professor Fred Lenin

    So the guys a criminal asshole !those are the qualifications for office by decromat standards ,criminality runs in their blood ,the secessionist southerners with their slaves ,the KuKlux Klan ,Tammany Hall ,the Kennedys Clintons Biden ,Pelosi ,Schiff etc etc .

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