Pray for rain. And wind too!

Recalling the choke point problem when the wind is low and we depend on old-fashioned reliable power. The delivery from the fleet of windmills over the last 24  hours has been below 25% of theoretical (plated) capacity. Yesterday it went under 10%. Business as usual of course, in January it went under 10% nine times and in December it was many more times than that, and for longer periods as well.

Recalling the detailed story of the choke point issue, and it is time to take it further afield. I invite Cats to contact their local members, State and Federal, to ask whether they are aware that can can’t get  by without 100% capacity of conventional power, overwhelmingly coal, to keep the lights on. Let us know if they have an interesting response.

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10 Responses to Pray for rain. And wind too!

  1. Shaun

    On 13th Feb in SA Windfarms basically ran at nothing during business hours. They are lucky SA is a basket case with demand just above Tassie. Lot’s of lows with outputs falling below 20% capacity many times. It’s a numbers game, with micro managers trying the ensure supply is always above demand no matter the cost. Running diesel generators for baseload power. As long as blackouts are controlled everyone is happy. I think the conservatives need to call their bluff and come out swinging and close down coal and fossil fuels as this is the only way to sort this stuff out. Wait for when people realise that they can’t even charge their computer and phone on renewables let alone heat their food.
    In Europe the countries committed to renewables have backup interconnections to Frances Nuclear Power to run to in times of strife.

  2. Scott Osmond

    Nothing will be done until the aluminium smelter’s pots in Vic cool solid. Or until the lat sippers in the inner city can’t get a brew because the grid is down. Far to late by then.
    Question for the knowledgeable, can the smelter’s sue for damages if power goes down? Considering that it’s government polocies that have placed a choke hold on supply the act of war and act of god provisions shouldn’t apply. Or have the scum altered rules so it’s “take your chances.”

  3. yarpos

    Agree that nothing will happen until large sections of the populace are smacked in the face by reality in the shape of blackouts. The SA panic stations purchases of generators after their blackout and before a summer election is now paying dividends with the interconnector down.

    While ever the underlying mayhem and risk is hidden from the public then nothing will change. Why should it ? as far as the public is concerned everything is fine, and most of them wouldnt understand the problem anyway.

    Are we guilty of being the doomsters this time?

  4. Colonel Bunty Golightly

    The economy must be wrecked before any of this climate madness abates. Ordinary people must be financially penalised before they will wake up. The only nerve that really works is the back pocket nerve and a term or two of a greens\labor government will get that twitching!

  5. Until the wheel starts squeaking, it won’t get any oil.
    And that, my friends, is the problem – it’s like a temperature gauge on a car. It only alerts you when the damage is irreversible, because of the time lag between the problem and remedial action.
    Yes, we may be the doomsters, but we are also right in our doomsaying.
    All we can do is prepare, perhaps try to provoke a minor reaction by turning on lots of appliances during a heat wave.
    “Turning on the aircon full blast while leaving the fridge doors open is an amusing way to cool down a house.” (It’s a line from an SF short story I read about fifty years ago.)

  6. Eyrie

    Do remember that your local member doesn’t understand any mathematics beyond counting votes and most not even that. That’s what staffers are for.

  7. I declare this the dumbest thread on the Cat for the week. Stiff competition from Inspector C.L. Ouseau’s cold case clownshow, but everything about the OP is pointless and useless. Congrats Rafe!

  8. A Lurker

    I really don’t think the point of renewables is to provide electricity to the masses.
    I believe the purpose of renewables is to channel taxpayer $$$$$$$$$ into the pockets of vested interests.

  9. egg_

    the purpose of renewables is to channel taxpayer $$$$$$$$$ into the pockets of vested interests.

    Yup, “Nimbin Windchimes”, per Bananaby.

  10. rickw

    Was at a country pub last night, bumph, lights off and everything grinds to a halt, “oh bugger, not again”.

    1 minute later the standby cat genset which is now permanently located in the car park roars into action, everything flutters and blinks back to normal.

    What kind of a shithole has such unreliable power that businesses must now invest in complete power independence?

    Of course country area’s are first to get disconnected from the grid because they’re electorally irrelevant. What should be happening is the CBD getting unplugged with all the ensuing mayhem so that the suburban virtue signallers suffer they consequences of the idiocy that they consistently vote for.

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