Climate Change: The Facts 2019

Satire from a very nerdish blog.   With the word and pictures of famous climate nerds!

Number 9 It really becomes difficult to see at such levels of warming how we’re going to maintain our agriculture such that the population of the world can actually feed itself. This means that climate change will wipe out your food. You will have nothing to eat but barbecued climate scientists and we don’t really taste good. Sorry. 

For anyone who is not bushfired out yet, check the later part of this post for critical rejoinders to claims about climate change and the recent fires.  For example:

CLAIM: This paper by Professor Nerilie Abram finds evidence suggesting that climate change is pushing SAM toward more positive phases. A 2019 paper by Andrew Dowdy finds evidence that global warming is causing more favorable conditions for a self re-enforcing phenomenon known as pyrocumulonimbus. Extreme bushfires can become coupled with the atmosphere generating their own lightning and gusty, violent and unpredictable winds.

RESPONSE: Nerilie Abram did not find evidence that climate change is pushing SAM toward more positive values. In her 2014 paper she writes that “Predictions of further greenhouse-driven increases in the SAM over the coming century need to account for the possibility of opposing effects from tropical Pacific climate changes“.  Andrew Dowdy simply describes the physics and the horror of the pyrocumulonimbus event on Black Saturday in the 2009 Australian bushfire season {Pyro (fire) cumulo (flat and puffy clouds) nimbus (high clouds that produce rain}. In an intense and large fire the large convective air and fire flow upwards can consume cumulus and nimbus clouds into one large fire-cloud system that can create lightning, thunderstorms, and even tornadoes by the sheer force and energy of the fire driven convection – as seen in the video below. These things form naturally in large and intense fires in open savanna regions and are  not a product of AGW climate change.

And a bonus, a particularly nerdish and  critical appraisal of the recent report that the Antarctic is about to burst into flames due to unprecedented warming.


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4 Responses to Climate Change: The Facts 2019

  1. Mak Siccar

    Nowhere else handy to post this.

    Wind Turbine Blades Can’t Be Recycled, So They’re Piling Up in Landfills
    Companies are searching for ways to deal with the tens of thousands of blades that have reached the end of their lives.
    By Chris Martin
    5 February 2020, 9:00 pm AEDT Updated on 8 February 2020, 3:54 am AEDT

    A wind turbine’s blades can be longer than a Boeing 747 wing, so at the end of their lifespan they can’t just be hauled away. First, you need to saw through the lissome fiberglass using a diamond-encrusted industrial saw to create three pieces small enough to be strapped to a tractor-trailer.

    The municipal landfill in Casper, Wyoming, is the final resting place of 870 blades whose days making renewable energy have come to end. The severed fragments look like bleached whale bones nestled against one another.


  2. Rafe Champion

    Not to mention the heavy metals and rate earths in the turbine and also in solar panels. Fun times ahead!

    And the massive chunk of reinforced concrete in the ground, not an issue in desert areas I suppose but what about farming land?

  3. Kneel

    “This means that climate change will wipe out your food.”

    You mean things like rice, wheat, corn (maize), tomatoes etc?
    Hmm… stats say otherwise, as in:

    Crop 1961 production 2018 production

    Rice 215,646,633 782,000,147
    Wheat 222,357,231 735,179 ,776
    Soy beans 26,883,158 348,712,453
    Maize 205,027,583 1,147,689,084
    Sugar cane 447,977,522 1,874,611,396
    Tomatoes 27,617,540 182,258,016

    Of course, things that are better in cold weather – like rye and sorghum – have dropped, but these are mostly cold weather suitable crops only planted because more valuable/desirable crops won’t grow when it’s too cold.
    Just in Australia, wheat production has nearly tripled since 1961, from 6.7 million tonnes in 1961, 13.9 million tonnes in 1988, 20.9 million tonnes in 2018. There have been a few bad years due to drought, but otherwise a fairly steady climb.

    You can check it out yourself at:

  4. Professor Fred Lenin

    what about the mercury inti]urnbulls twirly light globes ? Ivanthe Terrible was murdered by mercury poisoning it was found out hundreds of years after his death , it was still there .

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