Breaking: Bloomberg scores his biggest endorsement so far

Clint Eastwood Says Electing Michael Bloomberg Is “the Best Thing We Could Do.”

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23 Responses to Breaking: Bloomberg scores his biggest endorsement so far

  1. mh

    Warning: don’t read if you love Harry Callahan.

    While he said he agrees with “certain things that Trump’s done,” he added that he wished the president acted “in a more genteel way, without tweeting and calling people names. I would personally like for him to not bring himself to that level.”

  2. Scott Osmond

    Okay, Bloomberg is fucked. At this point an endorsement from Hollyweird and the entertainment industry is the kiss of death. No one is listening to them anymore. The spell has broken. The mask has slipped and we know them for the degenerates they are.

  3. BrettW

    The problem with Bloomberg is he would come with Pelosi, Schiff, the 4 crazy ladies etc.

  4. C.L.

    I’ve always said (despite loving so many of his movies; the ones that weren’t ridiculous) that Eastwood has always played games with politics, swinging this way and that in a calculated manner. When the original Dirty Harry was criticised for racism, the follow-up had a black partner and an Asian fling. He headed off charges of vigilantism by making a Dirty Harry movie about taking down a vigilante ring in he SFPD. He is forever purchasing the rights go on being Harry Callahan. And the price is drifting left at just the right time. Now he’s paying to go on being fondly regarded despite mocking Obama. It’s what keeps him in the ‘right wing’ movie business. What it amounts to, really, is strategic ass kissing.

  5. mark jones

    Did he just trip over that empty chair again?

  6. Robber Baron

    Mini Mike needs to first avoid Arkancide before he even gets to duke it out with President The Donald.

  7. Scott Osmond

    Killary wants that brokered convention nom. Bloomberg had better avoid scarfs and doorknobs.

  8. JC

    #3332029, posted on February 22, 2020 at 9:28 pm

    The problem with Bloomberg is he would come with Pelosi, Schiff, the 4 crazy ladies etc.

    But even more so, the problem with Bloomberg is that he’s a control freak and a dishonest sack of shit. He wants to raise taxes on high income earners, but not on wealth. Sure, a wealth tax is mighty destructive, but it’s also interesting why he stops short. Bloombox is immensely rich – not so much as an very high income earner. He’s rich because of the capital value of his business.

    He wants to control people’s lives and thinks he knows better. This why in a lot of cases business people don’t make good politicians (although Trump is the exceptions). They think they have superior knowledge. Bloombox, if he is elected could end up being the Herbert Hoover of our era. He thought he knew it all.

  9. candy

    Dems want Bloomberg to be the Left Trump, to gather that support they see at Trump rallies where people really connect with Trump and his vision for US and he loves his supporters back.

    Actually they want any candidate who can draw that kind of support and affection.

  10. Zatara

    OMG, Bernie just got the highly sought after Mary Poppins endorsement.

    Dick Van Dyke Backs Bernie Sanders: Four More Years of Trump Is the End of Democracy

    I don’t think Donald is losing sleep over it.

  11. miltonf

    Hmmmmm was going to see Richard Jewel today. Think I’ll keep my money.

  12. miltonf

    Either an idiot or a tool or both.

  13. What is it with actors and singers? Are they universally being administered some form of drug?

  14. GerardB

    How much did Bloomberg pay for it? – it could be a reverse endorsement.

  15. Up The Workers!

    Poor little “Mini-Mike” has been hit twice with the “Thespian Dissonance” bat.

    Firstly, it is so sad when a once much-loved actor like Clint Eastwood visibly comes down with the same form of rabid dementia which afflicts most of the wrinkly, antique artifacts of DimocRat Presidential candidates.

    Secondly, when is the last time Old Dyke van Dick from Mary Poppins last had a job? His political nous is almost on a par with his execrable attempt at a cockney accent.

    No doubt if asked nicely, they could both give us chapter and verse from “The Gospel of the Unripe Swede” on climate change, gerbil worming, rising sea levels, gender fluidity, how the Confederate Democrats were really fighting for the slaves and not for slavery, and why we should all pay vastly more taxes in order to cool the world and allow the rich DimocRat elites continue to live in the lavish Weinstein-style to which they are accustomed.

    All Mini-Mike needs now is a personal endorsement from Roman Polanski, and you can lay down your glasses!

  16. Eastwood is a smart man.
    His endorsement is aimed at the Dem voters. The idea is to ensure Bernie doesn’t get the nomination.
    Dems are in a civil war.

  17. amortiser

    Hmmmmm was going to see Richard Jewel today. Think I’ll keep my money.

    I went to see Richard Jewell the other night. It’s well worth the effort.
    The FBI and the media went all out to fit up the vulnerable Jewell. They ultimately failed.

    This obviously didn’t give them reason to reflect. Twenty years later both parties graduated to fitting up a sitting president with charges of treason. How many more innocent individuals were shafted along the way?

    Eastwood would have been better to comment on the FBI s similar treatment of Trump. Maybe he didn’t have to as it is the obvious reaction the movie goer would draw.

  18. Infidel Tiger

    Looks like the cheque cleared.

    Shows what a farce and a scam Libertarianism is though. Completely fraudulent people.

  19. Infidel Tiger

    Dick Van Dyke, or as he was christened Cock Truck Lesbian.

  20. Ed Case

    Sanders is strongest with the 18-34s, who turn out the least, and weakest among the over 50s, who do turn out.
    If Bloomberg is a Stalking Horse for Killary, then Clint’s endorsement makes sense as a momentum stopper for Sanders.

  21. Slim Cognito

    I’m pretty sure Clint only gets one vote….just like everyone else.

  22. Squirrel

    Who cares what Eastwood says – so long as Scott Baio sticks with The Donald, it will all be OK……

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