Kevin from home insulation

Kevin Rudd calls Morrison ‘Scotty from Marketing’ and claims the PM is ‘unfit for office’.

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  1. H B Bear

    Bwahahaaa. Too funny.

    KRuddy should stick to walking the streets of New York trying to find someone who will have lunch with him.

  2. Tim Neilson

    I hope Labor adopts the “Scotty from marketing” line. Lots of voters will be “from marketing” or will have relatives or friends who are. It comes across as snobbish – which is why it’s likely to get immense traction with the ABC/Fairfax journos.

  3. Up The Workers!

    So says Krudd the Industrial Manslaughterer.

    Very Big Pot

    very small kettle!

  4. Dragnet

    It was coined by the Betoota Advocate about 6 months ago. It was mildly amusing (and not incorrect) for a while but when repeated ad nauseum by our resident git and now Krudd it is just derivative and puerile.

  5. Scott Osmond

    Even a stopped clock can be right twice a day. Now KRudd stay in New York and prey you are never charged for industrial manslaughter as you should have been.

  6. Neil

    Here is a man who abolished Howards Pacific Solution and said Labor would be kinder than the Coalition on asylum seekers. Well in 2008 Rudd dropped our borders and locked up 50,000 boat people costing us $15B-$20B and counting

  7. cuckoo

    Better Scotty from marketing than Kevin from insulation.

  8. cuckoo

    Wondering how the people who do marketing for the ALP are feeling. At least ScoMo hasn’t killed anyone yet.

  9. Neil

    Yes I forgot to add that 1,200 we know of drowned because Labor encouraged people to come by boat. Most probably 5 times more.

    Then in 2007 Rudd promised a NBN costing taxpayers $4.7B and finished by 2013. Where is it?

  10. Old Surfie

    Rudd, the man who thought he was born to be P.M. and still thinks he should be. How this pompous, arrogant twat with the millionaire missus ever conned his way through the ranks of the A.L.P. is beyond me. Maybe his tales of going broke on the family prickle farm and sleeping in the VW with mum and the siblings was enough to convince them he was one of them. Even some of the union thugs reckoned he probably shampooed his office carpet after meeting with them. A detestable, fat little turd who still thinks we are interested in his opinions.

  11. Ever noticed how the most useless of retired ministers (especially PMs) are always the most vocal once out of office?

  12. Old Surfie

    Bemused, well said and very true. I’ve never thought about it, but you are spot on. Turnbull aside, Fraser was another one who had plenty to say in his retirement. The fact that Sarah Two-Dads was one of his biggest fans at the time says it all.

  13. Lee

    Yes I forgot to add that 1,200 we know of drowned because Labor encouraged people to come by boat.

    Even Rudd himself admitted it was far more than that.

    The man has enormous chutzpah accusing others of their alleged failings.

  14. Fair Shake of the Sauce Bottle

    Kruddy should have the office of PM one day again. … to clean.

  15. Bruce of Newcastle

    I was amused by his recent oped where he thought the 2020 summit was a marvellous success.

  16. cuckoo

    Little Gracie was unavailable for comment.

  17. Bronson

    Arrogant, with no self reflection, professes to be christian but his actions don’t match his ideology, unable and unwilling to take responsibility for the deaths he caused. Self justification deludes him from his own culpability and sin in his supposed faith.

  18. Hey Kev. 173 dead in the 2009 Victorian fires.

  19. WTF this is the same dumb turd who would eat his own earwax in public …. And somehow he still thinks he’s real smart . WTF

  20. Squirrel

    No worries – Albo from Sussex Street has the solution to the greatest moral panic facing ‘Straya.

  21. Robbo

    Rudd the idiot with absolutely no sense of self awareness thinks he has scored some points for his moronic labelling of Scott Morrison. Rudd is such a thick fuckwit that he still has no idea that most Australians, including dyed in the wool Labor voters , regard him as the second worst PM we have had, with Malcolm Turnbull filling the number one position of worst by a tiny margin. As far as I am aware no Liberal MP has ever called Scott Morrison a phsycopath as Rudd was described by an ex colleague, and I’m not aware that label has ever been attached to any other PM by a member of his or her own Party. In summary Rudd is the least qualified of any ex PM to hurl insults or provide advice to others because he is unique in that he is is reviled and despised as a nasty little self serving incompetent by a vast number of Australians across all political persuasions.

  22. John A

    Fair Shake of the Sauce Bottle #3331629, posted on February 22, 2020 at 2:17 pm

    Kruddy should have the office of PM one day again. … to clean.

    Sorry, but I would not trust him that close to the “seat of power” with any kind of sharp tools within his reach.

  23. Mother Lode

    Kevin Rudd calls Morrison ‘Scotty from Marketing’ and claims the PM is ‘unfit for office’.


    *Stops to catch breath*

    *Goes to bathroom*

    *Gets a cup of camomile tea*

    *Adusts wedding tackle in underpants*


    Apart from his bloated businesswoman bride, is there anyone who has not dumped Rudd?

    And ‘Scotty from marketing’? That is Numbers level ignorance.

    Was there ever a PM more obsessed with his image than that platinum pated platitudinous pluckwit?

  24. Neil

    Also in 2006 we made 25% of cars for local consumption. By 2013 that had crashed to only 10%.

    The auto industry died under Rudd. The ALP is a death cult

  25. Buccaneer

    Kruddy from the strip joint who had to get permission from the missus thinks Anthony from hand job heaven is more suitable than Scotty from marketing. Did he get permission from the missus for that or is it destined for the forgettery?

  26. egg_

    Did KRuddy say “Sorry” for the batts smoulderin’ generation?

  27. Fair Shake of the Sauce Bottle

    John A

    Fair point

  28. Clam Chowdah

    And considering the ALP glomming onto the 2050 emissions target we also have “Albo from Green Compliance”.

  29. Alessio

    Kevin from NBN
    Julia from misogynia
    Malcolm from Submarines

  30. Lee

    Hey Kev. 173 dead in the 2009 Victorian fires.

    Yet for Rudd, unlike Morrison, there was not a word of criticism over the bushfires from the MSM or elsewhere.

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