More adjustments to our historical records. And fun with the AEMO slider

What is going on here! Jo Nova reports that Marble Bar no longer holds the record for a prolonged high temperature.

In 1924 Marble Bar set a world record of the most consecutive days of 100 °F (37.8 °C) or above, during an incredible period of 160 days starting in 1923. It was legend — but thanks to the genius homogenized adjustments, we now find out all along it was wrong. It’s another ACORN triumph, rewriting history, extinguishing the hot days of days long gone.  The experts at the Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) have reanalyzed the temperatures from 4000 km away and nine decades in the future and apparently it wasn’t that hot.

The AEMO slider. This is one of the features of the AEMO display that provides a  picture of the fuel mix over 24 hours. It is one of the options alongside the dispatch summary on this page.  The dispatch summary shows that after sunset South Australia became a mendicant state again after just managing a tiny excess of generation over demand through the day.

At 6.30 this evening  Tasmania was importing from the mainland. This is the screen shot 

Tasmania was generating 1.115 and demanding 1.193. The price was $72. South Australia was exporting but that didn’t last after sunset.

It is remarkable that the Victorian demand is not much more than half the score in NSW, given that the populations are comparable this must reflect the loss of manufacturing down South.

The slider! Select the Fuel Mix tab on this page and you can find the contributions from various sources over 24 hours for the whole of SE Australia and state by state. For some strange reason it stops at 4am yesterday morning (looking at 10.15 on Wednesday evening). If you place the cursor at either end of the ‘mix by time’ display you can track through the day and the table underneath quantifies the energy mix at the time. Very neat!

This was the picture for NSW in mid-morning on Monday with very little wind and all the generation from black coal,

This was the situation in Victoria with brown coal.

And South Australia with a  bit of wind. What a graphic illustration of the choke point!  Imagine the situation in SA without local gas and also coal-fired power coming from the East! Just as well the interconnector was back on deck. That shows how the Eastern states managed to scrape by when we were isolated from the RE powerhouse of the nation (or is that Victoria?).


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4 Responses to More adjustments to our historical records. And fun with the AEMO slider

  1. Ben

    AEMO’s dispatch data starts at 4am

  2. What I simply don;t understand is how anyone can take any of this reasoning behind temperature adjustments seriously. Consider when all of the great scientific discoveries were made, centuries ago, when technology was far less advanced, yet those discoveries have stood the test of time.

    In all manner of endeavour, physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy etc, even with engineering feats such as the pyramids, the outcomes are as accurate and meaningful as the day they were discovered. Yes, some have had refinement, but the basis hasn’t changed.

    Rather than intelligence coming to the forefront in the 21st century, it’s apparent that it’s regressing.

  3. Hadyn

    Who controls the past, controls the future: who controls the present, controls the past

    … Simple really.

  4. Geoff Cruickshank

    It’s called “speaking truth to weather”.

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