Climate Roundup 4 March

Nostalgia.  “You spend a billion here and a billion there and pretty soon you are talking real money!”

Good News Everyone!  the Great Dissector of Leftism, John J Ray is still punching on with Greeniewatch.  His main site is Dissecting Leftism, see the sidebar for some dozens of other John J Ray sites and publications.

WINDWATCH.  Reporting on the situation at 9 this morning Sydney time.  The AEMO (not a screenshot) uses Queensland time. The demand was 25.1GW and wind contributed 1.8, blowing at 25% of plated capacity that amounted to 7% of total demand.

Adding 0.8 from Field Solar and 1.2 from Rooftop PV gave 3.8GW from the wind and sun, making up 15% of total demand. How fortunate that RE is so cheap (sarc) because  you can see we need a heck of a lot more of it to replace the 17GW that coal was tipping in at 9am.  And calculate the number of extra turbines and thousands of km of towers and wires required to substitute for coal and the sun after 7.30 last night!

At 6.30 last night (the windwatch recording time) the total demand was 26.5 (nothing like the 30+ in high summer) and the wind provided 1.9 (8%). Solar was still good for 0.5 and Rooftop 0.9 so the sun and wind together made up 3.3  that was 12% of the demand. The sun was gone by 7.30 so then it was all up to the wind, hydro and the various types of gas.  For the record, at 6.30 the main Natural Gas was 2.2, Gas (Fuel oil) was 0.1 (it can do at least 0.4), Coal seam methane 0.4 and Waste coal mine gas 0.1. Hydro was 2.9 and I have seen 6 sometime in the last months but it is usually in the order of 2-4.  You can call hydro RE but it depends on rain as Tasmania discovered.

Coal at 6.30 was 17.8.

On the capacity of South Australia to live on wind and a battery, at 9 this morning the windy state was importing 300M of its 1.3GW demand. More deindustrialization required?


The decarbonization of air travel.  Sustainable Aviation, planning the future in UK.

Climate change is a clear and pressing issue for people, businesses and governments across the world. We know aviation emissions will increase if decisive action is not taken, and that’s why UK aviation today commits to achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050. The UK is well positioned to become one of the leaders in the green technologies of the future, including sustainable aviation fuels and electric flight,
creating highly-skilled and well-paid jobs in the process, and we look forward to working in partnership with Ministers to help realise these opportunities.

It’s always about well-paid jobs!

Mr Keane goes Canberra. To the National Press Club. The Minister will talk about the economic goldmine that can be found [at the end of the rainbow?] by adopting a net zero emissions policy by 2050 and the fact that if we don’t lead now we will have to follow later.   He will canvas the recent bilateral deal with the Commonwealth and explain how this can be the State’s once in a generation opportunity to create thousands of jobs and attract billions of dollars in investment to build an energy network of the future.

You bet they are well-paid jobs as well!

Hydrogen farming in Tasmania. Yes it was not a misprint. Would you believe it, another opportunity to create an energy powerhouse using all the wind and water to be found in the Deep South. And as you expected “The plan indicates that a 1,000MW renewable hydrogen facility (approximately enough power for 1 million households) would create an estimated 1,000 to 1,200 local jobs, and support a further 2,000MW of renewable energy investment in our state.

What am I missing, how do you make money by using 2000MW of power to generate a  bundle of fuel that yields 1000MW?  High sixes all round!

EU TRILLION DOLLAR GREEN SPENDING PACKAGE. What was that about spending a trillion here and a trillion there?

WindEurope CEO Giles Dickson added: “Wind is already delivering on headline projects for the European Green Deal, and wind’s share in Europe’s power mix will grow — it’s 14% today and the European Commission says it’ll be 50% in 2050. 

Good News from Dan our Man in DC. The social security system is only $42.1 Trillion in the hole.

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13 Responses to Climate Roundup 4 March

  1. stackja

    Nostalgia. “You spend a billion here and a billion there and pretty soon you are talking real money!”

    Although often quoted, it seems Dirksen never actually said this.

  2. Nuclear powered aircraft and cars. All it needed was green technology and highly paid jobs.

  3. Rafe Champion

    Nice find Stackja and I like his comment I thought it sounded so good that I never bothered to deny it.. So if he didn’t really say it, he should have! And it works, except that now it is bigger numbers.

  4. John Ray writes:

    “Note: I am going into hospital for some minor cancer surgery later today. I cannot say at this stage when I will be blogging again but soon, I hope — JR”

    Prayers and best wishes, John!

  5. Rafe Champion


    I first met John when he was lecturing in Sociology at the University of NSW in the early 1970s. The department was dominated by trendy leftism, the first signs of things that were coming and he was very out of place. He disappeared and turned up in Queensland as a hyperactive blogger.

    He is not a young man any more and he has been showing signs of wear for some time, in fact I have not seen him on Facebook for a long time (not that I live on it) and it was a surprise to find that he was still blogging actively.

    Fingers crossed.

  6. Bruce

    That “Hydrogen making” project is a VERY “Tasmanian” energy scheme.

    Hydrogen is a bugger to store and transport; it leaks through just about everything because of the tiny size of the molecule.

    Its flame front is MUCH slower and energetic than complex hydrocarbons you buy at the corner servo. Converting a conventional IC engine to “run” on hydrogen is a lot more fiddly than your basic LPG conversion. And, unless you are carrying a reinforced tank of H2 in its liquid form, you are not going to get very far. And another challenge is the energy transfer from liquid to gas before combustion will freeze everything anywhere near the fuel line and “injection” system.

    People get all warm and fuzzy because the only combustion product is WATER. You know, water, the OTHER “greenhouse gas”.

    And don’t mention the “Hindenburg”. Hydrogen burns with an essentially invisible flame, which also make any “leaks very dangerous as sources of burn injuries. What you see in the huge flames and billowing smoke as the “Hindenburg” crashes in the film, is the combustion of the rubberized silk bags that HELD the Hydrogen, and the hideously flammable coating on the outer skin of the Zeppelin burning.

    If, in this caper, wishes were fishes, you could feed the world seafood almost endlessly.

  7. They should ban hydrogen fuel. Next thing you know, they’ll be making hydrogen bombs.

  8. Professor Fred Lenin

    Its 1430 hrs in Melbourne not a breath of wind ,very overcast sky with no sun ,hows that trillion dollar renewable power scam going Dan , still raking in the taxpayers money is it ? The day of reckoning is coming Danny boy and you are number one on the hit list for investigation .

  9. Sydney Boy

    And the Greens and their useful idiots keep saying that Australia can be a renewable energy exporting powerhouse. But they never seem to be able to explain how Australia will be able to compete on price with, say, China – with their low wages and weak WHS and enviro laws.

  10. Hi Rafe, what’s involved in the site allowing posts to have images and videos inline?

  11. Porter

    Some tweeps tweeting people should back the CFMEU and AWU as they support nuclear. Now I am a fan of nuclear power but we know all CFMEU and AWU want is to stitch up any move towards nuclear with exorbitant wages and demands. The CFMEU after all, owned Ms there will be no carbon tax Gillard, and she would have never been leader or PM without the AWU as she never had the numbers on her own.

  12. “UK aviation today commits to achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050”

    why NET zero and not zero?
    NET of what?

    Two links

  13. The Sheriff

    Sounds like the Victorian Nationals are trying to commit electoral suicide by adopting an ideological opposition to coal and demanding that Australia be even more aggressive on emissions reductions than the Paris accord:

    Clearly Steph Ryan is a Brunswick hipster in rural drag who has decided to hijack and abuse the Nationals for careerist reasons. Black Jack McEwen, Earle Page and Sir Joh would be turning in their graves seeing their once great party trashed by losers like Ryan.

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