Roll up! Come and meet Tony Thomas on Tuesday 10th

Tony would like to invite you to the launch of his new book, COME TO THINK OF IT  – essays to tickle the brain.

The launch is at 6.30pm Tuesday March 10 at Il Gambero’s Restaurant, 166 Lygon St, Carlton.

Speakers include Dr Tom Quirk, nuclear physicist and Fellow of three Oxford University Colleges; Quadrant OnLine editor Roger Franklin, and Ros Thomas, Tony’s daughter from Perth who is another author/journalist.

The book is 40 essays largely published since 2016 by Quadrant and Spectator Australia but a few are from his earliest writing days in the 1960s. Topics include history, literature, autobiography, the climate wars, the Cold War, Australian politics and many pieces written for pure amusement. These include his zany trip with brawling local rascals from Mt Hagen to Goroka in 1986; socialising with WA’s most controversial-ever Governor and war hero Hughie Edwards (1974); and tongue-in-cheek reviews of Biggles in Australia and Germaine Greer.

His previous collections, also by Connor Court, were That’s debatable – 60 years in print (2016), and The West – An insider’s tales (2018). The latest is his eighth book since 1974.

Don’t be alarmed, he’s quite harmless!

To attend the event, just show up or you can register here (free).

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  1. NoFixedAddress


    I’d love to rock up and meet with Tony.

    I thoroughly enjoy his work.

    All the best Tony

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