Climate roundup Saturday 7 March


UPDATE  UPDATE UPDATE  READ ALL ABOUT IT! Jo Nova reports that 26 Wikipedia editors have voted to delete the list of scientists who dissent from the so called consensus of climate scientists.

Go here and get the list that Wik does not want the world to see. Please circulate to your agents of influence.

YET ANOTHER UPDATE! There is a comment from Boris referring to “the glory days of the Cat” when I contributed several hundred posts that were all lost in a server crash (well that is what I was told). In the comment there is a list of the posts for a couple of years, you don’t have to read them, it is just the titles that I posted on my website.

MORE FROM THE COMMENTS. From Bruce, a very slick and visual 14 min presentation on some fascinating aspects of EV and conventional car engines. Especially the weight and space problem with batteries (with a dig at electric planes). Essential viewing!

Liberty Quote – Gulags and mass slaughter are in fact distinguishing features of Marxist regimes. — Bob Carr, Professor of Climate and Business UTS.

OFF TOPIC but I want to  mention it anyway.  Andrew Norton is a quiet achiever and the lone classical liberal in Carlton (a suburb behind the goat’s cheese curtain in Melbourne for people who are new to Australia). His special interest is  higher education and he blogs regularly here on some of the slightly esoteric wrinkles of funding higher education and assessing the performance of the academies. Actually his scope is much broader than that, one of his categories is academic freedom. Check out the sidebar for the others.

CSIRO EXPOSED. From Advance Australia.

It’s got to be one of the most awkward silences the Senate has ever seen.

For 10 excruciatingly long seconds yesterday, CSIRO boffins couldn’t answer a simple question from Queensland Senator Matt Canavan.

It all started when, in an attempt to push the “bushfires are caused by climate change” narrative, Labor senators got the CSIRO’s bushfires explainer document tabled in parliament.

They weren’t counting on the fleet-footed Canavan actually reading the explainer and catching the CSIRO out red-handed:  Read more!

A couple of things from Alex Epstein. founder of the Center for Industrial Progress and author of The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels. First, some briefing notes for captains of industry who are under pressure to justify their performance on ESG criteria, Environmental, Social, Governance items that are all the buzz at present among the  corporate leaders who are competing to be the most woke on the block. The ESG Dilemma March 5, 2020

And advice on framing the debate with people who are alarmed. Presented in a speech delivered at a Heartland conference. In summary the idea is have some ground rules or a framework to ensure that the debate is worth having. If the other party is not prepared to accept the rules then either leave or talk about something else. The three rules are (1)  be concerned about human flourishing, (2) be prepared to listen to the other side and (3) be precise about the facts. Fast forward to 19.

Delingpole is as mad as hell and he is not putting up with any more of it. Put your head out the window and shout “This is the year we storm the green barricades!

The original.

Apple doing their bit to promulgate fake news about the the fires. 

Remarkable images reveal bushfire devastation from space. How climate change turned Australia into a tinder box.

Welcome to Jamal, a new member of the Cat family. He has a very high powered climate blog that is great for people with a serious interest in the science. See the second part of his  commentary supporting Alan Jones  to take down the fake news that was put around about the fires.  To the powerful and insightful lecture by Mr. Jones against climate activism I would like to add the following notes about the nature, the history, and what I believe are the the roots, of this movement back in the environmental activism of the 1960s and 1970s in the USA.

The energy market at 4.30 this afternoon. How odd!  SA has lately been teetering between importing and exporting power and Victoria is practically always importing but right now they are both strong exporters (on the back of very low demand at home). Tasmania exports almost all the time but now they are importing! Tasmanian power is usually  very cheap, but not today. And Queensland is importing, something I have not seen before. This is the display (not a screen shot).

To complete the picture Tasmania is generating 585MW and using 1030. Importing 445. The price is $39.52.

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9 Responses to Climate roundup Saturday 7 March

  1. Roger

    “Remarkable images reveal bushfire devastation from space. How Greenies turned Australia into a tinder box.”

    Fixed it for Apple.

  2. a happy little debunker

    CSIRO caught with their hand in the cookie jar, again.

    Science without morality!

    Did Frankenstein question whether he should make a monster, of course not – only if he could make a monster and then Marty Feldman gave us Abby-normal!

  3. BorisG

    Andrew Norton actually used to blog on Cat. How far Cat has gone from its glory days!

  4. Rafe Champion

    Thanks Boris, during the glory days of the Cat as you kindly write the main contributors were Jason and myself, Andrew chipped in and at the very beginning Jason had another associate whose name eludes me -Heath? In those days I contributed some hundreds of posts that were lost due to server failure. In 04/05 and 07, then I gave up making more lists because it was such a boring task and I suspected that nobody cared anyway.
    I also found time to contribute to Oysterium and Club Troppo 2005 to 2008 (that ended in tears).

    My idea of blogging in those days was to decant anything I ever wrote in electronic form starting in 1982 onto the site. This is one from from that period that survived.

    People have shorter attention spans these days and there are more blogs. Fortunately I eventually discovered that a perfectly good blog post can consist of a para or two and a link.

  5. Bruce

    “Klimate Kreativity”?

    Related tech matter:

    Re-quote for the day:

    “One has to free oneself from the illusion that international climate policy is environmental policy. This has almost nothing to do with the environmental policy anymore, with problems such as deforestation or the ozone hole. We redistribute de facto the world’s wealth by climate policy,” – (Otmar Edenhofer, former chairman of the IPCC, who co-chaired the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change working group on Mitigation of Climate Change from 2008 to 2015).

  6. BorisG

    Hi Rafe, yes I joined during Jason’s time but at the moment Andrew was so prolific I even thought for a while he was the main blogger. I’ve read lost of his posts and even borrowed his book from the library and read most of it.

    Always enjoyed your posts on wider issues. Remember many on industrial relations and one in particular on your travel to Israel.

    Less interested in the climate stuff though.

  7. Ian MacCulloch

    The CSIRO starting date is 1900, BOM it’s 1910 while 1890 is considered the start of the 120 year cycle. The last start date shows a continental cooling for Australia.

  8. Lee

    Jo Nova reports that 26 Wikipedia editors have voted to delete the list of scientists who dissent from the so called consensus of climate scientists.

    Wouldn’t that be breaking Wokipedia’s own charter or rules about fairness and neutrality?

  9. gorgiasl

    I share Bruce’s enthusiasm for ICE vehicles over RE’s. However, his math is wrong:

    If the EV saves twice the emissions of an ICE but improvements to the ICE will result in 10% emissions reduction, and if your marketing strategy is to minimise emissions – the sale of 10%EV’s and 90% ICE vehicles will result in a 14% emissions reduction compared to the 10% emissions reduction if you focus solely on ICE vehicles.

    Having said that EV’s suck

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