Covington-transfixed Australian media pass on this one

Teens beat up 15-year-old girl and steal her Air Jordans in Brooklyn.

Do we have to play Imagine? Yes, we do. Imagine the ‘boys’ were all white. The assault would have featured on every news bulletin for a week, been discussed solemnly on Q&A and inspired a thousand Tweets and a dozen columns in the ‘Trump’s America’ genre. Instead, it was airbrushed out of existence. The question – as ever – is why? Because white ‘progressives’ see blackness as an excuse for any transgression. African-Americans are seen by them to lack the moral and intellectual agency of whites. That is racism – impure and simple.

The racially selective outrage of Bettina ‘strippers’

All parents have some kind of breaking point.”
– Lindsay Wegener, executive director at PeakCare, Queensland’s child protection peak body

In the wider context of the Bettina Arndt pile-on – which revolved around the decency of her even mentioning a possible backstory to a murderer’s enormity – the torture and killing of two-year old Kaydence Mills by her own mother (and her mother’s ‘partner’) stands in disturbing contrast. This entire ABC report on that horrific crime plays down their culpability and shifts it to … everybody. Have a guess why.

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  1. Ƶĩppʯ (ȊꞪꞨV)

    it’s a chimpout

  2. stackja

    Leftist hypocrisy. I am shocked!

  3. Mother Lode

    They really just don’t care about what happens to the girl.

    This happens in contradiction of their worldview – so the assault is dismissed in order to preserve their worldview where they are messiahs. It takes an ego that bends space and time and draws everything to itself like a black hole.

    And the funny thing – they would spend hours in constipated discussion about the possible implied privilege of calling the holes ‘black’.

  4. Cassie of Sydney

    I will never, ever forgive the LNP for their pile on of Bettina in the senate two weeks ago. They must suffer the consequences for such rank appeasement.

    And as for the “Teens beat up 15-year-old girl and steal her Air Jordans in Brooklyn.”. Well I have to be very mindful as to what adjectives I use to “label” those “teens” in the video …..lest I suffer a pile on here like I did on the open thread on Saturday afternoon…..golly I was even called a racist (which I am not)…all because I labelled those women in the supermarket here in Sydney…fighting over toilet paper…..”scum” and “trash”…and no….just like with the teens in the video….it is nothing to do with their ethnicity and everything to do with their appalling behaviour.

  5. calli

    The rock-hard bigotry of low expectations.

    There to keep da darkies in their place, so cunningly that most of the chumps don’t realise what’s being done to them. The chains are invisible but they’re there.

    Walk Away has happened for a reason.

  6. Dasher

    Some 75% of black children in the US are born out of wedlock and grow up without the guidance of fathers..that pack of jackals is the result. You are correct that because they were black they will be given softer treatment…wrong, this is what happens in the schools and society in general (happen here as well) no sensible discipline no accountability for actions too many clever people who fails to understand the simple remedies. Also spreads to the appalling treatment of Arndt…to suggest that we should look at all angles of an incident where five people lose their lives is beyond stupid. But that is where we have landed.

  7. C.L.

    If you watch the video carefully, you’ll see even more ‘teens’ in the background running to the scene. There is no logic to this, even from a robber’s standpoint. Obviously, they weren’t all after her shoes. They beat her up simply because they enjoyed it.

  8. Cassie of Sydney

    “They beat her up simply because they enjoyed it.”

    That’s right.

  9. Tom

    Walk Away has happened for a reason.

    in the language of consumer economics, massive unmet demand.

  10. Crossie

    Mother Lode
    #3350421, posted on March 10, 2020 at 11:05 am
    They really just don’t care about what happens to the girl.

    If the “youths” were white the media would have cared. She and her whole family would have been interviewed on top rated shows, everyone who even knew of her would have been interviewed. Every white media personality would have been required to denounce the “youths” and the “youths” themselves would have been identified within minutes and destroyed along with everyone in their extended families. We would have seen a race war in the US.

  11. Rob MW

    There’s a lot of victims in the video, the robbers are victims and the robbee is also a victim but more importantly, they are all minority victims and there are probably a couple of same sex and transitional procurement victims as well.

    In the meantime, probably best not to victimise the victims because hard fought for feelings will become victims as well, adding an extra layer of burden on the criminal and social investigators looking to find the highest value victim to run with.

    Oh well, maybe in the next century someone will invent common sense !

  12. “African-Americans are seen by them to lack the moral and intellectual agency of whites. That is racism – impure and simple”

    Yes sir. The ugly insightful truth of it all. Back when “affirmative action” was first proposed I had written that this kind of coddling derives from the real racism which sees darkies as less able. There was a huge and ugly response to my opinion in which this little Asian darkie was called racist.

  13. Mother Lode

    If the “youths” were white the media would have cared.


    These black people are just pieces to be manoeuvred about a chessboard.

    Progressives are not interested in them. They are interested in white people because they identify them as their competition – the ones from whom power must be wrested. They care passionately about that.

    The blacks have nothing they want. But they can be used to accuse white people of being terrible. That is their full value.

  14. Professor Fred Lenin

    If elected I will bring back the Cat , flog them till the bones show ,rubthem in salt ,then deport them back to Shitholestan with their families and relations , they fear strgnth fear works ,watch the lawlessness diminish quickly . Cease all “refugee ” migrants ,the problems can only be solved in Shitholestan not here .

  15. max

    US in Moral Decline
    By Walter Williams
    Published Oct. 23, 2019

    …attacks on religious liberty have contributed to a moral decline that’s in part manifested by increases in suicides, mental illness and drug addiction.

    We must own up to the fact that laws and regulations alone cannot produce a civilized society. Morality is society’s first line of defense against uncivilized behavior. Religious teachings, one way of inculcating morality, have been under siege in our country for well over a half a century. In the name of not being judgmental and the vision that one lifestyle or set of values is just as good as another, traditional moral absolutes have been abandoned as guiding principles. We no longer hold people accountable for their behavior and we accept excuses.

    In 1798, John Adams, a leading Founding Father and our second president said: “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

  16. Clam Chowdah

    A good argument for the death penalty.

  17. Mother Lode

    A good argument for the death penalty.

    I dunno.

    I am thinking more ‘Escape from New York’ but with lots of cameras and pay-per-view.

    In there thugs like these would find that the tables turned and they are the ones preyed upon.

  18. Professor Fred Lenin

    Death by public hanging sounds reasonable ,after the flogging the family and relstives still get deported back to Shiholestan with $5 each only .,why should we pay to keep criminal useless mouths we have enogh non criminal bludgers , makes econmic sense .

  19. dover_beach

    What sort of person jumps both feet first at a run onto a girl lying on the ground? The sheer numbers involved makes interveing in defence of the girl imprudent unless you are armed in some manner. It is appalling. It’s interesting that on the weekend that IWD falls, the media had no interest commenting on a group of men assaulting (and robbing) a 15 year old girl in broad daylight in Brooklyn. Race trumps sex it appears. Had the girl been black the media would have used it as a teachable moment re toxic masculinity and tarred all men with the same brush. It is always about the narrative being promulgated by the Left.

  20. Alain

    This is why American citizens need guns, to protect themselves from the mob

  21. mh

    A group of teenagers beat up a 15-year-old girl and stole her Air Jordan sneakers during a robbery in Brooklyn, surveillance footage released by cops on Friday shows.

    The teenager was walking on Utica Avenue near Sterling Place in Crown Heights at 4:10 p.m. Thursday when she was spotted by the dozen youths, cops said.

    When she reached the corner, the gang lunged at her and punched and kicked her repeatedly, the video shows.

    The clip begins with the victim already on the ground, one of the boys kicking her in the chest and face. A second later, more kids run across the street and continue to beat her up, with one kid leaping onto her and then kicking her in the head, the footage shows.

    The appalling 20-second beatdown ends with one kid yanking the victim’s black and white Air Jordan 1s from her feet and leaving her limp on the ground, the footage shows. They also took her cellphone and debit card before running away in several directions, police said.

    She was taken to NYC Health & Hospitals/Kings County to be treated for bruising and head trauma, cops said. It was unclear what provoked the attack.

  22. mh

    I’ve seen worse than this.

    A pupil from Covington High School smirked.

  23. PB

    If you look at regional American newsfeeds its one Negro mugshot after another. That is the real truth of vibrant diversity.

  24. If they believe they’ll get away with it and never suffer the consequences, they’ll behave any way they want to.
    Recently NY Mayor DeBlasio introduced no bail release of charged criminals.
    Crime has risen sharply since. Cops are not respected at all.
    Lord of the Flies reality show for all to see in real time.

  25. Mother Lode

    If you look at regional American newsfeeds its one Negro mugshot after another. That is the real truth of vibrant diversity.

    And yet if you go back a couple of generations (and outside the major cities) you will find stable families where parents tutor their children in what it is to be a man or woman so they might take their place a little higher than their birth. They believed in faith, family, self-reliance, the value of work, and duty.

    This was deliberately corroded to create a confused bickering insecure demographic with no centre and no roots and ready to swear fealty to a political party that will toss them enough crumbs to stave off starvation but not enough to venture off on their own.

    This is the second time the Democrats have engineered the enslaveing of the blacks.

    I have always been struck by the Talmudic expression “Whoever destroys one life is as if he destroyed a whole world”, and cannot help see how the more sublime element of the sentiment applies to what has been done to black people in the US.

    To be clear, I do not think that thugs such as in the video are somehow victims. They are not nasty versions of innocent people at the quick of which is nevertheless some cherubic naif . They are thugs through and through. But they were made beasts through and through on purpose.

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