South Australia, the canary in the wind factory

This may become a series on South Australia Watch as a spinoff from Windwatch. The canary was the bird that miners took underground because when it died you knew that there was poisonous gas around so you better get out. South Australia took the lead in the race to develop green power and so the state is the first to be killed by windpower. Which one will follow? The smart money would be on Dan’s Republic of Victoriastan but with Matt Keane on the loose in NSW anything could happen here. Do not read this while eating or drinking.

In October last year the RE industry boasted that solar and wind power beat the output from brown coal over the September quarter. For much of the time two generators were down and brown coal output fell to 3.1 Gigawatts. In January this year with all hands on deck brown coal could deliver up to 4.7 GW. September is the windy quarter of the year and often since then South Australia imported coal power. This morning at 11.30 is fairly typical of a lot of episodes lately in SA.

So let’s keep an eye on SA and see how it goes from day to day.

Windwatch update. Last night at 6.30 demand was 23.9GW (soon to decline) and wind provided 2.5, that is 10% of the total at 35% of plated capacity of the wind factories.

This morning at 9 (8 in the Deep North) the demand was 23.9 (on the way up) and wind contributed 1.6, 6.5% of demand at 24% of plated capacity.

At noon the wind supply was down to 878MW, that was 3.5% of demand and 12% of plated capacity.  SA was using 903MW and generating 576,  a deficit of 328MW.

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8 Responses to South Australia, the canary in the wind factory

  1. Shaun

    South Australia is a basket case really. Demand for energy is so low compared to the Eastern state’s. Is basically the same as Tassie. This is terrible for a state which used to have a lot of manufacturing. If you can’t supply renewable to SA then it will show how useless it is. SA has backup everything, Gas, Diesel, etc. just to make sure there is no blackouts. At 12pm today the wind was supplying just 55MW from a nameplate capacity of 2,142MW. Imagine trying to run Vic or NSW on wind/solar. You would need to have more than 100,000MW nameplate capacity. God help us all if Vic or NSW destroy their coal power stations like SA did.

  2. Professor Fred Lenin

    Going to need a lot of canaries if they expire when power fails , the makings of a new environmentally friendly industry breeding canaries .

  3. mem

    Matt Keane demonstrates he is either a liar and/or a fool. For any politician to offer up this piece of c.r.a.p is beyond comprehension . “All of that is going to change because renewables offer nearly no cost energy.”

  4. Shaun

    The shifty thing about the AEMO data dashboard is the fuel mix graph, as it only lists what South Australia produces, not what it uses as it imports a lot of electricity from Vic (Coal) yet it is hidden as is not included in it’s fuel mix. Nice flashy graphs with environmentally friendly colours.

  5. Professor Fred Len

    To fix SA build a new coal fired power station on the site of the on the site of the one labor sabotaged using coa from the supply they had before ,name the new station the ” weatherill memorial station ”
    And build a nuclear one at the uranium mone site ,name it the Mr Wong Memorial Nuclear Power station problem solved .

  6. alans

    this is the same Matt Keane who said global warming was the main contributor to the recent bushfires. absolute tosser who can’t even keep abreast of recent developing facts from the CSIRO

  7. mareeS

    Sorry, couldn’t do more than skim the Keane thing, it was too vomitous.

    I just don’t understand how people can speak this shite. Am I living in a parallel place?

  8. Crossie

    #3351635, posted on March 11, 2020 at 3:45 am
    Sorry, couldn’t do more than skim the Keane thing, it was too vomitous.

    I just don’t understand how people can speak this shite. Am I living in a parallel place?

    NSW Liberal voters must be horrified thinking they elected sane politicians to govern the state only to find out they were greenies under their suits. I really see no difference between Gladys’ admin and that of Kristina Keneally’s.

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