Cave Won’t

I’VE never been a big fan of the Cave oeuvre but his aggressive rejection of the anti-Israel BDS movement (led in the music world by lunar bore, Roger Waters) and his latest thoughts on woke strictures targeting both new and old art are admirable. He has the reputation for being his own man and it seems he really is.

What songwriter could have predicted thirty years ago that the future would lose its sense of humour, its sense of playfulness, its sense of context, nuance and irony, and fall into the hands of a perpetually pissed off coterie of pearl-clutchers? How were we to know?”

Nick Cave

He has also slammed Antifa, far right thugs and the left’s ongoing assault on free speech – with masterful flair.

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  1. nb

    Good. Cave’s excoriation can be sent to a host of robotic luvvies. May their NPC circuits burst.

  2. Boris

    Never heard of him but good on him.

  3. NoFixedAddress

    roger waters is the scum that floats in a septic tank.

  4. NoFixedAddress

    Nick Cave has always been a man

  5. Jannie

    Nick Cave is a creative man, a reader, a sceptic, and an intellect. His poetry and lyrics suggest he has a critical nature, never bought into the hippies and greenies, though he has a dark sense of humour he is not a cynic. He can see through bullshit and will make his own call on any issue, and they are usually nuanced.

  6. jupes

    Antifa and the Far Right, for example, with their routine street fights, role-playing and dress-ups are participants in a weirdly erotic, violent and mutually self-sustaining marriage, propped up entirely by the blind, inflexible convictions of each other’s belief systems.

    Once again, leftist propaganda terms are being used to create a false impression. Antifa (anti-fascist) are the Far Left. Despite their name, they are in fact, Fascist. The only organised opposition to them that I have seen are the Proud Boys in the US. From what little I know of them, they are not Far Right. I believe Gavin McInnes might refer to himself (and therefore the Proud Boys?) as Alt Right.

    Whatever Alt Right means, it certainly doesn’t mean Far Right, because Far Right means racist these days. Even SloMo confirmed this when he called the Christchurch terrorist “Far Right” even though his manifesto could have been written by the Greens with the one obvious exception. He is in fact a Far Left racist.

    My understanding of the “routine street fights” is that the Far Left Antifa had been assaulting Republicans and Trump supporters with little or no attempt by the police to stop them. That being the case, what is the right thing for a man to do? The Proud Boys were defending people against the Fascists. Good on them.

  7. Herodotus

    A worthy reincarnation of Jim Morrison, even an improvement. The vocal quality and poetic lyrics certainly remind me of Jim.

  8. John Comnenus

    Can’t say he didn’t warn us right back it the beginning

    Pre Tracey Pew and Rolland Howard and the whole degeneration into the smack fueled Birthday party.

  9. Up The Workers!

    I’ve always loved most of Waters’ musical output but despised his “in-your-face” rusted-on Leftard political views.

    On the other hand, I agree with Nick Cave’s courageous attitude, but have never been a fan of his music.

    Odd how the two aspects of one persons’ output can be so attractive and yet so offputting.

    Waters’ musical output has always been better performed by the other members of Pink Floyd, than he does it himself.

    If I want to be sermonised and gillarded by a “hellfire and damnation” preacher, I’ll go to church rather than paying big bucks to go to a rock concert.

  10. Spurgeon Monkfish III

    Good on Cave for at least presenting a view point that shows he’s capable of independent thought. I’ve been a big fan of his music from the Birthday Party on. Some of the Bad Seeds’ albums are absolutely sublime.

  11. mem

    I love Nick Cave’s music, his passion and soul rendering lyrics. I remember going to see him at a pub in Richmond in the early days and being transfixed. I have his CD’s and play them along with Tom Waites and Johnny Cash when no one else is around. Nick’s a legend.

  12. PB

    I guess Nick knows who runs the industry that keeps him.

  13. Turtle

    One of Australia’s two or three greatest songwriters.

  14. cuckoo

    The very definition of ‘cool’ is ‘not caring whether anyone thinks you’re cool’ and Cave has always embodied this. It may sound trivial, but his reaction when he started losing his hair – to keep growing it long and comb it straight back from the ever-ascending forehead – embodies this kind of cool.

  15. A fan recently asked the 62-year-old Cave about his political leanings

    Wow. Time sure gets away.

  16. Mother Lode

    I love Nick Cave’s music, his passion and soul rendering lyrics.

    I read that the guy who wrote the song ‘Shivers’ had meant it to be rendered as more mocking of the kids who take their every infatuation as the greatest but most tragic love witnessed by the world and themselves the most tragic doomed lover, but Nick Cave insisted he sing it.

    Nick later said he should have left it to the writer to have sung.

  17. TBH

    I’m way more of a fan of Floyd than I am of Nick Cave, but well played that man. Roger Waters is mostly a hypocritical shithead IMHO, like a lot of rich lefties and especially uninformed entertainers.

    I used to be fairly non-committal about the whole Israel vs their neighbours issue, on account of not really understanding a lot of the background. The aggressive BDS movement and their fellow travellers made me think about it more, however, and all it did is turn me into a confirmed supporter of Israel.

  18. Bruce

    Nick Cave gets a bit “dark” at times, but is lyrically and musically better than a lot of the pre-digested, auto-tuned, pop or much of the “attitude” crud out there.

    He also turns up in interesting places. For example, Cave had s performance segment in Wim Wenders’ intriguing movie, “Wings of Desire” which also featured the exquisite Solveig Dommartin and an interesting contribution from Peter Falk. The late Bruno Ganz, of later “Downfall” fame, stars with Otto Sander.

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