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Not sure this has become much of a news item. My how things do change: Trump Takes Out Top Iranian Revolutionary Guards’ Commander in Iraq – General Siamand Mashhadani Killed in US Strike.

Remember Soleimani? Old news, now forgotten with some of the top ruling group in Iran dying of the CV. They have even agreed to use an anti-virus vaccination even if it is invented in the Zionist Entity. But at least Nancy Pelosi still has her priorities on straight: Nancy Tried To Sneak Abortion Funding into COVID Bill and held things up while this was being negotiated.

Now what does abortion have to do with fighting a virus? Absolutely nothing, of course…. Here’s how Pelosi’s sleight-of-hand would’ve worked.

Because “testing, testing, and testing” would require the federal government reimbursing laboratories to the tune of up to $1 billion. Hence, all health claims — including abortion — could be reimbursed with federal dollars….

However, the good news is that after a day of horse-trading on FamiliesFirst, Pelosi and Mnuchin agreed to a bill that was free from abortion moneys.

Democrats are the party of death in so many ways.

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13 Responses to Also in the news

  1. bemused says:

    They should be called the Demoncrats.

  2. nb says:

    Pelosi seems to be an inside mole from some other side. I guess only an election will tell, but from this vantage point she could hardly have led the party into a more damaging three years without actually just blowing it up. Fun to watch.

  3. PB says:

    I suppose Pelosi’s amendment could be interpreted as extreme quarantine.

  4. Professoe Fred Lenin says:

    Pelosi and co are doing to the decromats what Turnbull Photios did to the Liberal party . Both parties will be ruined by a handfull of rotten apples .

  5. Iampeter says:

    What? No advertisement for Brain Force Plus?

  6. Radman says:

    If there were any justice in the world, that wizened old crone would be infected with COVID-19 and left to her fate in a hermetically sealed room.

  7. Professor Fred Lenin says:

    All will be well when Crooked Joe Biden is elected ,with Crooked Hilarity as VP,and Crooked Nance Pelosi coming third ,when the people in white coats come in the unmarked van to take Joe to electrotherapy they will both move up one place ,giving the USA a septugenarian female arm of government instead of a septugenarian male mob ,this is an improvement ?

  8. Gyro Cadiz says:

    What IS it with the left?

    Why this overpowering drive to murder the most helpless and utterly innocent?

  9. Catfeesh? says:

    This is the perfect time to take out Islimic dumbfucks. No-one is watching and no-one cares.

  10. Professor Fred Lenin says:

    If the USA keeps this knocking _off top islamofascists,keeps the others on their toes and limits their nastiness,I mean who really wants to be the next vapourised former leader ,keeps their minds concentrated .

  11. H B Bear says:

    They must be running out of virgins by now. Probably starting on the goats now. At least he will get a good looking one.

  12. John of Mel says:

    What? No advertisement for Brain Force Plus?

    Why? Have you run out of your prescription?

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