Cancel Culture

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12 Responses to Cancel Culture

  1. Mother Lode

    Can’t they all just die at home?

    They really think people are intrigued by their antics.

    Go down to the basement, lie down on your bed beneath the poster of Che, and take a few handfuls of sleeping pills, laxatives, and ball bearings. You really do not have to turn it into a big show. And you don’t need to hold up traffic.


  2. Slim Cognito

    It was already irresponsible to go ahead with this before any pandemic. Pity they can’t see that.

  3. billie

    oh, so now they worry about public sentiment ..

  4. candy

    Somehow they never actually thought individuals could become extinct, through a virus.

    So different to than just having fun in stupid demonstrations. Reality is tough.

  5. Professor Fred Lenin

    A “Die In “cancelled in case the participants get infected and Die ?
    EkSTINK shon rebellion ,rebelli[ng untill are extinct ?
    Fascist thugs calling themselves “antifa”,so they are against themselves ?
    Kiddies find the nuances of the English languageconfusing give them another twenty years and they will realise how silly the were in their youth , Too embarassing to even mention .

  6. Tom

    “Responding to the science …” Hahaha!

    These death cults are a laugh a minute.

  7. Mother Lode

    Fascist thugs calling themselves “antifa”,so they are against themselves ?


    It is like all the ‘Peoples Democratic Republic of [INSERT COUNTRY NAME HERE]’.

    Saying they are antifascist gives them license to indulge in all the thuggery, intimidation, violence, and wanton destruction they want.

  8. Dasher

    Absolute gold……waiting for them to blame climate change.

  9. Sinclair Davidson

    Can’t they all just die at home?

    No. No. I’d like to see them all die in public. 🙂

    Great find CL. That is so funny.

  10. egg_

    XRDC are a rarely spotted endangered species?

  11. Chris M

    This is on par with ISIS cancelling terrorist operations in Europe due to the Wuhan virus outbreak.

    I’m assuming they are serious but admit my only basis for this assumption is that I-slamists don’t do humour or intelligent thought.

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