PRC Spokesman Missing In Action

——- —– ——- ———– ———– ————– —– —– —– — —— —- ——- —— ——- ————- —————————– —– —— — — ———- —– ———— —— —— ——— —— ——— —— —– —- — — ———- — ——- ——- — —– ———- —- — — ———— ——-.”

– Paul Keating on China’s coronavirus pandemic

No matter. Let’s go to the recent record – November, 2019 – and see who does and who doesn’t have a clue …

‘Cold peace’: Tony Abbott, Paul Keating at odds over approach to China.

Australia faces the prospect of a lasting “cold peace” with China that will be marked by bullying and belligerence, former prime minister Tony Abbott has warned amid an escalating domestic debate on how to respond to the rising superpower.

Mr Abbott urged the Australian government to work harder on ties with allies including Japan and the “democratic superpower” of India as the best way to ensure a free and open Indo-Pacific while China remains a one-party communist state.

The highly critical analysis, made in a speech to the India Foundation in New Delhi, contrasts with a warning from former prime minister Paul Keating on Monday against “pious belchings” from those attacking China when Australia’s long-term interest lay in working more closely with a vital partner…

Mr Abbott argued China had been “carefully cultivated” by all governments and “assiduously fostered” by all Australian prime ministers over three decades but it was time to be “very cautious” about the engagement…

Mr Abbott argued for strong trade with China to ensure it has food and resource security but warn against closer ties in other areas.

“We should be very cautious about the kind of technical engagement that leaves us relatively weaker and China relatively stronger,” he says.

Last November – at a strategic forum organised by leadership mastermind Paul Kelly’s newspaper – Keating sided with Beijing against the Australian media and the country’s security officials (whose liquidation he had earlier advocated). The former Labor prime minister dismissed the fact that China is a homicidal police state by saying we were on Stalin’s side in World War II. The Australian newspaper’s Trump-critical principals took in the loyalist China Development Bank adviser’s every word with reverence. No, China’s rise isn’t inevitable – as Keating claimed. Its fall is inevitable. Anything Australia can do to expedite that we should.


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30 Responses to PRC Spokesman Missing In Action

  1. stackja

    Mao beloved by the Left. Why support Maoists today?

  2. egg_

    Whoever thought of stoking up Communist Chi na would keep it relatively benign?

    We’re like aphids being sucked dry by a mega ant swarm.

  3. Mother Lode

    I will never understand the adulation of Keating – a mean vicious little man who advancing years steadily erode physically and making increasingly visible the stunted, twisted, knotted and gnarled subterranean animal that was always at the core.

    People speak of his gift for language, but he never seems to have words that unify or inspire, he never dignified the nation with insight or vision of higher things. It is only ever used to tear down, to skewer, to humiliate people, and to convince voters that a degraded existence is all that is left and we need to get used to it.

    ‘Pious belchings’? I see cleverer turns of phrase on ever second post on the Cat. Yet people will repeat Keating’s phrase because they are convinced that even though they don’t see anything remarkable in it, they are certain other people will.

  4. Mother Lode

    I have no idea why my comment went into moderation.

    This moderatory regime is ridiculous.

    Seriously, a post that mentions billiard [email protected] will be moderated while one calling for mandatory castration of all men slips past the gates and onto your monitor without any problems.

  5. Rafe Champion

    Did Paul Keating say we were on Stalin’s side in World War II? Not until Hitler invaded Russia.

    Thanks to the Hitler/Stalin non-aggression pact the communists of the world or at least the Australian wharfies actively sabotaged the allied war effort until Hitler got Stalin off side and he became our new ally, no thanks to his good intentions or good character.

  6. If Toni Abbott wants another go at being leader, he can just piss off.
    He was given a HUGE mandate and went on holidays for six months.
    He refused to ‘shirtfront’ the bastards white anting his government and employed the enemy into our ranks.
    No, Toni – just piss off with your white guilt and racist kow towing.
    (I’m still furious about the spinelessness of this bastard.)

  7. Bruce of Newcastle

    Keating is going to have trouble getting more Italian suits given the mess Italy is in.
    And clocks! How is he going to get clocks? It’s a disaster!

  8. Siltstone

    BatFlu seems to have tied Kowtow Keatings tongue

  9. egg_

    erode physically and making increasingly visible the stunted, twisted, knotted and gnarled subterranean animal that was always at the core.

    I’ve noted that in Narcissistic types’ posture, when their guard is down – “woe is me!”

  10. min

    So what would you have done if you were Toni Abbott Mr Peters ? Have you got a recipe for getting rid of termites that had been elected. The usual suspects some have gone and some still remaining busily doing what termites do ,gnawing away until the building collapses. Perhaps you have a solution for pest eradication.

  11. C.L.

    No, leftists love Russia and China.
    Conservatives hate Russia and China.

  12. Fat Tony

    min – sometimes physically putting the fear of God into those types works – you don’t have to actually hit them, but you can make them shit-scared of you.
    These white-ants have no backbone – no courage

  13. jupes

    Hawke, Keating and Krudd. All shilling (or shilled) for the Chicoms.

    No wonder Dastyari behaved in his traitorous fashion. He was just following the Labor leadership model.

  14. Des Deskperson

    ‘I will never understand the adulation of Keating ‘

    While he was Treasurer, Keating was despised and disliked by Australia’s ‘progressive’ establishment for his neo-Liberal economic policies. The geniuses at JJJ, in their wonderfully witty way, used to refer to him as ‘Mr Bob Dopalina’, a character from a rap song, but the JJJ crowd used it as a sort of sneering description of an uptight suit.

    What changed ‘progressive ‘ opinion was his Redfern Speech, his exploitation of the republic issue and his sucking up to the ‘yarts’, although his – I mean the taxpayer’s – ‘Keating’ grants always seem to go the middle-aged, lower middle brow, safe and orthodox mediocrities.

    I’ve argued before that his ‘gift of language’ consisted mostly second hand insults and smears, much of it oddly obsolete. Who these days – or at anytime in the last 30 years – still uses ‘looney tunes’ and ‘ning nongs’ as terms of abuse.

    As for his suck-holing mass-murderer Sahuaro….

  15. min

    Fat Tony that is bullyng putting the fear of God into people . Maybe worked for Hitler and Stalin but it was more than fear of God they threatened you with.

  16. min

    Keating was a master of pejorative remarks ,put downs , nastiness He would be locked up today by the lefties.

  17. Mother Lode

    It is easy to dismiss Abbott as hypocritical or stupid or whatever, and his inability to get so much done seems a damning indictment. But I think that is more a measure of the corruption of the party than simply the ineffectiveness of Abboott.

    Getting anything done required the combination of the two.

    A PM is not a President with separate reserved powers he can bring to bear.

    And we have seen the dire state of the Liberal party – the threw over Abbott to install that self-obsessed, imperious, politically narcissistic, economically blind, progressive evolutionary throwback Trrumble. The party chose Abbott to win the election, and then thought that – with that nuisances ‘will of the people’ bit out of the way they could appoint a man far more in tune with their agenda.

    This is not about whether Abbott should lead the party again – it would merely be a repeat of last time, but I believe he is in fact a sensible and astute man, as he shows in his assessment of dealing with China.

    He. Had had no cause over the years to suddenly go silent like Keating has, and he is more likely to be right than wrong on any number of topics.

  18. Ed Case

    the Australian wharfies actively sabotaged the allied war effort until Hitler got Stalin off side and he became our new ally, no thanks to his good intentions or good character.

    There was no change after the Invasion of USSR. The Wharfies stole parts from military equipment, stole anything of value and held up ships throughout the War. The Black Market of the day was huge kickbacks were massive, Canberra plus all States bar S.A. were under Labor rule so there was no political will to do anything about it.

  19. Roger

    Stalin was an ally of convenience for four years. After the war’s conclusion that changed very rapidly.

    Keating demonstrates that his understanding history is as simplistic & flawed as his understanding of China today.

  20. egg_

    nearly all of them coincidentally made their money AFTER entering into Parliament.

    Curious, that.
    How many are currently on the PRC payroll?

  21. egg_

    sometimes physically putting the fear of God into those types works


    Bullies only respect power/authority – they will walk all over you if you show weakness, twas ever thus with humanity.

  22. Richard JH

    Funny how all of the ex Labor PM’s & Politicians want to get as far as possible away from their supporters and gravitate to the wealthy suburbs? Perhaps like with their Democrat mates in the US of A nearly all of them coincidentally made their money AFTER entering into Parliament. The commonality continues with the disastrous economic records they bequeathed to both nations with Keating leaving a $96B debt & Obama single handily managing to run up more debt than all of his predecessors put together. Check out Peter Schweizer’s well resourced & documented new book “Profiles in Corruption” – Follow the money they are all at it!

  23. Faye

    Just got rejected by The Australian when replying to Tony Abbott’s article today:

    “Toughen up Australia. This is a wake-up call. When it comes down to it, we are on our own. What better warning is there than the present pandemonium in the form of a pandemic orchestrated by one country to affect every other country on the planet.

    We are in a superb position – a beautiful big island surrounded by crystal oceans and no stuck-on neighbours to upset us. A vibrant population ready to have a go. Don’t heed the spoilers among us who don’t want Australia to be a sovereign independent nation but always stand up for what we believe and don’t walk away.

    It took a communist country, everything we abhor, to allow this virus to spread across the world.

    Be aware that another bunch of very dangerous people want the same power, only their method is by a slow creep seeping into every crevice of our existence. This invented-manufactured-marketed-distributed Climate Change guilt product has been introduced as a better way to live by giving up our comforts and therefore ‘saving the planet’.

    Well now we have a glimpse of how it would be only this would be horrendously worse because not a skerrick of democracy would exist.”

  24. B.A.Lert

    FDR was certainly an ally of Stalin and an admirer of Hitler before the war. The Chinese have no partners and want no partners their only interest is dominance. Keating is the classic useful idiot. I would imagine his Chinese handlers tickle that big grubby ego and when he leaves the room they piss themselves.

  25. Miltonf

    People like Alan Ramsey seemed to consider crude abuse to be eloquence.

  26. Miltonf

    Keating made the 80s and early 90s a very ugly time.

  27. Spurgeon Monkfish III

    No, collectivists love Russia and China.
    Conservatives hate Russia and China.


  28. Spurgeon Monkfish III

    Alcoholic shitsacks like Alan Shamsey …

    Used to plagiarise other individuals’ words and then have the gall to pass them off as his own.

    He was called out on this repeatedly, even by collectivist imbeciles (BIRM).

  29. Crossie

    No, China’s rise isn’t inevitable – as Keating claimed. Its fall is inevitable. Anything Australia can do to expedite that we should.

    Keating never said or did anything that was good for the average Australians, from his “recession we had to have” to his obsessive orientation towards China he is nothing but shallow.

    Our only salvation is that the whole world got to realise how dangerous it is to have given so much industrial power to China at the cost of their own economies. This crisis, even though I don’t think it is such, will allow a concerted effort at divestment from China.

    All the same, we must guard against giving India all the privileges currently enjoyed by China, I don’t think they would much less inclined not to abuse them.

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