Parramatta premiers for 2020!

Parramatta sits at the top of the ladder as the NRL season is suspended. Assuming it does not resume in time to complete, they will have to follow the national basketball precedent where Perth got the chocolates when Sydney pulled out of the finals series with Perth one up. Well done to Newcastle the runners up!

Pity the Demons didn’t get a big win last week and they could have taken the AFL pennant! Congratulations to Port Adelaide.


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7 Responses to Parramatta premiers for 2020!

  1. Gibbo

    Call the season off and hand out the trophy now I say!

  2. DaveR

    I wonder if Nathan Hindmarsh will be happy with that?

  3. Buccaneer

    Sterlo will still find a way to f*ck it up for them

  4. crocodile

    It took 34 years to get the chocolates. It’s been 34 years since the Eels had the chocolates. ’bout time they got them again.

  5. calli

    Good news! The New Broom has something to smile about as his business starts to go down the gurgler.

  6. Ubique

    Port Adelaide takes out the 2020 AFL premiership, sitting on top of the ladder after Round 1.

  7. Tiny Dancer

    And while they’re handing Clint Gutherson the trophy they can give the club the 2009 premiership as well.

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