Not the end but is it the beginning of the end?

Did Nancy blink? Pelosi delays her coronavirus bill, says will try to pass Senate’s without most members present .

Is this why? Gallup: Trump Up to 49% Approval; 60% Approve of His Handling of the Chinese Flu

Is the Great Corona Virus miasma coming to an end? Dow Posts Record 2,100-Point Gain as Trump Sets Tentative Deadline to Reopen America

Are things coming right because of the President? Trump: Coronavirus crisis vindicates my policy arguments on immigration, trade and China policies

Would this have anything to do with it? Reflections on a Century of Junk Science

During the last few weeks, I had made a point of not watching or following the news. I trusted none of it. A TV at the pizza place, however, was tuned to CNN. It showed the Coronavirus death toll: 12,000-plus worldwide and 285 in the United States.

The numbers stunned me. Not following the news closely, I presumed, based on the hysteria in the air, that the numbers had to be at least ten times that high both nationally and internationally.

285? According to the Centers for Disease Control 185 Americans died of drug overdoses every day in 2018. According to the CDC, 315 people died of the flu every day during the six-month 2018-2019 flu season….

In my 2009 book, Hoodwinked: How Intellectual Hucksters Have Hijacked American Culture, I documented a century’s worth of scientific misinformation, disinformation, half-truths, and lies disseminated almost inevitably to advance a progressive agenda.

The book, btw, is an antidote to quite alot of what’s been going around and not just of late.

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  1. a happy little debunker

    As Nancy is the leader of the Majority in the House, when Pelosi says ‘she will try’ Nancy is lying.

  2. Professor Fred Lenin

    What about the Black Death epidemic ,reputedly wiped out,one third of Europe’s population ,with no medical knowledge to abate it.
    Also how many of the dead had pre existing diseases which contributed to the deaths ?
    Could this be exposing the incompetence of our career politicians ,fourth rate lawyers confronted with a problem not of their own making ?
    The world will never be the same,China has started huge changes , none of which China will benefit from Let us hope democracy wins from this .

  3. This, I think, is an excellent example of what the Left is and what reasonable people must now endure:

  4. Roger W

    There are other ways to deal with the issue. Check out, for example, the Taiwan approach, which seems to have started almost as soon as the info of a virus came out of China, some 3 months ago, when WHO were still saying move along, nothing to see here. They targeted those with symptoms and fully quarantined them, and kept up rigorous checks but did not shut down the whole community/economy. I suspect they also have a much healthier suspicion of any info coming out of communist China, based on extensive experience!
    It is clear that the far left (which now seems to include the entire Democratic party in the USA) sees this as a great opportunity to fundamentally alter the economic basis of Western Society, ably helped by the MSM, particularly again in the USA.

  5. Zatara

    Pelosi delays her coronavirus bill, says will try to pass Senate’s without most members present .

    The phrasing of the quote suggests she has anything to do with the Senate Bill, she does not and was told so in no uncertain terms by the Rep Senate last night.

    Nancy flew back to DC from California Sunday night and proceeded to throw a huge monkey wrench into the process in the Senate by getting with Chucky Schummer and presenting an absolutely ridiculous Democrat Santa’s list. Insiting that they be included in the Virus Rescue bill and therefore holding up payments to Americans who desperately need them.

    She, and he, got absolutely spanked for it yesterday, both on the floor of the Senate and even in the press. Not even Dem propaganda central could hide what she did.

    Expect the Senate bill, sans the Pelosi Christmas list, tomorrow.

  6. Elderly White Man From Skipton

    Kates: if you were paying attention you’d know that the outbreak began in late January and hit a steep trajectory of cases in the second week of March – since when the total of reported cases trebled. TRump now says he wants it all relaxed by Easter, which is totally irresponsible and typically selfish posture from this pissant gangster.

  7. PaulW

    Most of these experts are the same one who can’t decide if red meat will cause cancer this week or not.

    this is the same health minister who thinks vaping is as bad as smoking so will not allow it even though it has been proven to assist people in stopping smoking.

  8. Mother Lode

    Did Nancy blink?

    No. I have seen this in frogs. They have to do that with their eyes when they swallow. It just means she has had a particularly dental-chewy morning and she had to clear her mouth of some pulped gum tissue.

  9. Fang

    I do think some of you, “keyboard worriers” that think its all over done, don’t realise that even a nuclear bomb is not lethal, until it goes critical!
    We will never really know if our leaders have done the right thing anyway! Because, if we know, we are still here talking about it all, means it was a success! Yes even with a very, very poor standard of living that we and our kids we’ve never seen in at least, two generations! But! The only way is up. Bigger and even better! Our kids and grand kids will read history and some of them will work out how to do it better than us!

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