And no idea

Donald Trump’s excellent coronavirus virtual town hall was the highest-rating in cable news history.

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  1. Bruce of Newcastle

    And no idea

    Nolte: No One’s Watching Joe Biden’s Wannabe POTUS Broadcasts (26 Mar)

    Anyway, once Biden’s pathetic hour-long Happy Hour was over, the total viewers tallied 141,000, but that number counts the number of people who watched anywhere from 30 seconds and up. In other words, if someone tunes in for 31 seconds, gets bored and shuts it off, they count in that 141,000 number. What we do know for a fact is that only 2,800 on average watched the full hour, which is simply pathetic.

    Feel the excitement!

  2. Unless it’s your own grandfather, who wants to listen to someone else’s doddering old grandfather that has dementia?

  3. JohnJJJ

    Actually he makes a lot more sense in this Youtube. It gets to his core message: “Nathaniel”

  4. Colonel Crispin Berka

    >> Donald Trump’s excellent coronavirus virtual town hall

    Did somebody come to you with a bit of information, a piece of data, was it a world leader, was it a member of your own team?
    DJT: “No, it was instinct”
    That must have been a very difficult decision to make.
    DJT: “You’re basically turning off the country. … We average 36000 deaths a year from the flu, but we’ve never closed down the country for the flu.”
    How did you process that?
    DJT: “Not good.”

    Yep, thaaaat’s Trump.

  5. Wozzup

    “Happy Hour with Joe Biden” A Live, Virtual Roundtable on the Issues Young Americans Care About”
    Or expressed more accurately…..
    “A Vaguely Sad and Pathetic Hour (which actually seems like a week) with Joe “What’s-his-Name”
    A virtually half dead roundtable on issues young Americans are ignorant of and do not give a toss about.”
    Or anyone else for that matter.

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