Gallop: The public knows the media is lying 24 hours a day

In Poll Where Trump Triumphs on COVID-19 Response, the Media Come In Dead Last.

It will be recalled that Australia’s own op-ed pseudo-alphas excoriated Donald Trump from the start. When he played down the accuracy of the CFRs doing the rounds initially – which we now know were total bullshit – Paul Kelly said the President was “out of his depth.” No, Paul. You’re the one out of your depth.

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  1. Imagine if you will, it was The Kenyan in office and he did exactly everything PDJT has done and said everything he has said. Just body swap the men.
    How would the media cover the unfolding emergency then?
    What would the approvals ratings be?

    We all know the answer, even the few Never Trumpers here at the Cat know.

  2. wal1957

    Baa Humbug @ 10:21

    You nailed it!

  3. Terry

    44% Approve? Still? Even now? That’s still concerning.

  4. candy

    I think with Paul Kelly and the other 2, Sheridan and PvO, the prestigious journalists, what you do is just look at the opposite view of what they say, and then you got more like the truth when it comes to controversial issues.

    They always seems to be around a month or two behind the general trend. Maybe six months to catch up.

  5. Mother Lode

    I find it staggering that our supposed elites can continue with their brave proclamations from on high given that they are almost invariably wrong – partly from their being in a rush to deliver judgement before all the facts come in, and partly good old fashioned hubris.

    I suppose it is helped by their that hanging around with other people similarly inept and by tacit agreement they avoid the niggling little details that utterly demolish their pronouncements – Paul Kelly will not meet anyone who will point out his errors and the efficacy of measures taken by Trump and he will not do it to them.

    And there is that most precious conceit deep within – like a little gem so valuable it is kept in a locked box in the furthest and deepest locked room in the castle where it may not even be looked upon lest anyone in the world of light become alerted to it, but it is enough to know it is there – the belief that even when other people are right, they are right in a stupid way, and even though Paul Kelly be wrong, he is nevertheless wrong in a brilliant way.

  6. mc

    I wonder if the 44% who approve of the media correlates to the 37% that disapprove of Trump

  7. Kneel

    OT, but somewhat relevant anyway…
    Dan Bongino interviews the guys who was Whitehouse doctor for 14 years (episode 1209 IIRC), so Bush, Obama and Trump.
    This guy essentially did the medical part of the secret service protection – what if he breaks a leg, what if he gets shot, how close is the nearest hospital etc etc.
    Navy man for 20+ years.
    (Dan Bongino was secret service during some of this time, and knows the guy personally)
    Trump asked him to head the VA department, then he got “slimed” by the deep state, but the point is when he asked Trump why Trump wanted him to lead VA, Trump said “because I want someone who’ll put the vets first, and I know you’ll do that” or similar – IOW, best man for the job.
    In any case, his “take” on corona virus is also shown – and you can be pretty sure that this guy knows what he is talking about when it comes to medical risks!
    Worth a look.

  8. BorisG

    On the other hand approval of state authorities is far higher than of the president and vice pressient.

  9. Behind Enemy Lines

    Approval rates appear to track responsibility for health care responsibility / delivery, writ large.

  10. Tel

    The CDC went out and misled the general public, telling them that a mask is completely unhelpful, while they made sure they got the available masks for hospitals because no one planned ahead enough to stock up ahead of time.

    Not sure if that’s a noble cause lie, or just a regular lie to cover up your own ineptitude.

  11. Lee

    Goes to show the how little trust people have in the partisan MSM.

  12. Zatara

    The CDC went out and misled the general public, telling them that a mask is completely unhelpful, while they made sure they got the available masks for hospitals because no one planned ahead enough to stock up ahead of time.

    I don’t see the “a mask is completely unhelpful” part at your link. I see the part where they warned that a public run on masks would deplete the supply needed by medical professionals.

    Coronavirus outbreak: Mask or no mask? What the experts have to say

    In its Covid-19 guidance, the World Health Organization says healthy people need to wear masks only when taking care of those who are sick or suspected of infection. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention “does not recommend” people who are well wear them, except in that circumstance. US Surgeon General Jerome Adams went further, tweeting, “Seriously people — STOP BUYING MASKS!” Health-care providers who can’t get masks are at risk, he said, and that in turn raises the overall risk to the community. Infected providers can spread the virus to the uninfected and once sick can’t look after patients. The Journal of the American Medical Association made the same point in an article aimed at the public. It added that there’s no evidence masks protect ordinary people going about their daily business.

  13. With the CDC now under a bit of a cloud, how many other once respected institutions are going to be hauled over the coals for their refusal to do their jobs?
    Perhaps public confidence in public institutions being so low may lead to the rebuilding of these institutions, but somehow I don’t think so.

  14. DaveR

    Yes, the calling out of Paul Kelly is important. For such an ‘established’ journalist he has managed to maintain his blind spots and bias to the end of his career. His misunderstanding of Trump and his connection to the American people is one such issue, the international green movement and renewable energy is another.

  15. Zatara

    What the CDC did do is bullshit Trump about how long it would take them to develop and produce an accurate, deployable test for COVID-19. It’s not beyond possibility that they tried to set him up for harassment when the tests weren’t ready on time and he had to walk that back.

    While a federal agency, the CDC is heavily infiltrated by the left. One of their biggest budget programs under Obama was anti-gun research and ‘education’.

  16. Terry
    #3378792, posted on March 27, 2020 at 11:06 am

    44% Approve? Still? Even now? That’s still concerning.

    Must remember some of those 44% are Fox viewers. So more likely the 37% who disapprove of Trump also approve the bile spewed by CNN MSNBC WaPo NYT et al.

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