A Star Is Borne

Spare a thought for a poor old stager

IT’S like the premise and trajectory of the famous, oft-remade movie. An obscure outsider enters the world of a celebrated performer she eventually transcends. Crestfallen, sidelined and jaded beyond revival, the former big shot commits suicide. Well, that’s not going to happen to climate change – not on the ABC’s watch. Kate Doyle today reminds us of how great Kris Kristofferson, er, climate change, still is. Tries to, anyway.

Coronavirus elicits fresh look at the future of diseases, medicine and climate change.

First, bad news for panic-gretas: “The experts consulted for this article were unanimous: there is no indication coronavirus has been directly connected to climate change.” Doyle’s wilfully qualifying use of “directly” leaves the door open wide enough for the inevitable “however.”

There is (sic), however, a number of infectious diseases that are affected by a warming world, and the indirect consequences of climate and environmental change are far-reaching.

“There’s very good evidence that bacterial food-borne infections increase in warmer times and therefore are likely to increase with climate change,” said Linda Selvey from the school of public health at the University of Queensland.

Mosquito-borne diseases like dengue and yellow fever are expected to expand into currently temperate regions as they warm.

Dr Selvey said Lyme disease (from ticks), for example, was likely to be spreading in North America because of climate change.

Nothing new there. Dr Delvey was hard-pressed to come up with anything else but she did her very best. She is even reduced to belittling warmer weather for not being able to mitigate influenza:

The influenza (flu) virus, which spreads in a similar way to COVID-19, is not showing trends of either decreasing or increasing case numbers that could be ascribed to climate change, according to Dr Selvey.

The flu does have a winter-time peak in temperate regions, but as it is still present at similar rates in warm, tropical climates, there is no indication the overall flu rate will decline as the world warms.

Dr Selvey did say [Doyle finds a cherry – ed.] there was potential for the temporal distribution of flu to change as wealthy regions warmed and we all congregated inside with air conditioning, where flu could spread easier, leading to a summer flu peak.

Time will tell, so at the moment it is not looking like there is a direct link between respiratory diseases and climate change [*sigh* – ed] … but there could be indirect relations.

Alas, then, Babs the bug is on top of the charts right now and will be for a long time to come, for one reason or another. This isn’t to say the intellectual degenerates who have pushed the climate hoax will back off when the world emerges from this pandemic and starts what Woodrow Wilson in 1920 called a “return to normalcy.” It’s wildly optimistic, I know, but the sheer fiscal wreckage being wrought globally by COVID-19 leaves no change in the purse whatsoever for the ‘fight’ against ‘climate change.’ What’s more, economies whose leaders have any semblance of rationality will be gearing up local production and manufacturing to radically curtail supply-chain reliance on China – a disease-ridden gangster state that exceeds Hitler’s Reich for evil and his reach for bribery. We have to watch with sentinel’s eyes for Judases returning to work as liars for China and for climateers whose Luddite agitprop – if heeded anew – will derail the express train to sovereignty.

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11 Responses to A Star Is Borne

  1. Herodotus

    If only there was a change in the narratives beloved of so many of the media. The MSM has no arrows in the quiver which are anti-China or anti-Climate Scam. They shift their ground depending on who is stating policy, not whether the policy is sensible.

  2. Rockdoctor

    Ex-CEO of Greenpeace Aus. Wow this idiot ticks just about every lefty box in her work except LGBT. Also not afraid to cross into areas outside her expertise, that’s some incredible arrogance on display there.

    Am going to have a look at her paper on Coal & health in Aus from 2014, in an academic way to anything that covers my professional background which covers environmental areas as well. I reckon I’ll be finding some highly suspect claims there.

  3. Dave in Marybrook

    Lyme, Co., disease.
    Another waaacist term from the Crackers!

  4. New Chum

    She check Worldometer 27 March.
    5909 new cases and 919 new deaths in Italy. Highest number of new deaths since the beginning of the epidemic in Italy [source] [video]. 46 doctors have died to date (with 4 additional deaths today). 6414 health workers have tested positive [source]

  5. Old Lefty

    Is that the leftist sermonometer sticking out of the earth’s mouth?

  6. min

    After a taste of life as it would be if the Greens had their way I reckon the average guy will be fed up-to the gills of living with no thing to do , no goodies , no money . Like the Brits during the war , however it took some to get to before. If ever ,

  7. Up The Workers!

    N.A.S.A. tells us that the average global temperature has warmed by about 1 (O.N.E.) degree Celsius over the course of the last century.

    Greenies tell us that this “horrific” massive one-solitary-degree increase is causing the global population to fry, bake and sear to death in the lethal temperature increase of 0.01 degree per annum.

    That one degree increase in a hundred years has also apparently caused killer droughts, floods, hurricanes, typhoons, cyclones, starvation, diseases, Donald Trump, tornadoes, caused the seas to dry up to deserts/caused rising sea levels to drown hundreds of Pacific Islands, Tony Abbott, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, Cardinal Pell, wildfires in Australia, California and Spain, galloping senility in octogenarian U.S. Dementiacrat Party candidates for the Presidency, 70 known cases of Arkancide in America amongst people who had dirt on Hillary Clinton, etc.

    And despite all the apocalyptic ills ascribed to this genocidal temperature increase of one degree in a hundred years, the temperature can rise without comment or catastrophy, by 25-30 degrees or more in a single day and do no harm whatsoever.

    You don’t suppose, by any stretch of the imagination, that the professional carpet-bagging wrongologists, fraudsters, Unripe Sainted Swede truants, Fat Al Bore, Flim Flannery, that dirty book vendor bloke from Indian Railways, and others, might possibly have gotten this wrong, just like everything else they have ever predicted?

    If I want the views of a carpet-bagging idiot, I’ll join the Labor(sic) Party.

    Until then, maintain your social distancing.

  8. nfw

    There’s something we can do without, all the staff at Their ALPBC. Perhaps China could legitimise its ownership and pay us something for it?

  9. cuckoo

    In the Sunday Age today, Marilyn Lake takes a break from bashing Anzac Day to point out that the stringent measures taken against Covid-19 just show what governments could do about climate change if they really tried.

  10. stackja

    If people who are concerned about CO2 stopped exhaling they would solve their problem.

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