A wonton insult

G-7 failed to agree on statement after US insisted on calling coronavirus ‘Wuhan virus.’

In the chop/stick terminology stand-off, the former claim they want to avert Asian-Americans being assaulted over the Chinese illness. It goes without saying that this is an invention packaged for the media – who will and already have loyally promoted it. The real reason is that when it comes to China, the G-6 is yellow.

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  1. Zatara

    Asian-Americans aren’t in danger of being assaulted.

    On the other hand, people driving cars in flyover States with New York or California license plates are a bit at risk as they are often seen as spreaders of the virus…. because in many cases they are.

    The Governor of Florida has publicly told New Yorkers to “Stay Out!”

  2. JR

    How do they feel about ‘Bat Wing Soup Virus’?

  3. Up The Workers!

    Perhaps it could be re-named: “Old Mother Xi’s Bat-Soup Virus”?; or
    “Chinese Commo Flu”?; or
    “Siamese Socialist Sickness”? or
    “President Xi’s Peasantry-Purge”?
    “The ChiCom gift to Global Diplomacy”?

    There’s a wide field of runners in this race.

  4. mem

    A different perspective.
    At Wuchang Funeral Home, #Wuhan. Family members of the dead collect ashes. The funeral home promises to give out 500 urns per day and will try to give out all before Qingming Festival (Apr. 4). That number is already more than 6K and from just one …
    How many people died in #Wuhan and #China?
    Conservative estimation based on numbers of urns being given out at 8 crematoriums in Wuhan by financial analyst
    Total death in Wuhan: 59K
    Total death in China: 97K
    Total infection in China: 1.21 M

  5. notafan

    Thanks men

    Taking that to the open forum.

  6. Up The Workers!

    How about:
    “Peking Pox”, or
    “Dim-Sim Distemper”, or
    “Beijing Bronchitis”, or
    “Chop Suey Cough”

  7. Professor zFred Lenin

    Inbloodysulted !I call it the Wuhan Chinese Bat MPlague
    Stick that in your wok and eat it comrades you eat everything else .

  8. H B Bear

    No mercy. Fuck the Chinks to hell.

  9. Chris M

    Nice to see an extract from this article, can’t access.

    How many people died in #Wuhan and #China?

    I used to think add a zero but now I’ve come to thinking with all the info that has come out adding three zeros. So perhaps 3.2m bodies, burnt like dogs. Personally I wouldn’t collect, the ashes they give in an urn could be from any creature, or just trash.

  10. I’m afraid nothing will change in this batshit crazy World.
    These virtue signalling idiots learned nothing from the Eeezlam terrorism. They refused to call the problem out and we paid the price.
    They’re doing the same thing with this China Virus.

  11. Tim Neilson

    “Winnie the Flu”.

  12. a happy little debunker

    If we can have a WU TANG CLAN, then we can have a WU-HU FLU.

  13. max

    Residents of Hubei province in China teamed up with their local police force to battle the police from neighboring Jiangxi province – who set up a roadblock on the Yangtze River Bridge to prevent the people of Hubei from crossing and returning to work.


  14. Leo G

    If we can have a WU TANG CLAN, then we can have a WU-HU FLU.

    Is there a WHO’s Hu of Flus?

  15. OldOzzie

    Bail out workers and make China pay for it

    The Chinese government is more responsible for the deaths and economic struggles caused by COVID-19 than the virus itself. As such, the United States should bail out American workers, as President Trump has promised, and deduct the cost of the bailout from our debt owed to China.

  16. Kneel

    “…after US insisted on calling coronavirus ‘Wuhan virus.’”

    Also going after other diseases with “place” names?
    Spanish Flu
    German measles
    Ebola (it’s a river in Africa)
    Ross River fever

    there are hundreds, if not thousands, because it is named after the place that discovers a unique strain (note: NOT always where it started! eg, Spanish Flu didn’t originate in Spain!)
    Yet it’s only Wuhan Flu and DJT that is “racist” and “xenophobic” for following established medical practice.

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