Today’s award winner for “new measures” theatre is …

The Premier who proudly legalised “assisted” geriatric homicide in Victoria, Daniel Andrews.

Victoria Police to issue fines for breaking coronavirus social distancing rules.

Mr Andrews clarified that a “walk at the beach is okay” but said people should not be spending the day at the beach.

“This is no ordinary autumn day,” he said.

Ordinary, no. That much is true. The two policemen below – having been God knows where in the line of duty – are a bigger infection risk to this couple than the sun, sand and the fresh air. Politicians have become obsessed with beaches only because 1) dobbo journalists make a fuss of the relatively small crowds enjoying them and ‘officials’ feel they have to Do Something; and 2) beaches symbolise freedom in Australia like nowhere else in the world; closing them boosts the gauleiters’ sense of cultural dominance.

Meanwhile in Labor-run Queensland, 3 million people are required to attend filthy polling stations today in the state’s local council elections. The electoral commissioner has advised voters to bring their own pencils.

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19 Responses to Today’s award winner for “new measures” theatre is …

  1. Tim Neilson

    Reposted from Friday O/T

    [Thursday] there was someone knocking door to door in our street spruiking a CFMEUistan government program for “free” (i.e. taxpayer funded) LED lightbulbs in place of old ones.

    [Friday] there was an electrician going into houses, door to door along the street, to install them.

    Two people each having contact with every resident along a street, one straight after the other, just to change lightbulbs that aren’t broken.

    But as we know, it’s vital that non-essential contact between people must cease, and the CFMEUistan government will impose whatever restrictions are necessary to enforce that.

    Lucky we’ve got that Platonic archetype of competence, the Hunchback of Spring Street, in charge.

    And now we’ve got the police making contact with people to force them back indoors?

  2. Chris M

    Totally agree CL this is both nuts and very hypocritical, those plods threatening a couple on the beach should be ashamed. In this situation – couple of people on a beach – fines amount to armed robbery.

    Does anyone here know what the end game is? With 0.015% of the AU population infected and the hospitals already squirming apparently how many months till we reach the 70% mark we’ve been told necessary for community suppression… 12 to 18 months? Or instead as it is currently so low is the plan instead to rapidly eliminate? In which case a more serious approach would be needed immediately.

    Response seems neither here nor there but it’s open ended and messing with so many lives.

  3. Catfeesh?

    Well, obviously, Tim. Where would we be if we couldn’t trust our political and law enforcement betters to do the right thing?

  4. H B Bear

    Still Sneakers McGowan in WA.

    Closing down gunshots in the Wild West.And no beer.

  5. Some History

    It matters not if it makes sense or not. The only thing to be understood here is that the Hunchback is in charge. The Hunchback makes the rules. The Hunchback decides. When the Hunchback says, “If people don’t do what I say, people will die”, I’m beginning to think that it means that violators will eventually be bumped off by the Hunchback’s ever more draconian demands/laws.

  6. Some History

    PS In pre-c-19 days, there are beaches where if one/both of those walkers were smoking – even given that there’s no-one around them for hundreds of metres , they would be fined. Caliphornia banned smoking on its entire 300+ mile coastline.

    PPSS The only possible problem is sitting in the background of that pic.

  7. Anne

    Of course it’s ridiculous.

    That’s because it’s not about spreading coronavirus.

    It’s about getting people out of the way while arrests go down.

  8. Tim Neilson

    Closing down gunshots in the Wild West.And no beer.

    Yes, McGowan’s grog restrictions win the fascism + stupidity = disaster gold medal.

    Before the restrictions someone buying grog need have contact with only one other person – the checkout attendant at the bottle shop.

    Now the purchaser has contact with as many checkout attendants as the number of bottleshops they have to visit to buy the grog they want – i.e. the restrictions actually increase the risk of spreading the virus.

    But it’s for our own good. We’re in the best of hands. You KNOW it makes sense!

  9. Lee

    [Thursday] there was someone knocking door to door in our street spruiking a CFMEUistan government program for “free” (i.e. taxpayer funded) LED lightbulbs in place of old ones.

    [Friday] there was an electrician going into houses, door to door along the street, to install them.

    The last time I received a visit from one of them – last year – I told the guy I wasn’t interested and closed the door in his face.
    I wasn’t even going to argue the point with him.
    I don’t like strangers tramping through my house, even before the Coronavirus.

  10. rickw

    How does one explain Government and Police being this bloody stupid?

  11. Boambee John


    The usual explanation is that a stuff up is more likely than a conspiracy, but this is happening so often, it seems common sense is becoming less common.

    OTOH, remember that paranoids can still have enemies.

  12. John Bayley

    The QLD council election was hilarious.
    Of course, incorrigible old JB forgot to bring a pen, so a ‘disinfected one’ was provided at the booth.
    I also had to ask where the ballot paper was for my local area candidates.
    Apparently none was needed, because the current representative was running unopposed!
    So I only had to ‘vote’ for the Mayor, which came down to the sitting one, who although being ALP member has done a relatively OK job, or a ‘challenger’ who’s an aging hippy running on an anti-Adani platform.
    Yes, the greentards are still hoping to ‘stop Adani’!
    Had the entire election been scrapped, nobody would have noticed.
    But of course, this being Australia, $133 fine was being threatened for not turning up for the farce.

  13. Iampeter

    The Premier who proudly legalised “assisted” geriatric homicide in Victoria, Daniel Andrews.

    So, do you mix the Alpha Brain pills directly into the bone broth, or do you have separately, or what…?

  14. John A

    rickw #3381194, posted on March 28, 2020 at 5:17 pm

    How does one explain Government and Police being this bloody stupid?

    Sadly, they are drawn from the same population cohort as the electors.

  15. Anne

    How does one explain Government and Police being this bloody stupid?

    Please read comment at 3:54pm.

  16. Lutz

    What’s with the great big cruise ship in the background?

  17. Viva

    UK cops telling lone walkers on deserted country roads to go home.

  18. Nanuestalker

    Australians all let us rejoice, for we are young and free….In history’s page let every stage, Advance Australia Fair!

    Oh yeah did I forget to mention that the ADF has now been called out to police us under the Defence Amendment (Call Out of the Australian Defence Force) Act 2018. That type of thing has worked well in history….take 1972s Bloody Sunday in Ireland where 27 unarmed civilians were gunned down, 13 of whom died in a single afternoon (in 30 minutes actually) or the genocide in Tasmania under martial law in the late 1820s that effectively eliminated the indigenous population there.

    You should note that the aforementioned Act received bipartisan support to become law. Our PM has received bipartisan support at Federal & State level in exercising the ADF Call-Out powers. All this mind you, under the pretext of protecting us from ourselves. You’ve demanded lockdown Australia, well its coming! Be careful what you wish for. I prefer Corona with limes but it seems Australia loves its lemons. Try not to squeeze them in your eyes!

    ADF Call-Out powers were intended to be used to combat domestic terrorism (counterterrorism, remember that?) following the Lindt Café debacle but by the time parliament had finished, the legislation differed from what was originally proposed. Martial Law isn’t permitted under s119 of the Constitution for circumstances such as COVID-19, but I think this passes the Duck Test….walks like a duck, quacks like a duck … it’s Martial Law no matter what they try and call it.

    The Australian Greens were the only party who did not support the Bill and objected to the undefined & unspecified circumstances wherein the ADF could be deployed. They also objected to the fact that there was no mechanism (a safeguard would be nice) whereby either House could override a Call-Out order as Parliament neither approves or disproves any such order before or after its made.

    You know the country is in trouble with both major parties when the Greens are the only ones defending our rights & liberties. I’m fucking speechless that the likes of Bob Brown & Adam Bandt (neither of whom I can stand btw) are the ones defending my rights & liberties. The same is true with the abuse of privacy under metadata retention laws where algorithms are being used to detect crimes such as whether you have registered your cat/dog. You think I’m joking? Yes, these counterterrorism laws are being used to this end. The police both State & Federal are now using the current COVID-19 crisis to lobby for powers to access our medical records. Yes they have tried before but have been unsuccessful, but why waste an opportunity to extend over-reaching powers in times of national crisis.

    My plea to you dumbass inner city woke mothers and to members of both the hard Left & Right, please rise up and take your country back. Think Martin Niemoller and /or George Orwell

  19. Siltstone

    If you are VicPol, what you going to do? Spend time and effort catching some scumbag criminal only to see the courts give them a slap on the wrists? Or spend your time hassling everyday honest people? Easy decision.

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